11 Common Myths About Mediumship & Mediums

Before I quit my high-paying job to become a Psychic Medium, I didn’t give much thought to the existence of the afterlife or picking up Psychic senses. I never had to worry about which Spirit would send messages or if I needed protection from a malevolent entity.

Even more, I didn’t have to deal with random people asking random questions once they learned about my Mediumship abilities.


It was in 2014 when I started working with the New York Police Department to help find missing girls using my Psychic senses, that I fully understood my true potential.


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I was caught off-guard when I began sensing dead Spirits. My Mediumship abilities opened up suddenly, and I was hauled into a whirlpool of Spirit energies.

I knew for a fact that all Psychics are not Mediums, and I think it’s a blessing in disguise for me to have both abilities.


However, there is much skepticism about Mediumship.



I once had a client who came in for a Mediumship reading. Right away, I sensed something suspicious about her intentions. Nevertheless, setting my gut feeling aside, I tried to reach out to her dead mother.


The girl’s energy kept blocking me, and I stopped the session mid-way, enquiring why she came to me in the first place. She wanted to test if I could talk to the dead. She, in fact, taunted my expertise- the ones I fastidiously honed with a mission to help others.


Normally, I would have been enraged at her audacity. But all I did was feel sorry for her. She was so engulfed by mistrust that she had to question everything around her, even the truth that her mother could talk from the beyond.


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We live in a dark space where we cannot comprehend things beyond our tunnel vision.


So, this is the right time to debunk certain Myths and Misconceptions about Mediumship and Mediums.



1. All Psychics are Mediums.



Psychics can read energies through heightened psychic abilities – clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience. They read the energies of the living.


Mediums, however, communicate with the dead. They receive signals from the Spirit world. Some Mediums allow Spirits to take over their physical body in a seance or a reading, while others use a three-way communication system to relay information from the dead.


All Mediums, however, provide psychic readings. Therefore, all Mediums are Psychics, while all Psychics are NOT Mediums.


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2. Mediums know everything about you.

As Mediums, we are more tuned in to read the energies of dead people rather than those of the living. Psychics, however, can predict your thoughts.


Using our senses, Psychic or Mediumship, is more of a choice. We only have answers to some of your questions. However, we can acutely sense if you’ve lost a loved one or if there’s a negative vibration surrounding you.


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3. All Mediums are hocus-pocus.

Barring a few deviants, the rest of us are for real. We take our ethical obligations and craftsmanship quite seriously and have rigorous training modules and workshops before taking Mediumship as a profession. We spend more hours honing our Psychic skills.


4. Mediumship is an inborn gift; only a few people possess it.

We all have intuitive abilities. Mediumship is a gift, a life calling; you can choose to or not. It is something we can develop with practice.


We often carry the imprints of our past life gifts into our current life, which can be rediscovered through Mediumship workshops and other Spiritual modalities like Automatic Writing and Akashic Records Reading.

However, it is by choice that Mediums tune into the Spirit realm. Our connection to the afterlife is always open, depending on our willingness to reciprocate.


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5. Mediums are unaffected by the emotions and energies radiating from the Spirits.

The general perception is that Mediums are impervious to the feelings exhibited by the Spirit or the family.


You would be surprised to know that after each Mediumship session, we end up exhausted just as much as an average person.


When I prepare for a Mediumship session, sometimes, minutes before the reading, I used to get severe migraines. It’s an indication that the Spirit had some severe head trauma or was suffering from migraines.


There are times when I would feel acute pain in my heart, as if I am having a heart attack. It would turn out that the decedent Spirit died indeed of a heart attack.


We are not immune to the physical, mental, and emotional effects of the dead. We soak up a piece of whatever is left of the conjured Spirit. Our emotions entangle with those of the dead; that’s how we can understand what they are trying to convey.



6. Mediums have their senses tuned in constantly.

That’s absolutely NOT true. As much as we love helping a family to find happiness and move on, we don’t constantly stay tuned to pick up energies around us.


We must tune in, leaving our world and entering a new dimension. It requires tremendous energy, prep work, appropriate setting, and protective tools. Our extrasensory perceptions don’t always open up while carrying out regular chores.

Sometimes, we feel exasperated when strangers ask us to do a quick reading at a party or a function. First, it’s rude behavior, and second, we may not always be in the right order of mind to “do a quick reading.”


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7. Mediums can call upon a Spirit as and when they need it.

We can’t command a Spirit. Certain things are beyond the control of Mediums. Although we can channel our energy to contact dead Spirits, it depends on the willingness of the Spirit to be open to communication.

We can’t coerce any Spirit to communicate with us. We also don’t have control over which Spirit chooses to manifest during a session.


8. Mediums can see or hear a Spirit.

We can see or hear Spirits on some occasions, but not always. Sometimes, we may not connect with the Spirit during a Mediumship session. We cannot explicitly sense a Spirit through our physical senses.

A thought, word, or message may pop into our heads as if the Spirit is whispering something in our ears. This psychic sense, clairaudience, is entirely different from normal hearing. When we see Spirits, it’s usually through the mind’s eye- clairvoyance, another psychic sense of vision.


9. Mediums can foresee future events.

As Mediums, we pick up energies from people around us and give insights into probable future outcomes. But there’s a fifty percent chance that the predicted event may not happen. We can expect only as much as our psychic senses allow us to.

Most predictions are based on interpretations of the messages we receive, and our interpretations may only sometimes be on point. It’s essential to approach a Mediumship session with an open mind.



10. Mediumship readings always harbor positive news.

While most readings from a Mediumship Healer aim to provide comfort and reassurance, we are sometimes responsible for sharing challenging information. It comes with the job. Like a doctor trying to share a tricky diagnosis with a patient, we are often put in a quandary as doctors of souls.

Sometimes, the messages may stir up unprocessed emotions; you may have to deal with unresolved conflicts with the Spirit. What we offer is simple yet profound guidance in your Spiritual journey.


11. Mediums can remove curses and harmful Spirits.

Not all Mediums are adept at removing curses or warding off evil Spirits. However, I am fortunate to be blessed with the gift of dealing with vengeful Spirits.


Genuine Mediums focus on offering clarity, guidance, and Spiritual support to help you overcome challenges and lead a guided life.


We don’t advertise or scam people into believing we can remove curses or black magic. We respect the emotions, vulnerabilities, and fears you may harbor. We don’t exploit them for financial gain.


As a Medium, I have often faced cynicism from skeptics. It only means I am doing my job. I take pride in what I’m doing, helping the troubled find a way.


If you don’t have someone criticizing your work, there’s something wrong with what you’re doing. For so long, I have wanted to tell people to shed their baggage, remember that the deceased loved ones are always with us, and lead a peaceful life.

If you can trust a Mediumship Healer, don’t hesitate to contact them. They will indeed have the answers you seek.


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