Automatic Writing: How it Enhances Psychic Abilities

“You can read about it, hear about it, but you won’t truly know it until you live it.”


Are you a Psychic? Well, of course you are! Unbelievable, right?


When an average human thinks of a psychic, they immediately imagine a person wearing voodoo necklaces, surrounded by smoke, and chanting mantras that make no sense or send chills down your spine. Rarely do we consider ourselves an inborn psychic.

Have you ever been saved by your intuition? Maybe you were just trying to cross the road, and your body tingled, alerting you to the danger ahead.


It could have been a passing sensation, but you distinctly remember how your body responded and saved you from the imminent threat. That was your psychic sense urging you to steer clear of the road.


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In general, there are five clairs: the ability to perceive things beyond the ordinary. For instance, you used to have vivid dreams as a kid in your wakeful state.


The dreams were so graphic you could almost narrate them like a story. Well, that was your clairvoyance working. It‘s the ability to see things clearly – your psychic vision. Let’s try to understand these five clairs.


Clairvoyance is the psychic sense of vision, where your inner eye can see things, you have premonitions, or even get glimpses of the past.


Clairaudience is the lucid sense of hearing voices from other dimensions. Clairsalience is the psychic sense of smell, where you can discern different odors – foul or pleasant – usually, you wouldn’t.


Claircognizance is when you know in your gut that something is going to happen without knowing why.


Clairsentience is when your body gets feelings when you’re around someone or something. It may appear as goosebumps or as feelings of numbness in certain parts of your body.


Yes, you definitely have that extrasensory perception, except that you’re so out of tune with these signals you’re unable to pick them up.


While these abilities manifest naturally for some people, for others, they work like magic only with practice. Why is it essential to sharpen your senses?


You need fully functional psychic senses because they’re significant in your spiritual journey of ascension to the fifth dimension. Ultimately, all of us are striving to lead an intuitive life.


So, what better way to enhance your intuitiveness and psychic abilities than learning automatic writing? When you use automatic writing the proper way, it can open boundless possibilities.


All you need to do is whet the stone; voila, you become a psychic, too.



As more and more people gravitate towards spirituality and spiritual seeking, they look within themselves for answers.


They search for automatic writing courses for beginners or automatic writing workshops online to better equip their psychic senses for the spiritual path they wish to undertake.


So, how do you then sharpen your psychic senses? One of the most powerful and ancient tools psychics use to sharpen their energy senses is automatic writing.


It is a form of psychography where you connect with the higher dimension to produce words of wisdom without conscious thought.


The question that may arise is how to use automatic writing. You can use it to expand your psychic awareness and express the messages channeling from the spirit realm.


If you want to learn automatic writing, you can choose some courses for beginners or enroll in an automatic writing workshop, whichever suits you best.


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In the end, it’s all about understanding the benefits of automatic writing. Your chakras directly govern your psychic abilities, which are subtle energies.


You can perceive them only when your chakras are active and functioning. Most of us keep our chakras dormant because of the lifestyle we prefer.


You enter into a trance mode when you learn to use automatic writing. One of the benefits of automatic writing is creating a viable environment to activate the chakras.


In an automatic writing workshop, you learn to strengthen your clairs.


With the best automatic writing teacher, you become an expert in connecting with your spirit guides, tuning your psychic senses, and seeking answers to the questions you ask.

How can automatic writing workshops online or offline help you hone your clairs?

1. Strengthening your Clairvoyance:

When you perform automatic writing, your third eye gets triggered, enhancing your sense of psychic vision.

2. Strengthening your Claircognizance:

Gradually, as you repeat automatic writing, your crown chakra opens, thus fostering your psychic insights.


3. Strengthening your Clairsentience:

Once you tune any psychic abilities, others fall in line. Your solar plexus gets activated, heightening your sense of intuition and gut feeling.


4. Strengthening your Clairaudience:

Taking help from the best automatic writing teacher, you develop your skill to stimulate the throat chakra, prompting you to become aware of your ability to hear higher vibrations.


5. Strengthening your Clairsalience:

When kindled, your third eye and crown chakras improve your ability to discern smells you usually won’t. Automatic writing is a mighty climb up the mountain of psychic senses.



We all have questions about relationships, financial status, life decisions, etc. We often look for answers on the outside. But what if we can get that guidance on our own?


From our spirit guides and angels? Automatic writing is the most potent tool to refine your intuition and take your psychic abilities to the next level.



Automatic writing transforms you into the master of your decisions and answers by getting guidance from the universe.


It is a supreme technique that helps you make guided decisions, whether big or small. Through automatic writing, you learn your life purpose, soul plan, the reasons for your suffering, and the path you must take.

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