Radio Interview at 92.7 Big FM Transcribed – Trust and Intuition

Manmit Kumarr Interview at 92.7 big fm trust and intuition

In a recent radio interview on Big FM, renowned psychic healer Dr. Manmit shares insightful tips to strengthen and harness one’s intuition. With an emphasis on silence, writing, and dream analysis, Dr.


Manmit provides practical techniques that anyone can adopt to enhance their intuitive abilities. Her message resonates with the belief that intuition is an inherent power within us, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced.



RJ Khurafati Nitin: “Trust and Intuition Day is celebrated. Intuition is a capability that resides within us, untrapped. We sometimes refer to it as a coincidence, but it exists and is within us. There are ways to access it, which can strengthen your intuition.”


(He then asks Dr. Manmit to introduce herself on the radio.)



Dr. Manmit: “I am a spiritual coach and psychic. You are listening to me on Big FM with Khurafati Nitin.”


RJ Khurafati Nitin: “Dr. Manmit is a psychic healer and her intuition is very powerful. Many people have told me about her on social media, which is why I felt it was necessary to talk to her.”


He then speaks to Dr. Manmit: “Ma’am, can you give us some tips on how people can increase their intuition while sitting at home?”



Dr. Manmit: “The first tip to strengthen your intuition is to sit in silence for 15-20 minutes every morning and think about your problems or your intuition and write them down.


The second tip is to write. When we write something down, we can clearly see our fears, gut feelings, and emotions.


When you look back at what you wrote after a week, you’ll notice that you’ve had strong intuitions three to four times a day, and those intuitions were accurate. This will boost your confidence.


For the third tip, I want to say that many people have dreams that reveal what will happen in the future, but we don’t pay attention to them.


If we wake up and write down our dreams in a notebook, we’ll notice that we have many clues and signs about what will happen. Paying attention to our dreams is a crucial part of increasing intuition. Many people have benefited from this.


These are my two to three tips. Of course, there are many other ways to sharpen your intuition, such as meditation and exercises, but we can start from here. I would like to tell my audience to try these tips for two to three weeks and see a significant difference in their intuitive power.”


RJ Khurafati Nitin: “Dr. Manmit, we would like to know from you how we can differentiate between coincidence and intuition.


How can we tell the difference between the two? We want to know from you so that everyone listening in Delhi can become convinced that they too have the power of intuition. We want them to have confidence that they can also make some guesses.


But actually, we do have faith inside us that we are not just making random guesses about what will happen next. How can we increase this power? Sometimes we feel that something was just a coincidence, but how can we know if it was really intuition or just a coincidence?”



Dr. Manmit: “We use the term “coincidence” when we don’t have faith in our intuition, but in reality, we all have intuition, it is already within us, it happens silently in our conscious mind.


We do not acknowledge it, so when it happens, we feel like we already knew it was going to happen, and many people are surprised at parties and say things like “I knew you were going to wear that” or “I knew he wasn’t going to come today.”


There are many intuitive conversations that happen in the office as well. Coincidence is a part of our subconscious intuition, we know it, but we don’t talk about it, we don’t have faith in it, and we don’t write about it.


So, when it happens, we feel like maybe we already knew, but it was just a coincidence. But the truth is, there are no coincidences.”


RJ Khurafati Nitin: “Dr. Manmit, if someone wants to consult with you, how can they reach out to you?”


Dr. Manmit: “I have a website called and my number is +919811626045. You can contact me through these channels.”


RJ Khurafati Nitin: “Before you go, would you like to leave a message?”


Dr. Manmit: “My message is to eliminate fear from your mind. Increase your faith, and remember that we are all here completely supported by God. With faith, your intuition can go to the next level. We are all psychic, and we all have sharp intuition.


The only thing we lack is self-confidence. Have confidence, and we can all improve our intuition if we set the intention to do so. Thank you.”


Dr. Manmit’s empowering words leave us with a profound message: trust your intuition and eliminate fear from your mind. By nurturing faith and self-confidence, we can tap into our innate psychic abilities and elevate our intuitive powers.


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