Signs That You’re Ready to Learn Automatic Writing

Are you someone who has a strong intuition but prefers to go with your logical mind, only to realize later that it would have been better had you listened to your “Gut Instinct”.


How would you react if someone told you that your “Gut Instinct” was actually your Angels and Spirit Guides guiding you along your life path?


Automatic Writing- the ancient technique to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides is slowly being revealed to the common man. What was once hidden and secretly learnt, is now available to those with a sharp intuition, thanks to the new wave of consciousness and Lightworkers.


When I was first shown this technique in my meditation, I was stunned at the accuracy of the messages that my Guides gave me.


I was further guided to teach this across the world, and here I am, 61 batches and 7 years later, writing this to further spread the awareness.


Now I know that as a normal person living a normal life, you may wonder if this is something you need at this time in your life? Maybe you are someone who has heard of spirituality but are iffy about it. Maybe you know a bit but are hesitant to venture into a full-time course.


“If it were so important, then we would have been taught it in childhood” quip my clients.


Yet, let me remind you that there is a reason why you are reading this article. Well, read on and discover for yourself if this modality is meant for you.


Spirituality is a personal journey. One that may require an entire lifetime to complete and absorb. But there are some ancient, powerful, chosen techniques that can make this easier and relatable to our daily life. Automatic Writing is one of them.


So, here is the question.



Is Automatic Writing for you?


While this modality is not for everyone, I would like to share some signs that maybe you are being guided towards this path. Read these signs and let’s discuss the way forward if you feel that you are one of the chosen ones.


1. You see Angel Numbers and Repeated number sequences:

Seeing recurring number sequences such as 111, 222, or 333 can be interpreted as messages from angels. Many people believe that these numbers hold specific meanings and serve as guidance or reassurance.


Repeating numbers and angel numbers are often seen as signs or messages from the spiritual realm during a period of spiritual awakening. These numbers can appear on clocks, license plates, receipts, or any other place where numbers are displayed.


Many believe that these numbers carry a specific vibration or meaning that is meant to provide guidance, support, or confirmation. It’s important to pay attention to your intuition and inner guidance when encountering these numbers to better understand their messages for you.


These numbers can mean that you need to strengthen your intuition and connect with them more deeply, which can be done through learning Automatic Writing.


2. You are seeking a deeper meaning to life:

Maybe you have a sense of longing or dissatisfaction with the current state of your life, a yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling. There could be confusion or uncertainty about your direction and purpose, and frustration or impatience when the progress feels slow.


You may be feeling hopeful and curious about exploring new possibilities. If this sounds like you, then Automatic Writing can open a new direction in your life.


3. You know that Angels are connecting with you:

You strongly believe that your Guardian Angels and Spiritual beings offer guidance, protection, and support, and are reaching out through these signs:


• Synchronicities: You may notice meaningful coincidences or patterns in your life that seem to be more than mere chance. These synchronicities can be seen as signs that angels are guiding and supporting you.


• Feather sightings: Finding feathers in unexpected places or repeatedly coming across feathers can be seen as a sign of angelic presence. It is believed that angels use feathers as a way to communicate their presence and support.


• Intuitive guidance: Angels are thought to communicate through intuition and gut feelings. You may experience a strong inner knowing or a sense of guidance when making decisions or facing challenges.


• Feeling a presence or warmth: Some individuals report sensing a comforting presence or feeling warmth when they believe angels are near. This can manifest as a tingling sensation, a gentle touch, or a feeling of peace and calm.


• Signs in nature: Angels are believed to use nature as a means of communication. You might notice certain animals, plants, or natural phenomena that hold personal significance or seem to appear at meaningful moments.


4. You have a strong intuition:

Intuition can manifest as a gut feeling, a sense of knowing without logical reasoning. It is a valuable tool for problem-solving, decision-making, and navigating complex situations. Knowing that you have a strong intuition, you still hesitate to use it fearing that it might take you towards a wrong decision, only to regret it later.


If this is true, then Automatic Writing can be nothing less than a miracle for you. It can help you to hone your intuition, and also use it in ways that can get you better results in your day-to-day life.



5. You are at a crossroads in life:

You have gone through tremendous pain in your life and feel that you are standing at a crossroads today, where a major decision needs to be taken. However, you feel unsure about the path you need to take. If this is true for you then Automatic Writing can help you.


The Masters can guide you to decide the correct course of action for your life at this point, and can also help you align this choice to your life purpose. What decisions will you need to take and what can be the possible repercussions, it can all be downloaded with Automatic Writing.


6. You feel that your job is to help others:

Since you were a child, you have felt drawn towards helping other people. Whether you are a full-blown empath, or you have diluted your abilities over a period of time, helping people is right on your list.


If this is you, then the Spirit Guides and Angels can help you define a career and a path for your intuitive abilities for others. We have had such people walk into our workshops and build a full time healing profession post that.


7. You are seeking clarity and sure answers in life:

You are at a crucial point in your life, it is important to get clear and concise directions on how to move forward. There is no scope of making a mistake and you’re looking at a guidance tool that can give you confirmation and a clear path forward.


Whether it is in regard to your career, your relationship, your twin flame, a decision to move your country, a decision related to marriage or potential partnership- automatic writing is a steady guidance tool to help you move forward with surety.


8. You are interested in Spirituality:

Maybe you have always been interested in the universe, the concepts of energy, the pharos, the mystical world, and these subjects have always drawn your attention. Or maybe you have started to notice lately that your interest is being drawn towards the world of energy, healing, and intuition.


In both cases learning and practicing rotomatic writing can help you to delve deeper into this world and marry these skills with your current life skills.


9. Your ancestors reach out to you in dreams:

Your Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides communicate through dreams or visions. You have vivid dreams and meaningful visions that contain messages or guidance from angels, but you are unable to interpret them.


10. People confide in you, you are an Empath:

Maybe you are not a full-time healer but you notice that people are drawn to you because of your energy. They come to you to confide their life problems and you find yourself helping them consciously or unconsciously. If this is the case then you have the archetype of being a healer.


People with this archetype must learn automatic writing because they can unlock their hidden gifts and blossom their careers into a full-fledged healing profession. They can learn how to balance their energies with the energies of the world and the guides true clear guidance given by Angels.



11. The voice in your head is strong:

We only have an internal dialogue going on in our mind- what to do, how to do, what to avoid and many other things. But some of us have an increased ability to separate the mind chatter from deeper intuitive messages that we get as a voice in our head.


The process of separating our daily messages from the deeper intuitive ones is something that we learn in automatic writing. If there is a strong voice in your head that tells you about your life purpose being different than others, then automatic writing is for you.


12. You can sense energies very quickly:

People who are gifted intuits can pick up the energy of a place or a person very quickly. You may have noticed that when you enter a house you are able to sense whether the people in this House of friendly or at loggerheads with each other.


Maybe you are someone who’s also able to pick up if a person is angry or depressed without there telling you so. If this is an ability that you have then automatic writing can help you shape this into a much better and stronger gift.


Take your time, read it again if required and ask your Angels for signs. If you are meant to do this, you will be guided. If this is part of your purpose in this life, you will get clear signs. If you do, reach out to me on and let’s take it forward!


Love and Light,
Dr Manmeet

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