Bach Flower Practitioner Program

After the Bach Flower Workshop with Soul Miracles, you will be able to perform Bach Flower consults for others,
make remedies for yourself, people, pets, and plants, and be a certified Basic Level Practitioner.

Who should do this workshop?

Is being a healer your calling? Bach Flower rescue remedy could be your craft. This workshop is open to everyone. As with all Soul Miracles workshops, these are interactive and experiential, you will learn to create your own remedies too. Case studies, examples, questions, models- all will be dealt with. No medical background is required; anyone can learn these magical alternative remedies.

  • This workshop can address these concerns. Which One is Yours?
  • What is Bach’s philosophy?
  • The connection between emotions and diseases
  • Various groups of issues:
  • The many faces of Depression and how to treat it
  • How to overcome fear- of known as well as unknown factors
  • Mindfulness, Procrastination, and Anger
  • Control issues, Trusting the flow of life
  • Those who talk too much and are self-focused
  • Rigidity and control, anger and repression
  • Unable to speak out your feelings/ hiding behind a smiling mask
  • Handling disappointments in life
  • Learning self-confidence and self-esteem
  • How to instantly boost energy 
  • Focus and concentration for children
  • Handling jet lag, resistance to change, weight issues
  • Handling terror and panic, uncertainty, unknown trauma, and anxiety
  • Blood pressure, panic, knee pain, arthritis, hair fall, acne, back pain, and many other physical issues
  • Gain relief from insomnia

Bach Flowers are a powerful natural modality to heal your innermost emotions, and through it, various diseases. Started by Dr. Edward Bach, these remedies are popular worldwide and work effectively on all imbalances. Bach Flower remedies are a perfect natural solution to many fears, anxieties, doubts, and many other stresses we carry. These also help in healing chronic and terminal diseases. As one of the streams of alternate therapy, it is perhaps one of the safest and most powerful ones.

Our Clients Speak for Us

“I did the Bach Flower Workshop without any prior knowledge of the remedies nor had any idea regarding its usage. It is a one-day workshop where I got to know its origin, the number of remedies, and how each flower’s essence is connected to our emotions, helping us to break the vicious circle of negative feelings. Maam helped us understand each of the remedies in detail, its dosage, and even the directions to use it for plants and our pets. After the workshop, I can now prepare the remedies myself and for others. Its been truly a learning experience enriched with our own personal and professional growth. As with my own experience with bach flowers, It is just amazing. In general, I am a very disciplined and impatient person which makes me furious at times seeing other people’s way of doing their work. After taking the remedies, I am more tolerant and patient and now I understand the other person’s limitations as well. I have seen an immensely positive change in one of my friends as well. He has communication issues. Post taking the remedies, he now initiates conversations clearly and confidently. To me, the bach flower is a medium that opens you up and uplifts you to be a better version of yourself. ”
Plabita Patowary
Clinical Psychologist, Gurgaon
“I would like to share my experience of the Bach Flower Remedies Workshop (Basic Level) with Manmeet Ma’am, who is an experienced practitioner with lots of knowledge to share about Bach Flower Essences. This is one of the workshops I have done with ma’am, and I waited desperately to attend this one in particular…Since Bach Flower Remedies work on emotions and emotions was always something that had intrigued me, this was the sure thing to take up. The journey of this workshop is amazing, from the informative pdf hand notes to explain each and every bach flower remedy in-depth during the 2 days workshop to discussing case studies and much more which has come to her with practice and experience…also after the workshop WhatsApp support group is available to discuss the doubts and queries, which too ma’am guides personally. The biggest takeaway for me from this workshop is the realization of the core of my true emotions and understanding of the layers of emotions hidden in one’s behavior and patterns which later manifests into diseases in the physical body. I highly recommend this workshop as this powerful and gentle tool of healing can help resolve emotional imbalances of self, family, and friends. I am grateful that I initiated my Bach Flower journey with Manmeet Ma’am and I look forward to continuing my journey of learning in the Advance level workshop and sharing the remedies. Thank you so much ma’am for your guidance. ”
Shivani Arora
Spiritual Seeker, Bahrain
My son can see the change himself after taking the focus and concentration B.F remedy for a month. I am not reminding him it's because of the drops only, he takes it himself mostly. I see him atleast sitting for longer durations without getting too frustrated. His handwriting has improved too.

Meet the Teacher : Dr. Manmit

automatic writing workshop

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a skilled Akashic Records reader and a passionate Automatic Writing teacher.


She is also a gifted psychic and medium who constantly works with higher dimensions and acts as a channel for the deceased to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Manmit comes from a disciplined army family background where she grew up with the idiosyncrasies of an Army household.


She is an alumnus of Delhi University and has received her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from Mother Teresa University, Australia.


Manmit spells her life purpose as, “training and guiding 500,000 people to achieve spiritual sufficiency.”

The Flow of Workshop​

  • Detailed information about these remedies through workbooks.
  • Support through a bi-monthly call for the next year where you can ask your questions
  • Opportunity to work with Soul Miracles as a part-time Bach Flower therapist – this is subject to a personal test with Dr. Kumarr. If you are keen, let us know and we will share details.

What Not To Expect

The Bach remedies require a commitment of about 6 months, please don’t expect your situation to magically improve in two days.

More Love from Clients

Venika Sukhija
Venika Sukhija

Bach Flower FAQs

No medical background is required; anyone can learn these magical remedies. This Workshop is open to everyone. As with all Soul Miracles workshops, these are interactive and experiential, you will learn to make your own Bach flower remedies too. Case studies, examples, questions, models- all will be dealt with.

  1. There is no diet or any other restriction.
  2. These remedies can be taken at any time, not necessarily before and after food.
  3. No need to swallow the pills with water, these can be taken directly on the tongue.
  4. The solution can also be easily taken on the tongue.
  5. They can be safely carried in your bag or purse.
  6. If these are dissolved in drinking water, they do not cause discoloration of water or emit any smell.
  7. There is no expiry date for these remedies.
  8. These are non-habit forming and absolutely without side effects (even if they can by mistake and overdoses).
  9. These do not create any withdrawal symptoms.
  10. They can be easily given to people of all ages- beat newborn or old people and even to ladies at all months of pregnancy.
  11. This can be taken value are taking medicines or treatment of other systems because these do not interfere or clash with the action of other drugs and treatment.
  12. Bach flower remedies for business growth are proved to be very potent.

Bach believed that healing negative emotions helps the body heal itself.

This system contains 38 remedies that each address a specific negative emotion. The emotions are grouped into seven broad psychological causes of illness:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Lack of interest in present circumstances
  • Loneliness
  • Oversensitivity to influences and ideas
  • Sadness or despair
  • Cares for others at the expense of self

The Bach remedies are natural, non-invasive, and can be used as complementary to other medicines. many cancer, psychiatric and trauma patients take to the Bach therapy to keep depression and panic at bay.

After this you will be able to:

  1. Make Dr. Bach flower remedies for yourself, your family and friends, and your pets and plants.
  2. Do Bach Flower consults for others.
  3. Certificate of Basic Level Practitioner.

The next level is the advanced/Practitioner level after which you can teach this modality.

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