Akashic Records Reading: A Guide to Your Soul’s Journey

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Akashic Records reading?

Our Clients Speak for Us

“I had taken the Akashic Records service to know about situations happening in my life, why was there a pattern, I was in pain. It’s a fantastic session that was broken into 4parts. As Dr. Manmit explained it to me, it resonated with me. She is psychic, I had never met her before whatever she said was true. She told me about my soul strength and guided me with tools to handle the situation. Highly recommend to people when you do not get answers from astrology go and check your Akashic records you will get your answers. Dr. Manmit is an expert in Soul Astrology, get your reading done. She does clearings, there is a lot of energy work involved . Akashic records will not solve all your problems it empowers us to know the core issue and take help to resolve it. I am grateful to Dr. Manmit and her team, blessings to her team. ”
Nitya Sudhakaran
Senior Analyst, Mumbai
“I just had a great Akashic reading session with Dr. Manmeet Kumar. During the session, all I could think was, “God how does she know me so well, even though we have never met before “. Dr. Manmeet nailed it! She described my personality, and strengths incredibly accurately, and she gave me an insight into myself and it was like I was talking to myself , about myself. . In fact it was like meeting myself through her. I learnt so much about my past lives, my Soul’s purpose, and what I need to do to live my life to realize my full potential. It was the best investment I have made in understanding what makes me tick and what I need to do to get rid of my blockages and whatever is holding me back. I recommend Dr. Manmeet highly to anyone who wishes to experience life fully during their lifetime and to actually live the life that was always intended for them. I would also like to thank God, my guides, Universe, and my sister who made this Akashic reading possible for me. “
Mallika Raithwal
Consultant, Auckland
I've consulted mam for my Akashic records reading. Everything she said was very accurate and logical. She focuses more on the root cause of the problem and not on heavy rituals. After the session, you will start to see the world in a very new and different way.
Vishal Anand
I had been following Ma'am's work for years and finally took the chance to get her guidance when my soul felt at in crossroads. I had a way of doing things all through life that was accepted by society around me, but at a relevant point I felt unacknowledged and shifted my ways to what protected me. But somehow through all those shifts I couldn't be happy or keep anyone happy. That's when ma'm came to my mind and I took Akashic Records reading. We had the session and she just helped me see through my soul path and it all just made sense. She helped me recognize the patterns, explain my confusion, and helped me get back my compassion. A lot of energy shifts have been happening ever since. I still haven't started the prayers she asked me to follow, yet the shifts are highly palpable. My heart feels overflowing love for the world once again and I'm ready to accept and surrender to the life path I have chosen. Lots of gratitude for all the experiences, for the guides like ma'am who help us get clarity, and for the souls who chose to be with me in this life. Special mention to Soniya for all the love and support I received in connecting with ma'am and otherwise. Gratitude🙏
Nitu Nair Anup
Sharmila Kaur
akashic records reading

What to Expect from the reading?

akashic records reading

The Akashic Records are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know the lessons we are yet to learn.


As part of the energy that we carry from past lives, we carry negative blocks like oaths, vows, curses, and contracts. These negative energies become past life blocks. Clearing them will render void all the negative blocks.

Meet Dr. Manmit

Dr. Manmit Kumarr is a skilled Akashic Records reader and a passionate Automatic Writing teacher.


She is also a gifted psychic and medium who constantly works with higher dimensions and acts as a channel for the deceased to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Manmit comes from a disciplined army family background where she grew up with the idiosyncrasies of an Army household.


She is an alumnus of Delhi University and has received her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from Mother Teresa University, Australia.


Manmit spells her life purpose as, “training and guiding 500,000 people to achieve spiritual sufficiency.”

How can Dr. Manmit read Akashic Records?

An individual session involves a “reading “ and “clearing” of the records. As an Akashic Records expert, Dr. Manmit channels them and shares the information in a specific and detailed manner with the client.


All information pertaining to your soul is shared in this session. Details on soul groups, soul blueprint, soul journey, and soul vibration are shared, amongst the many other things related to your soul ascension.


Details about the body and why have you chosen this birth are also shared. This also covers key relationships and your lessons in these relationships. This customized session covers soul contracts and past and present life blocks (and clearing of those blocks). 

An Akashic Records reading with Dr. Manmit can shift your life and will create a deep sense of peace and harmony. Please write directly to Dr. Manmit at kumar.manmeet@gmail.com if you would like to know more.

What Not to Expect

Instant healing and instant removal of blocks and curses should not be expected. It takes about 3-6 months for that to work.


One can’t expect only the removal of blocks to do the magic. You have to put in work for human transformation through Akashic Records tools that Dr. Kumarr will provide you. Behavioral and pattern changes are a must.


One can’t expect to heal from terminal diseases like cancer. In some cases, it has been shown that the disease has been regressed but an absolute cure can’t be expected. Any health miracles can’t be expected.


If you get your soulmate contract clarified, don’t expect that you will instantly manifest a certain person who you want to be with, even if they don’t want to be with you. You cannot force anyone to enter your life and marry you.  

How can one use this service?

One can integrate the unlocking of awareness after the Reading in the manner that helps them heal from their pain.

Besides your own understanding of your blocks, how they are limiting you, and how their awareness can help you expand, Dr. Kumarr extends lifetime support to you as your Guide and Healer.

You can take slow & big steps of courage derived from your Akashic Records Reading, with Dr. Kumarr.

More Love from Our Clients

“I have reached out to Manmeet every single time I am in a situation that is out of control for me. When I was hit by the news of my brother’s 4th stage cancer being detected, she was the only one apart from the doctor that I reached out to. She recommended an Akashic records reading and a clearing for Bhai. The session was absolutely surreal. She shared details ( big and small) of his life that no one was aware of. Incidents and hence emotions impacted him deeply and closely. It was uncanny to learn that a person who has never met my brother, never spoken to him, of whom I have never spoken to her would know such initiative details of his life. After a detailed description of life and life-altering experiences he had, she helped clear certain patterns and curses. A surgery that was being touted as extremely serious and grievous went off without a hitch and smoothly. I attribute it all to her constant support and the healing she sent to my brother. She has mentioned that we have a long and tough battle ahead of us. But she has also promised to be there every step of the way. She has helped us find solutions that are seemingly trivial but impact my brother’s well-being and recovery hugely. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done. Forever indebted. ”
Deepti Bhargava
Entrepreneur in Education, Gurgaon
"A few years back, I connected with Soul Miracles for my Akashic record reading online and clearing. Our Akashic Records hold vital soul information. Simply put, an Akashic record reading delineates our syllabus of the present life, that what all lessons the soul has to learn in this lifetime. And through akashic reading, we also get to know which past life blocks we are carrying into our present life and why certain relationships are especially tough. Since most of us are clueless about our blocks, lessons, and Karmic relationships, we continue living our lives while spending time and energy on things and people not meant for us. After my Akashic record reading, I felt I was put back on track and given the correct perspective to understand my life's experiences and key relationships. The reading, apart from being very detailed and well structured, afforded me much clarity and peace that comes from knowing the bigger picture. The 21-day prayer reinforces the inner wisdom, and I could see the shifts in energy. My Akashic records experience was great as it paved a path for my spiritual journey and it's so beautiful to get them read from Manmeet mam. Over the years, my notes from Akashic reading have become very sacred to me as I continue to refer to them whenever I need clarity. I highly recommend getting an Akashic reading to all those who want to move forward in their spiritual journeys."
Shweta Gautam
Like they say.... you have to see it to believe it. Manmeet ma'am is extremely gifted and equally grounded. Only two days since my Akashic records reading. I feel I am getting my lost self back. Praying for more power to her to be able to help us all.
Priya Agarwal
My spiritual journey started with getting my akashik records reading which gave me a glimpse of the life purpose and my questions. To fulfill my inner search for knowledge I enrolled myself for the automatic writing level 1 course..followed by pain to power workshop. One after another since the last 2 months, every day I am facing new learnings, new miracles and AHA moments.. I could see a whole new person and energy develop around me. Being a mental health professional myself, often we get very scientific and logical thus losing our intuitive part..the preworkshop definitely has bought in this new enlightenment and openness in myself..eagerly waiting for the changes AW main workshop will bring.. the take home message I would like to give as "Somethings are beyond human understanding, so just have faith the miracle will happen"..
Sandamita Choudhury
Mansi Jadeja

Akashic Records Reading Cost/Duration
/Mode of Consult/Terms and Conditions

All the readings of well-known psychics suggest that we write our own destiny through our actions, words, and thoughts. How we interact with the Universe determines what we create in our lives. It is equally important to understand what we have created earlier through other lifetimes and are still carrying in this life as blocks. Knowing them will make it easy for us to lead a more meaningful life, just as clearing them will open pathways to abundance. 


Do you have any Akashic Records questions that you are curious about? Mail us at mail@manmeetkumar.com.

More Love from Clients

That brush of positive energy when you meet Manmeet Ji every time. I got my Akashic records reading done & what she saw and mentioned to me gave me goosebumps. Every piece of the records she mentioned had relevance and significance to my current life. I have always wondered what my soul's purpose in this life is and she just put the spotlight on it. While this testimony is of one of the many different sessions I have had with her, I am sure I will come back with more to shout out loud, about my victories through her guidance!
Apoorva Bagchi
Would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to Manmeet Kumar for enlightening all of us and guiding us towards our life lessons and the higher purpose. I attended the automatic writing session and then happened to attend the PLR/Akashic records session too along with the blockages webinar. It helped me to believe that I can seek answers to all that I question. Though it’s just a start and a long way for me to go, still i found that some messages are repeated in the sessions and so for me its an awakening, an alarm that I must not miss them and rather take steps to work towards them. I see so much value in what I learned and received from her during the sessions, the time she spent with us and the contribution she brings in to our lives. Manmeet you are a beautiful soul 🤗😘 with a mesmerizing smile 😊 May god always bless you and keep empowering you to continue helping and guiding all of us 🙏
Garima Talwar
I did my Akashik record reading with Dr. Manmit. I honestly had my apprehensions initially but her team has done heaps by addressing every small and big query. The session with Dr. Manmit helped me relook at life from a very different lens. The conversation still resonates with me - at different levels. And I am so grateful that I invested my resources into something as incredible as that session. The understanding of my past life opened a Pandora's box of certain specific patterns. And the sheer awareness of that has helped me resolve the mysteries (not a hyperbole). At the end of the session, she asked me to write a list of expectations and after 21 days, despite major tower movements, I do see myself a step closer to those expectations. Her prayers, which I do ritually, are my time to reflect on what and how I’ve improved over time - each day was a new learning and I could feel a visible difference in my anxieties. I am genuinely grateful for such an incredible experience. Thank you soul miracles and a special gratitude to Dr. Manmit and Pratima for holding my hand on every step of this journey which has just started.Looking forward for many more sessions.
Garima Khanna
Medhansh Baruah

Akashic Records Reading FAQs

Akashic Records meditation is a spiritual practice that involves accessing the universal archives of information about one’s soul and its journey through different lifetimes.

During meditation, one can connect with the Records through intention, visualization, and guided meditation to receive insights and guidance.

Since the Akashic Records are a book of past lives and contain all the necessary information regarding the journey of your Soul, they are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know our lessons and also, clear our past life blocks. 

This makes us energetically free to attract abundance in this life. Shedding our past burden frees up space to attract what we want. It is therefore recommended that every individual clears their Akashic Records.

Definitely, yes. It is most helpful to clear the Records of young children and teenagers because they are at a stage of life where they can choose wisely in terms of their career, relationships, and marriage.

A session is more personal, where Dr. Manmeet uses her intuitive abilities to channel deep insights into your past lives. A workshop, on the other hand, enables you to directly experience the Records.

To access the Akashic Records you need to have an open mind. You can use guided meditation or visualization to access Akashic records. You can take akashic records consult if you are not able to access the records yourself.

An Akashic Records prayer provides insight, guidance, and healing. It helps us access the universal database that holds our thoughts, emotions and actions throughout time.

The Akashic records contains information about past lives, present situations and potential future. We can access akashic records using guided meditations.

Please contact us using the form below and our team will reach out.

To read akashic records you can use meditation or visualization. Best approach is to work with an experienced practitioner.

Some tips for akashic records for beginners.
1. Read more about akashic records to become familiar.
2. Start with basic meditation practice.
3. Take help of an experienced practitioner.
4. Set intentions of what you hope to gain from akashic records.
5. Have patience and trust the process, be open to the guidance you receive.

Akashic book of records also known as Book of life or akashic records. These records gives you guidance about your life’s path, past lives and spiritual journey. The information can help you get clarity in life and heal traumas.

Akashic records pathway prayer is one of the methods to access akashic records. This prayer sets the intention and focus. It helps you connect with divine guidance for support during the process of reading the records.

Each person has a unique experience during akashic records sessions. Some of the common akashic records experiences are peace and clarity, experiencing higher state of consciousness, more clarity of life purpose. Some people may also get visions and insights about events and people in their life.

There is no such tool as akashic records calculator. Akashic records can be accessed via meditation, visualization techniques. But there is no ways to calculate akashic records or the information that you will receive during the session.

Yes, we do offer akashic records reading online. You can contact us via the form below and book akashic records online consult.

Akashic records are not dangerous. They provide valuable insights about life and can be useful for personal development. If you are looking for safe and smooth akashic records reading, contact us using the form below.

Akashic records give you valuable insights. The information helps answer your life questions. 

You get answers about past life, your challenges and struggles in present life, your soul purpose and insights about future possibilities.

In the end, whether you choose a workshop or a session, the power of the Akashic Records is bound to transform your life.

Getting Akashic Records reading will provide an enormous amount of clarity about your current life. So many blocks, challenges, and hardships that leave us wondering ‘Why’ are a direct result of our past life Karma, our twin flame soul contracts, and so much more. Delving into an Akashic Records reading is a huge step up in your spiritual journey.

More Love from Clients

“Meeting manmeet mam was the biggest blessing of my life. It’s been 3 years now and my life has completely changed and I am a different person from fearful to powerful and courageous.”
Dance Fitness by Neayhaa
“Dr Manmeet is a thorough professional and her sessions leave me with a sense of well being and calm always. Her energy and aura, which is very important in work like this, is charismatic. People like mam are aptly called light workers or energy workers. This whole path / spiritual journey can be uplifting or outright boring. I am glad I started my journey with her as a guide.”
Suchithra Thyagraj
“Workshops with Dr. Manmit are healing and energizing. She unboxes the spiritual world in a very easy and understandable way giving simple tips that can be used in daily life. There is also a community that her team fosters which brings in connectedness and leaning in support when needed. If you have questions that remain unanswered or have decisions that need to be made, Soul Miracles is the place to go! It’s my happy space!”
Bani Kaur
I took an Akashic reading session from ma'am for my husband and to our surprise we didn't have to ask her much as she started telling my husband about his great-grandparents and ancestors that my husband could relate to. whatever told by ma'am as he heard these stories from his grandfather. He could correlate the problems and hurdles he's facing in this life are not of this life .I thank you Manmeet ma'am and the soul miracle team for always ❤️ being with you and supporting you. Thank you is a very small word for her.She as angel 😇 a light worker who's come down to show and guide ✨️ people who get stuck and don't find a way to move forward in life. She's told such simple prayers and remedies that me and my husband are following. THANK YOU SO MUCH MA'AM AND THE TEAM OF SOUL MIRACLES ❤️
Hetu Narang

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