From Pain to Power: Real Life Stories of Courage

This series is dedicated to brave hearts who chose to step into their Power despite being in troubled waters. Who decided to dance in the rain, instead of blaming ‘fate’ for not providing an umbrella.


These heroes found themselves stuck in certain painful, frustrating points in life. They chose to rise above their areas of defeat to question and conquer their own spirits. You see- this is the thing:




The purpose behind sharing these stories of unflinching courage is my conviction in the power of every human to be such champions. Your tunnel of darkness is not unending.


It is possible, and ultimately fulfilling to live in joy, hope, and happiness- and to realize that this indeed is our true natural state. Every story of bravery is not an epic tale of patriotic daring, but that does not make them any less filled with courage and faith..




At 40, Rohit was a senior executive working for a Fortune 100 company. He enjoyed a six-digit monthly salary, a plush urban condo and an apparently fulfilling family life. His wife was loving, and his twin daughters were the light of their lives. He loved them, of course, besides having a fun social life.




Behind the glass doors of posh meeting rooms, Rohit began to worry. And that was strange – even to himself. As far as he knew, he had nothing to worry about. He also knew that he wanted to end it all. This despair brought on panic attacks.


Every morning was a black hole of worry, anxiety and the lack of any possible answer to the situation. The daily work-and- home routine took it out of him entirely. Short bursts of temper were followed by inexplicable lengths of silences. And Rohit was very, very tired.


His panic attacks became more frequent, and left Rohit feeling dizzy, disoriented and confused. After making untenable excuses at home and work, he cried himself to sleep every night.


This was when I first met the remarkable person. He decided to come for a healing session.


“I have a job and a family- enough money to cover all my needs. There’s nothing seemingly wrong with my childhood either.


Please help me understand why is this happening to me? I just feel angry, frustrated and stuck in the wrong life!” It was not surprising for an intelligent person to feel dismayed and defeated even in the face of success.


During the first session, he was in denial. We discussed the intensity of work he would have to undertake to face the true dilemmas, and I was confident that I would never see him again.


To my surprise and joy, however, he turned up for every session – bravely challenging his old beliefs whenever called upon to do so.


He was made to understand that the root of all dis-ease, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, is repressed emotional trauma at the cellular level.


Someone who felt spiritually dead, emotionally exhausted and physically consumed with pain decided to take the first, most important steps forward.


Thus began his personal journey towards healing, acceptance and rebuilding of basic thoughts, choices and ideas in life. The person crying himself to sleep found power and energy within, when he needed it most.


Our tears and anxiety attacks are knocks on the door of our psyche. But often the knocks are so loud, we forget to see that the door is already open.


“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”




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