Why the Akashic Records Clearing Did Not Help

akashic records clearing

Anju came to me in 2019 with a major issue around not being able to attract money. She came from a wealthy business family and was married into our family that was well off as well. Having been married for 10 years, she had started to feel the pinch of lack of financial freedom.


She was frustrated that she could not take decisions around money without consulting her husband and in laws.


She wanted to start her own boutique, but the family needs came first.  She devoted the initial years of her marriage to the needs of her family’s growing business and her newborn children. Her own needs, plans and ideas kept getting pushed back, as others came first.


She fought with everyone, and finally with the help of her parents’ money, started her own boutique. The boutique started off well, and Anju was enjoying the feeling of working for herself and towards a brighter future.


She had big plans for herself and her boutique, which involved foreign collaborations with her cousin who stayed in London. Having studied fashion designing in her college years, she felt fully equipped to take this to the next level.


What was not working however, was her relationships with her in laws and husband. The strain started to show in arguments, dismissals, missed celebrations and distance grew between them as a family.



The in laws felt that she had gone against them to open this (that they would have supported it sooner or later- why the rush), the husband felt humiliated on a daily basis (his parents would bring this up in conversations) and Anju started to feel like an outsider in her own family.


She had resentment and anger issues against all of them.


Her business, which was till now stable, started to show a sharp decline. Customers came in but would end up not giving orders. Wholesale orders slowly started getting cancelled. Her cousin had a personal emergency and could not promote Anju’s business in London.


Anju, in desperation, slashed the prices. This resulted in a further decline in profits. People started feeling that her products did not have value and stopped coming altogether. Within 7 months, the story looked grim.


Anju went to tarot card readers, astrologers, and many other people to find out the reason. She got solutions and worked diligently on those. In the meantime, the family tension was mounting even more.


Anju was snappy, irritable and sure that her mother-in-law has done some black magic on her business, which is why things are not working. The cycle was vicious, and everyone was getting destroyed.


We did an Akashic Record Reading for her and found that she has a money curse from her mother-in-law, who was her father in her previous life. She had cheated him in the family business, taken all the profits and left him penniless.


He had cursed her that she would have difficulty in abundance. So, in this life, it was tough for her to even start her own business. And things went south after she did. She could not gather anyone’s support and didn’t know the right way to attract more wealth.


The Akashic Records were cleared.


And that was it? Was Anju wealthy after that? Did her business started to thrive?




Why- you would ask?


Here is the catch. Clearing the Records is only clearing the past life energies.


It has nothing to do with understanding the Law of Money in this life.


You see, the Universe has some rules around money. Till you learn how to navigate them, you cannot be wealthy. It is like discarding an old car that is not taking you to your destination. It is not working anymore.


Getting out of that car doesn’t make you reach your destination. You still have to walk the path or get a new car and drive to that point.


Same with money.


You can do clearings upon clearings. But till you learn how to walk the path after that, what you need to change in your behavior and daily intentions, you will not be a Money Magnet.



Akashic Record Clearings need to be followed up with setting you in this new school called the world. We help you in the use of the right spiritual tools, all of which are shared in our detailed follow up sessions.


Anju understood that and was happy to integrate it in her life. She needed to shift her anger and resentment with her husband and in laws before her business could see that change. Happy to share that today, she has a settled family and a thriving business.


There are really no short cuts in spirituality- one must walk the path in totality.

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