What questions should you ask in a Mediumship Session?

questions to ask in a mediumship session

One of the most painful times of our life is when we lose our loved ones. If you are reading this, then perhaps you have gone through this.


You would agree with me that there is no good time to lose someone- especially if they were very close to your heart. Death has the ringtone of finality to it, which none of us are prepared for.


Whether or not we had time to say goodbye, the experience remains deeply traumatic for those who are left alone in this world. We all want closure, in the form of answers to our endless questions.

  • Where have they gone?
  • Why did they have to go so suddenly?
  • Was it a natural death or not?
  • Are they at peace?
  • Did they want to say something just before they left?
  • Do they have any regrets?
  • Can we help them to move on in any way?
  • Do they have any final messages for us before they move into their next birth?
  • We would want them to forgive us/let go of what happened.
  • We feel that we could have saved them had we acted in a different way. This guilt is not letting us sleep at night.
  • We are left all alone- how do they want us to move forward in life?

Questions like these can be answered by Mediums.


Mediums are individuals who have the ability to connect with the Spirit world and communicate with entities or energies beyond the physical realm.


They may use various methods such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or other psychic abilities to facilitate this communication.


Mediums may provide messages or insights from loved ones who have passed away, offering a sense of connection and reassurance. These sessions can be a source of solace for those grieving or seeking guidance.


In my last seven years of being a professional Medium, if there is one thing that I can tell you, it would be that the Spirit wants closure as much as you do. Spirits are equally keen to communicate with their families- especially in the cases of sudden or traumatic passing away.


A 32-year-old gentleman’s Spirit came to me quite suddenly and unexpectedly one day, as I was driving through the countryside. Unaware that something big was about to happen, I was humming a favorite song and was feeling blissful.


Suddenly out of nowhere, the face of a young man loomed large on my windscreen. Needless to say, a quick gasp escaped me, and I thank God till today that I did not lose control of the car.


The face kept trying to convey something that I was unable to grasp as I fought for control of the wheel. I finally parked to the left side and took deep breaths. The face (of the Spirit) waited patiently as he started his story.


This young man had just left his body in a hospital.


He had a road accident and passed away before his wife could reach the hospital. He was eager to console his wife, who was in shock and grief at not being able to spend his last moments with him.


Not understanding that he was no longer in this world, he kept trying to talk to her, but she couldn’t see or hear him.


His Spirit was automatically drawn to me (and perhaps other Mediums). He wanted to speak through me to her.


It took some time before the connection could be made, and I was able to get in touch with the wife.


After the Mediumship session was over, and she was much more at peace, and she confessed to me that she had absolutely no idea that Mediums existed and had no clue about the kind of questions she could ask me.


Realizing that people may feel overwhelmed while approaching a Medium, I have put together a list of questions that you should consider asking a Medium, should you need to go to one.



  1. Would the session be in person or online?

Many people are comfortable meeting the Medium and doing the one-on-one session because it gives them the comfort of human touch and makes them feel that they will be closer to the Spirit than an informal online session.


At the same time, it is not possible for many people across the globe to travel just for this session – and hence it is OK if you would like the session to be online and recorded. Do ask this question very honestly and let your preferences be known to the Medium so that a comfort zone can be built before the session starts.


  1. Could you give me one sign that he or she is ready to speak with me?

This is a good question to ask if your Medium is comfortable with sharing one sign. Usually, Mediums are open to this because they also want to establish that it is indeed the correct Spirit that they are channeling.


Based on this sign you could decide to take this session. What you must not do however is to ask for many signs. Take a call after that one sign whether you would like to move forward or not.



  1. What was their last message for me/what did they want to convey to me before passing over?

This is a good question to have as a closure with the departed soul. Most often than not, this question is answered with a lot of love and relief as the Spirit feels that they will be able to give you closure with this. It is a good question from both sides.


  1. If you are unsure about the circumstances of death, you could ask a question related to how the death happened.

This will give you closure and perhaps some Spirits will even relive some of their last moments with you. Please know however that not all Spirits are comfortable sharing their last moments. The Medium will tell you if that is the case.


  1. You should ask a question related to their learnings in life.

It is said that family members are part of a similar soul tribe. It is highly likely that the lessons of the departed soul are connected to your lessons in some way.


It is always good to ask this question because it gives you a complete map of their life and lessons and we’ll give you a sense of what is unlearned and unfinished in your own life. Spirits simply love talking about this!


It gives them a chance to relive some of their fondest memories and show you what needs to be done in your own life.


  1. You should ask for forgiveness or forgive them as the case may have been.

This is a very important aspect of closure because often people leave in bitterness and anger. Asking this question gives both sides a good opportunity to let go of the rifts.


I have seen matriarchs and patriarchs breathe a sigh of relief when they feel that their children have understood the departed Spirits disappointment and regret. Families have restarted their emotional connection and their journey of love after conducting this session.


The Spirit feels free to move on to the next level but once they know that their family is now not angry with them or they are not angry with the family. It gives a fresh lease of life to everybody.



  1. Express your survivor’s guilt or ask questions about what you could have done differently.

Asking this helps the survivors to move on with their life with peace and ease.


In all the cases that I have handled over these years, I see people struggling with the concept of wrong decisions before death. The family always feels that they could have done something differently and avoided death.


It could be like choosing a different hospital/ not moving a patient from one hospital to the other/ reading the signs before someone’s death/ making them reach the hospital in time/ unfinished tasks before death for which perhaps they did not find time. The list is endless.


You must lock time for letting all these feelings out so that you can move forward from that traumatic experience and have the Spirit move forward as well.


Indeed, faith can play a significant role when approaching a Medium or engaging in Spiritual practices.


Having faith in the process and being open to the possibility of connecting with the Spirit world can create a conducive environment for communication.


It is important to approach such experiences with an open mind and a willingness to believe in the potential for Spiritual connections.


Even though death may seem final, and you may be in deep grief, know that your loved one wants to see you move forward in life with strength and purpose. A mediumship session can really help you to get comfort and ease.


“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

Mitch Albom

I wish you peace!

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