Do Akashic Records Exist?

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“The Akashic Records, or “the book of life,” can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.” 

~Edward Cayce, Psychic Medium


Visualize this: There exists a record, a diary of your Soul’s journey. Every life your soul has lived, every thought, action, deed, and karma that was ever conceived, thought of, or done, is recorded in books. Now, what if we told you that accessing these records is possible? These records are what we call Akashic Records.



Existing on the plane of Akasha or in the Akashic field, these records hold ANSWERS to our current life journey. It is also true (and natural) that these records exist as a part of our own Soul. Our life is a personalized journey that we chose for ourselves in order to learn our lessons.


Every Soul creates a plan before coming to Earth for a (or another) life. This plan involves everything from the people we will encounter, the lessons we will learn from them to the purpose our Soul has taken birth for.


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If Akashic Records exist, how can we access them?

In the words of Edgar Cayce who first made Akashic Records famous, “…this contain the entire history of every Soul since the dawn of creation. These Records connect each one of us to one another.”


It is not so simple to connect to or read the Records. Since the Records exist on a higher dimensional vibrating plane, it takes a tremendous raising of one’s vibration to be able to connect to them. The Records themselves are sacred and have been revealed to humankind only in 2013.


Why know about your Akashic Records?

akashic records reading



Shefali is a 42-year-old woman with a sparkling career in the corporate world. However, Shefali preferred to stay in the background and let others shine in the big picture. This ‘want’ to stay in the picture was partly fear of public speaking and partly not having faith in her abilities.


Upon having an Akashic Records Reading, that is, having her Akashic records channeled/read, Shefali understood. She understood exactly where the fear stemmed from, how she carried a past life trauma into her present life and spent so many years in the shadow of it.


The understanding of the issue leads to working on it and healing it. Shefali shines her light bright now. She’s not afraid to take the center anymore. She knows what she deserves and claims it.


The answer to why take a dip into this is quite simple. So, you can release past burdens.  You can stop living in the shadow of your past. So you can understand that this life is nothing less than a school or a university. But to pass your lessons and attain your purpose, you must know them.


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The purpose of the Akashic Records

Purpose of the this is to show us the journey of our soul. The lives we lived, the lessons we learned, and the lessons that we are carrying forward help us to decode our current life problems.  Akashic Records also give us a sense of our soul strength, our soul guides, and a lot of other powerful information that helps us to lead this life with purpose.



Why should one consider getting their Akashic Records to read or cleared?

As part of the energy that we carry from past lives, we carry negative blocks like oaths, vows, curses, and contracts. It is important to clear the Akashic Records from this perspective, as clearing them will render void all the negative blocks.


This makes us energetically free to attract abundance in this life. Shedding our past burden frees up space to attract what we want. It is therefore recommended that every individual clears their Akashic Records.


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