The Spiritual Significance of Performing Havan

scientific benefits of havan

                           “The sacred fire is faith.”  Lailah Gifty Akita


When you sit in front of Havan lit with wood and sacred ingredients. And you are immediately transported into the times when Yagnas and Havan were created to cleanse the negativity from the earth. The spiritual significance of Havan is multi-dimensional.


The word ‘Havan’ is rooted in Sanskrit, “hu” meaning “to offer” or “to present”. So, performing Havan is to present sacred offerings to the element of Fire. Back in the Vedic timeline, performing Havan was a part of the routine.



They LIVED the ideology of ‘everything within me and around me is a temple’. So, that made it natural to perform the Havan ritual to keep the overall vibrations high.


Mantras add a special dimension to the performance of Havan, as the sound energy of the Mantras spoken have benefits so intricate and so vast, one can’t help but feel a rise of vibration and a spurge of positivity within themselves and around.


It has been so since the time of Vedic timeline, it is so today, and it will be so always, performing Havan is channeling Divine Intelligence and Divine Vibration.


best time for havan


What exactly is happening while you perform this ritual of Havan? How is your energy getting affected? How  energy of your atmosphere getting affected?



Purification of the Self and the Surroundings:


We  all brought up hearing that Havan promotes Shuddhi (Purity). Havan purifies our body, gives peace to the mind, and spiritual awakening to our soul. But this is not it.


Havan  is a powerful fire ritual that helps release what is no longer helping us. It  directed at awakening of the auspicious energies and getting rid of the negative energies surrounding us.


Due to being so highly vibrational (a combination of the fire element + sacred ingredients + mantras), it wards off negativity from our space, which further entails both our physical and mental space.


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Incorporating Havan in the hustle of 21st century living:



Ideally, performing Havan on a regular basis will majorly impact our ecosystem’s vibrations and our own. Since each thought and emotion holds the power to change the vibration of the planet, imagine the good we can do by performing the ritual of Havan  every day.


It is understandable that in the current modern lifestyle, its very difficult for working people to find time for doing Havan .


However, a shorter version of Havan can be done easily at home without a priest.


What to remember:


  • Intention is the most important aspect of prayer. Intention is not a part of prayer and other worships; rather its the spirit of every act of worship.
  • You can chant the mantras as per your wish- 11, 21, 51, or 108 times.
  • Sit either facing the East or North direction.
  • After chanting the Mantra, recite ‘Swaha’ and add some Ghee and Hawan Samagri.

Scientific Benefits of Performing Havan:


  •  Havan purifies the surrounding air. It creates a pure, nutritional, and medicinal atmosphere.
  •  The sound energy created with chanting Mantras is very good for the eardrums.
  •  It  proven that there is a reduction in the bacterial count where Havan is performed.
  •  Yagna’s ash works as an effective fertilizer.


(Havan Samagri  blend of different herbal roots, leaves, grains, butter, milk, incense, and seeds.)



The Spiritual Significance of Havan in modern times:


  • Fire (Agni) has the properties of being bright and hot. Fire (Agni) inspires us to lead bright and radiant lives, full of wisdom and intelligence.
  • The flame of fire never goes downwards, it always goes upwards. It teaches us that despite huge pressures of fear and temptations, our flame of knowledge, understanding and foresight should always be up-turned.
  • Agni (Fire) accumulates nothing. Anything offered in the fire gets vaporized. It  scattered throughout the surroundings and becomes universal. We should also not collect things for our selfish ends but make use of all our resources and qualities for advancing the good of the society. There is no limit to the teachings of generosity in nature, is there?
  • Whatever  offered in the fire becomes fire itself. We should also focus on such a quality of talent in our character, so that anyone coming into our contact may turn out refined.
  • The remains of the fire are ashes. Similarly, physical forms of all human beings are going to transform as a handful of ashes.
  • The concept behind applying (ashes of Havan) on the forehead is that people should always remember the certainty of death and utilize every moment of life in the best possible manner.

Conclude the Havan with Gayatri Mantra


Gayatri Mantra is very powerful & is chanted for successful completion of all tasks –

“Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

To make the intentions effective and the process more powerful, Dr Manmit has created a powerful Kawach for your houses. Through this, any negative energies are dispelled and a protective shield is built around the house.


The spiritual significance of Havan is uncanny. It works in ways more than one to cleanse and purify us by raising our vibrations to meet the divine vibration.


May the sacred fire link your human consciousness to cosmic consciousness to experience the divine dance of the universe.



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