Hindu Mantras: Embrace Peace and Happiness

This is the 21st century. We have everything in place to achieve quick results; computers to complete our work hurriedly in the office, fast cars to get from one place to another, take away food to give us more time eat and free us from the cooking, not forgetting machines to automate cleaning the house and ploughing the land. But wait. Hold on. Do we really have everything?


Your love life is in shambles, your workplace is giving you grief, you had a moment of road rage, yet another fight with your partner and your finances are slowly going down the drain.


What we have forgotten perhaps in the fast paced life that we live, is the wisdom of our ancestors and sages. We live in a culture and heritage that is rich in its diversity and seeped in knowledge, yet- most of our youngsters have no idea about our age old Mantras and traditions.


This series will re-introduce you to the sacred sounds and words of these powerful mantras that can help us in appreciating the Universe and calming down our lives.


Today, we will talk about the Gayatri Mantra.


There is a Mantra called the Gayatri. It is a very holy verse of the Vedas.

“We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.” Om is joined to it at the beginning and the end.


Gayatri is a goddess whose three aspects include Savitri (truth), Saraswathi, the goddess of speech (vaak) and Gayatri (senses). The three represent purity in thought, word, and deed. Thus, by reciting the mantra, you attain these virtues.


It is the only mantra which, when chanted, opens all the Chakras (energy points) in our body. None of the other Mantras can boast this achievement, thereby releasing a tremendous flow of constant divine energy.


Each sound systematically opens up all the “knots” in your body and can benefit the devotee both materially and spiritually.


Traditionally, the Gayatri mantra is recited or chanted 108 times, three times a day at sunrise, at midday and at dusk, when the sun is setting. The colour of Gayatri in the morning is red, at noon black, and in the evening smoky grey.


These are the main spiritual characteristics of the energy forces in the Gayatri mantra. You could wear these colours according to the time of day for maximum benefits.


My prayers are with you as you discover the power of the Gayatri Mantra. OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI…


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  1. I have been chanting the Gayatri mantra for almost a year. I cannot begin to explain the changes I feel every time I do the ritual. I can sense the energy flowing through my body and visualize a bright orange light whenever I close my eyes. It is a transformative experience.

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