New Moon in Cancer: Here’s What You Need To Know

when is the moon in cancer

Dear Tribe, 


Brace yourself for some deep reflection on the New Moon of June 29th, 2022. This New Moon is falling in Cancer, a cardinal water sign known for nurturing and sentiments. 


Before getting into the beautiful cosmology of New Moon in Cancer, let us remind ourselves of the significance of New Moon Meditation and New Moon in general. 


New Moon is nature’s emotional reset. This is the time to plant seeds for what we want to sow in the coming future. In short, this is time for setting manifestations!



What is the meaning of manifestations and how do we set them? 


It is important to understand that we are co-creators of our reality. Our thoughts and emotions mirror our reality more than we observe.


So, when we realize that we can shape our reality through the power of our thoughts and emotions, what do we do? We set our intention towards what we want to see in our lives. This is how we manifest. Powerful isn’t it?


Here are some valuable manifestations tools: 

Script what you want to turn into reality 


Write your desired reality as if it is happening right now. This helps us approach the universe from a place of ‘have’ rather than a place of lack.  


Here is an instance: “Everything I need is coming to me on its own.” 


Meditate with intention  


The New Moon meditation with the right intentions is really powerful. 


Here is an instance: “As I meditate on the New Moon, I invite supportive relationships in my life. “ 


You can use a guided meditation for this purpose, or be a part of any meditations events created for this purpose.  



Practice Visualization 


Remember when we were kids and used to visualize all sorts of fantasy worlds in our heads? Didn’t it feel like traveling into different worlds? That is exactly the kind of imaginative spirit you can bring to the surface on a New Moon.


Relax, let go of that monkey mind, and visualize what you want to turn into reality. Make it as real of an experience as you can. Feel the energy of that reality. Be expressive in your body about it. Live it. 


The Spiritual Significance Behind the New Moon in Cancer  


  • Cancer energy carries deep sensitivity within. It is one of the most sensitive and receptive signs we have. 
  • Naturally, this New Moon in Cancer is a time highly conducive for Swadhyaya (self-study or self-exploration) by going within. 
  • This is time to observe what you are sensitive to and understand your needs, so you can sow seeds for fulfilling them.  
  • Once a year, the New Moon in Cancer offers to us a deep, dark sky under which we can gain clarity around our inner life. 
  • Our inner life includes our roots, our close relationships, and most importantly, our relationships with ourselves. 


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Some of the Highlights of the New Moon of June 2022


  • If you are experiencing a delay in marriage, wear white on the Full Moon and fast for Shiva. Praying to Vishnu Laxmi and offering water on the Peepal tree will also be fruitful.
  • If you are experiencing money problems, offer 11 Kaudies under the Peepal tree, with Haldi tilak on each of them. After praying, take the Kaudies and place them in a red cloth inside your Safe.
  • If you have a weak Mars in your natal chart, or if your soul is calling for some fiery energy, observe New Moon (falling on a Tuesday) related rituals.



We hope this New Moon is reflective, nurturing, and self-exploratory for you! On that note, we invite you to celebrate the moon meditation with Dr. Manmit Kumarr on this transformatory New Moon in Cancer on 29 June, 2022. 


Please feel free to reach us out on 9811626045 to register for this inner-shift experience!


Many blessings, 


Team Soul Miracles


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