Accessing Spirituality to Raise Our Vibrations

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How do you feel when you think of pursuing meaningful work with clarity in your vision, or after you share your energy with nature or animals?  Can you feel a sense of peace and joy in your mood just by reading these situations?


It is well known and experienced that humans are energetic beings, so it is natural that we respond to different kinds of energies in different ways. We try to accessing spiritual tools for raising vibrations.


As energetic beings, we are more receptive, kind, spiritual, and even happier, when our vibrations are high. In the blog “Are You Aware That You Are A Vibrational Being?” we talk about what vibration really is, its role in our lives, and why it is important to keep our vibrations high.



While there are plenty of things that come to mind when we think of raising our vibrations or lifting ourselves up, but, how can one do that spiritually?


1. Connect to your Masters:

Connecting with our masters includes ascended masters like Buddha, Sai Baba, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, etc. who we have faith in (or we feel called to), our guardian angels, and of course, our spirit guides.


One obvious way to connect with these high vibrational divine energies is via meditating in silence, or through a guided meditation.


Automatic Writing is another powerful tool that we can employ to connect with our masters. Automatic Writing is an experiential journey where we connect our subconscious mind to high vibrational energies.


By tuning in to our Higher Self (our most aligned self), we raise our vibrations to access divine information that our Masters offer to guide us.



2. Connect To Universal Elements :

The universal is generous and so are its elements, if we just open our hearts to them. A few moments of our day spent soaking up some sunlight and gazing at the sky and the stars can open up portals of fresh energy, clarity, and calmness.


Additionally, practicing yoga is food for the body, mind, and soul. If you have been wanting to include yoga in your routine, take this as a sign to go ahead with it!


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3. Know what you are seeking

Self-Reflection is one of the most potent aspects of spirituality. While it can be tough to reflect on our life choices sometimes, it can also help us find a lot of meaning in what we create and what happens to us. After all, we are all explorers  various spiritual tools for raising vibrations


When you are in the zone of lifting up your vibrations, it can be illuminating to understand what you are seeking. Allow yourself some silence, some deep breaths, and reflect :


“Where and why has my energy been down?”


“How would I rather feel?”


You can also go a step further and dive into your life purpose if purpose and meaning are what you are seeking. Again, Automatic Writing is a powerful tool to tune in to and seek universal guidance on your life purpose. If you ask me, you’re not here by coincidence.


4. Use Tools To Raise Your Vibration:


spiritual practices list


Sometimes, raising our vibrations can have a deep spiritual purpose. Other times, it simply refers to balancing and grounding our energy, so we feel present in the moment.


Dwelling in lower vibrations can get us anxious, among other emotions, and grounding or earthing can help us neutralize that unwanted energy.



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For this purpose, we have many healing tools to access.


  • Use salt (preferably Himalayan salt) for a refreshing sea salt bath.
  • Massage your feet with an oil of your choice. The lavender essential oil can be very, very calming.
  • Work with crystals to ground your energy. Red Jasper can be a great crystal to work with for grounding purposes. It is also known to balance our Root or Base Chakra which is responsible for our feelings of stability, among other things.
  • Additionally, inviting gratitude in your life is one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration, and even shift your perspective towards abundance. Gratitude. A Way Of Life by Louise Hay is an excellent read in this regard!


Keep reveling in the high vibrations that you are worthy of, and treat your mind, body, and soul well! Agreed?

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