5 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Writing for a Better Life

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We live in a post-pandemic digital era. Masses are suffering from a lack of genuine connection and purpose, and a sense of confusion lingers.


Do you agree that people are tempted to run after continuous spiritual guidance to cope with uncertainty and depression? We are inclined to know our purpose and to bring meaning into our uncertain lives. The answers you are looking for can be found with Automatic Writing.


Automatic Writing is one of the most potent and compelling spiritual tools accessible to mankind. It has been leveraged for ages to channel and pass on the wisdom of the universe for a purposeful and spiritually sufficient life.



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Dive into these 5 reasons why you need Automatic Writing for a spiritually sufficient existence:


1. To live an aware and conscious life

When we incarnate or reincarnate as human beings, we forget our pre-birth plan. We are oblivious to the lessons, our soul contracts, and the truths of the universe. The soul remembers, but the body is unconscious of it.


Broadly speaking, we are here to evolve as souls. But how will that evolution happen? When we know our lessons. When we connect with our soul’s infinite wisdom and the team of our guides, we awaken to our truth. We finally live in awareness of our Karma and life lessons, our purpose, and the true meaning of life.


Isn’t that what we all silently long for? This is why living consciously is important. This is why Automatic Writing is important.


2. To live in the power of our purpose

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Talking about waking up from the mind slumber, many of us fall into depression because of living without purpose. But the big existential question lingering for centuries is, what is our life purpose? Why are we here?


Given that Automatic Writing is a modality to get in touch with Higher Level Guidance- your guides, angels, and soul wisdom, you can come into awareness of that purpose.


Take it from me, living in the power of that purpose will not be a walk in the park. There will be learning. You will need the courage to stand tall for that purpose. But I promise you, it will be worth it. It will be the song of your soul. It will be your contribution to the Collective.


If you resonate with being a healer and a teacher, being an Automatic Writing Practitioner might be for you. I encourage you to explore our module on the same!


3. To put an end to repeating confusing patterns

What if I told you that your relationships, situations, and challenges aren’t coincidental? You must have wondered why a particular person came into your life, or why you went through a certain situation. The seekers can find answers through Automatic Writing.


Your guides bring you awareness of your lessons so you can break out of confusing and painful patterns. Live in the strength of your lessons instead of being a victim of repeated patterns.


4. To live in the power of our third eye

Our third eye helps us see beyond the veil. In simple terms, what we cannot normally see because it’s not tangible, we can perceive through our mind’s invisible eye.


This third eye or Ajna Chakra is an energy point that is linked with our INTUITION. Living in the power of your third eye means living intuitively, and living as a spiritually awakened person.


It’s not that our third eye gets shut, but over time, it gets veiled by conditioning, unawareness of Karmic lessons, moving away from our purpose, and more. Through Automatic Writing, you can strengthen your third eye, and live in its astounding power.


5. To strengthen our relationships

Let’s accept it, it all boils down to awareness, right? Your life will take a 360-degree turn with the correct practice of Automatic Writing, and why? Because then you will not be shooting in the dark.


You will know the WHYs behind your family, your partners, your friendships, your work relationships, and more.


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Accepting the truth of a relationship is the pathway to strengthening it. Automatic Writing is one of the most potent techniques for that level of guidance and awareness.



Timeless Tips:

  • When you practice Automatic Writing or are connecting with your guides, it’s best to ask clear-cut questions to avoid vagueness. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance.
  •  Let that mind chatter go. Empty your mind. Relax as much as possible before connecting with higher-level guidance.


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Today, you don’t need to run to the Himalayas to spark a connection with the divine. You don’t necessarily need to be a monk to live in your spiritual power.


Thanks to technology and growing awareness, we can access even the most ancient of spiritual tools and advance on our spiritual journeys.


Are you ready to be guided, to move out of your limited boxes, and live in your purpose? Reach out and hop on an experiential journey of Automatic Writing with Soul Miracles.

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