Soulmates and the Akashic Records

This is the story of two lovers- Maya and Akash, who knew each other from many lives and came face to face yet again in this one. This story is a powerful case study from my Akashic Records healing experience.


What are the Akashic Records? 

You may be aware that the Akashic records are the sum total of our experiences and choices in any lifetime.


The records exist as a library (in energetic form) and have information about all the lives we have ever lived, the choices we made, and the karma we created. They are a source of infinite wisdom and help us to live our purpose.


Soulmates and the Akashic Records is a subject I have worked on deeply. I am always fascinated by the way souls come together as soulmates to help each other learn and grow.


Have you ever felt an irresistible pull toward someone? Have you felt that you have known this person from past lives? That though you may have met for the first time, you “know” them in your heart? Well, chances are that you are meeting your soulmate in this life.


Soulmates are souls we have been connected to throughout our lifetimes. They have been an important part of our past lives. They could have been our lover, friend, mother, or sibling in that life. Past life regressions can reveal your soulmates too. 


Souls often take birth together lifetime after lifetime, in order to reduce their karmic debt and to learn their lessons. The job of a soulmate is to show us the darkest part of our life, where we can grow.


Obviously, this area is painful for us and hence we have a “painful relationship” with that person. But that is also how we grow, through learning their lessons.


Let’s now come to the story of Maya and Akash (names changed to protect privacy).


Two years ago, Maya came to me feeling broken, lost, and bitter. She told me that she had always felt that no one loved her, no one cared and she was unable to attract true love. She was so depressed and bitter that she tried to take her life twice before she decided to find a way out.


Maya was born to rich parents who could afford anything she wanted. However, she grew up in a family that fought a lot. Her only sibling was depressed and on drugs, so he was not available as well. At a young age, she was sent to a boarding school that further distanced her from her family.


Yearning for love, she tried to make friends but was shunned as other girls were jealous of her looks and privileged background. Lonely and desperate, she would pray to God to send that “special someone” into her life.


Fast forward 8 years, and she met Akash. It was love at first sight. Though Akash was 5 years elder than her, they both were very attracted and had intense feelings for each other.


Their working environment got them closer and they began to spend a lot of their time together. It was a wonderful period for Maya, who finally felt that she had found love in her life.


After a period of two years, imagine her shock when she accidentally found that Akash had been lying to her all along- he was already married to someone else!


Maya felt betrayed, cheated, and very angry. Her faith in God was shattered and she was inconsolable. The most beautiful relationship of her life turned out to be the one that caused immeasurable hurt. There were bouts of blame, shouting, crying, and begging him to leave his wife and spend his life with her. 


This was rejected outright by Akash, who clearly told her that he would not leave his marriage. Maya was miserable. The worst was that despite being humiliated, she was unable to move on.


She would daydream about the time she had spent with Akash and however hard she tried, it seemed an invisible bond kept her connected to him.


The Truth Finally Came Out 

When she came to me, she was disheartened and angry at herself for not being able to resist meeting him even after the breakup. She had tried to take her life twice in that period. We started to look at her patterns and her Akashic Records.


The answer obviously lay beyond what could be seen with the naked eye. Going deeper, we agreed that her pattern was to attract unavailable people. Starting with her parents, her sibling, and her boyfriend- all seemed to give her the same treatment. What was the reason?


The Akashic Records Guides were able to help us here. They showed us that this was one of her past life lessons- she needed to honor herself first before she could attract a stable relationship.


Her parents, brother, and Akash – all were giving her the ground to learn this valuable lesson. But because she wasn’t aware of this, she kept blaming them and felt like she was being punished for something and not loved.


Additionally, she was carrying an unfulfilled contract with Akash for another lifetime. That was the reason for intense attraction in the first place. This contract can hold two souls together lifetime after lifetime.


Every soul has a choice to let go of this contract (in the fifth dimension), or carry that unresolved energy into their next life. Whatever the choice may be, the souls will come face to face in their new life- just like it happened with Maya and Akash.


The pull, the attraction was there. However, Akash chose not to honor the contract and that left Maya confused and bitter.


The wisdom of the Akashic Records guides told me that Maya was now to learn her lesson – unconditional love for her own self. And she had chosen Akash and her parents before that to create the right circumstances for her to learn that.


Since she did not understand this fully, she blamed them and felt like a victim, feeling that no one really cared for her and she was not destined to find true love.


We Choose It All In Our Soul’s Plan

The moment Maya was able to understand this and see her past lives through her Akashic Records, the veil lifted for her. She was able to comprehend why her soul had chosen these people, especially Akash as her soulmate. The choice now was hers.


From feeling like a victim, she felt that she was back in power. She chose to forgive Akash, knowing that he was as free as her to make his own choices in this life (though he carried the energy of attraction from another life).


He was her soulmate indeed, who taught her a very important soul lesson- unconditional love for her own self.


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Now came the question of clearing the residual energy of this unresolved contract. This was done in the presence of Angels and guides during the Akashic Records Reading, after which the client always experiences a feeling of peace, freedom, and empowerment.


Soulmates are invaluable. They come into our life for a reason- and the wisdom of the Akashic Records helps us know that reason and turn it into one of the most beautiful relationships of our life.


Maya is happily married today and so is Akash. They were able to release the unresolved bitter energy from their Akashic Records and move on with freedom and clarity.


If you have relationships that confuse or pain you, do take a look at your Akashic Records. The answers will definitely lie there. Stay blessed!


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  1. I reckon I would do some Akashic Records clearing if I chance a meeting with my soul mate. I am currently going through some pretty rough stuff, and it would do a great deal of good to clear some of the negative energies surrounding me. Akashic Records is the perfect way to remove blockages from our past and present lives.

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