My Brush With Death

My past life story

I am sharing with you today one of the most vivid and surreal experiences I had last night. This is my past life story that needs to be out. 


The reason for sharing this personal bit of my story is that the Masters tell me that each one of you who is reading this is meant to. This is for you as much as it was for me.


As I slept last night, I experienced a vivid past life through my third eye. All my senses were alive.


My past life story


My Past Life Story on Another Continent… 

I saw myself in France in the year 1404 as a young woman with a 7-year-old son (who is currently my son in this life). I was from the Royal family and stayed in a large fortress. The fortress was connected to tunnels and towers and the whole kingdom was huge. 


My husband was a rich king and we lived in luxury. High-ceilinged halls were lined with treasures (and books- still my favorite in this life) and there was wealth everywhere. All of this was seen by me as a backdrop to the horror story yet to come.


This past life wasn’t easy for me to look at. 


The scene opened with some sort of war. It was pitch dark at night and the fortress was under attack. I had no idea where my husband was, but I knew that I had to save our lives.


There were shouts and soldiers were running everywhere. The loyal soldiers had been killed, and now they were gunning for us.


I was running for our lives, with my son in my arms. The heavy dress that I wore slowed me down, but there was no time to change or prepare ourselves in any way.


The attackers were everywhere, and the leader of the gang was a huge lady who wanted to kill us at any cost. To my surprise, this lady was part of our kingdom and not an external enemy (sounds familiar? Backstabbing at its best)


The feeling of knowing that the end is near made me run faster, hide, attack, sob, and reassure my child. I can still feel his weight in my arms, and we fled from tower to tower praying for safety.


“Where is God,” I thought. Why do we need to suffer like this?” Tears streamed down my face and I kept cursing the fates.


“Can you not spare my baby at least”, I cried. My knees were about to give up and yet the end would not come.


I will spare you the sheer agony of the terror and injustice I felt throughout. I felt cheated, desperate, and furious at not being able to save my own child. Shouting for help, and yelling, I ran from one tower to another trying desperately to save my son’s life.


(Perhaps that is why I feel very protective of him in this life too. Since he was born, I have always felt like I need to save him).


My Brush with Death

At the end of it, when I was sure that we could not hide or escape, I decided to end it gracefully.


I saw myself entering a room and laying him down calmly on a bed. I lay down next to him and gently explained to him what we were going to do. I wonder how, at that age, he was able to fully understand what his mother wanted him to do.


Imagine asking your own child to die. The sheer agony of it cannot be expressed by any mother in words.


I instructed him to slowly leave the breath out of each organ and slowly leave the body. I had tears running down my face as I saw this scene (in this life and my pillow was wet, yet I was there in that life too).


The seven-year-old boy didn’t even flinch. He looked at me calmly (and that is the core of him even today) and reassured me that he will follow my instructions.


He had only one question in his eyes “What about you Mumma?


I nodded and explained that I will leave my body too along with him. It was the most heartbreaking time I have witnessed. Asking your own child to die is not an experience I wish on anyone.


As we both lay down and started the process, I could make out that his little body was almost gone. But we were not even left in peace then.


Suddenly, the door burst open and the lady attacked us. She was adamant to harm my child.


I was half gone but could not let her harm my son who was not yet passed over. I saw myself raise my right arm with strength, I didn’t know I was possessed, I dug into her throat and killed her with my bare hand (all the time I was lying down).


I recall using breathwork then. She was shocked and started to bleed all over. Slowly, I noticed that she died seconds before I did.


Waves of hatred, anger, and loneliness crept on me in my last moments.


The extent of hatred I felt for her was so strong I felt I would die of that only.


By then, my son had passed over and was holding out his hand to me. With tears streaming down my face, I left my body. Simultaneously, the lady left her body too.


The three souls left Earth together and started their journey toward the Spirit World.


Lying in my bed, I was sobbing by now, yet not awake (in this life). I wanted hell for her. I wanted more than hell for this monster. But strangely, as I became the Soul that had departed, I noticed that all three of us felt calmness and peace.


Now this part of me that is writing this and was experiencing this was not at peace at all after witnessing my son’s tragic death. I wanted answers and I wanted them from the Masters- NOW.


Adamantly, I rose up from my body and went to the Master to demand an explanation. By then the Souls had not reached their Akashic Records, they were still standing with the Masters, waiting for their conversation.


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My conversation with the Master:

Me: How could you do this? I am shocked, angry, furious. Why did you show me all this?


Masters: For two reasons. One, you need to share this experience with the world.


They need to hear this story to know that everything is transitory. We all play roles in each life and that is what it is. So, don’t take things personally. Even if they seem hideous and unfair, it is just a role.


Secondly, at the speed you are ascending, you will experience more and more of all the lives you have lived. The veil is thinning.


Actually, there is no veil. Time is a concept for people on the third dimension. We want you to see where your insecurity comes from (this is regarding my son).


Me: How could you stand there and do nothing while we were struggling? We had to die for God’s sake! Is there no mercy? (Notice that this is how we feel sometimes in our lives even now)


Masters: Everything has been planned by you. It is just an experience. It is like taking a scary ride or a roller coaster in an amusement park. You buy the ticket, you sit in it, then you blame the ride. You chose it!


Me: Yes, yes, I know that in theory. But this- why would I will my own child to die?


Masters: Death has been chosen by you. There are 3 exits for each one of you. You can choose any of them, the soul decides a few days before it is to happen.


Some deaths clear karmic baggage, some people hang in because they don’t know what to choose and some decide swiftly. Your son and you decided to leave together. You have been soulmates in many lives. Look into his eyes and see the calmness and the total trust.


Soulmates need not be romantic only. They are the oldest souls who have supported you in every way and sometimes, you learn lessons together. Dying is just an experience. Just because you don’t see the body, you feel people have left you.


What a strange concept! The soul is eternal and we have been trying to tell you all this. Yet you mourn the change of stage- it is very strange for us.


Me: And where was my husband?


Masters: That is the thing. We all have our own journeys. These relationships that you create are roles. With or without, you are your own person.

No one has the responsibility of saving you or living your soul plan. So stop being sad about being lonely. There are enough soulmates for each one of you, and not all need to be romantic.


Me: I felt nothing for that lady once we all died. But I hate her! (the last part coming from me in this world)


Masters: Truly? Do you hate her? Look at your soul. What do you see?


Me: Sigh. Calmness and Love. But it’s not fair (Notice that I still want to blame, just like we all do).


Masters: The Soul understands that it is eternal. Blame, shame, guilt, fear, and sadness are emotions that you learn from the third dimension. The moment you leave your body, you leave all that. But we ask- why can’t you leave it WHILE in the body? It will make things so much easier for you all.


Me: What should I do with this experience?


Masters: Share it in your book. Share it with others.


Some will understand, they are looking for this but are not yet ready to see it themselves. They are lost, looking for answers. Wondering. Some haven’t slept for nights, looking for answers. Some are going through a very rough patch and need to read this.


Some are on the verge of ascension, some are on the path. Many will see a shift in the next 21 days and they must share it with others too, so the chain continues.


Me: Darkness has always prevailed? Will there be Light ever?


Masters: Without darkness, you cannot see the Light little one. The problem is that humans get stuck in the darkness. Make it a habit to notice the Light. We feel sad when we cry and when we feel broken. For there is no such thing as separation, no such thing as sadness. It is all an experience and it will all change. But change also makes you unhappy!


You are like a river- you will always flow. Else you will stagnate. Sometimes, we need to push you to move (which you see as a rough patch). Well, it is like giving you a helping hand you see.


Grow. Grow every second. Learn. From everyone and everything. Nothing lasts forever. It is all transitory. Everything is just an experience. If there is one last thing we would like to say, it will be – DITCH the WHY. It keeps you busy searching for darkness.


The answer to why is that you chose it as part of your soul contract. Learn from it.


Have the universe in your heart, courage in your eyes, and trust the process. Have faith. We have your back. Now go, share this.


If you have ever thought to yourself, “how to know my past life?”, Akashic Records is the way to go. The answers and clarity you will get will be unmatchable. I guarantee you that.  


Manmeet – in conversation with the Masters. 

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  1. I never knew past lives could impact our way of life in the present. It is indeed an intriguing subject of discussion for ardent believers. It should be at least piquant enough for staunch skeptics to draw based arguments. On a personal note, I think everybody ought to, at least once, try to have their Akashic records read to lead a guided life.

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