Can we develop our Intuition! Part one – taking a step into this world…

Lizzie often feels that when she’s talking to people. She can sense in the pit of her stomach if the other person is being completely open and honest with her.


She has tested this and found it to be true. At other times Lizzie has just chosen to ignore this feeling. Later found out that she should have listened to her ‘pit of the stomach’ feeling.Her intuition  is  found always right.


Mark is a commercial artist and works for a leading advertising company. several times he has experienced a wave of ideas beyond the brief that he was given while working on a project.


Every time he implemented those waves of ideas, he has received a standing ovation. And he’s also noticed that because of stress or because of the lack of time.


If he ended up ignoring what was coming to him in that moment. His account director or the client have turned around and said to Mark, that “this is not your usual creative best”.


Each one of you reading this blog have had situations. Like this, where you had a feeling, a twitch, a flash of thoughts, is sudden realization, intuition etc. Sometimes you have chosen to follow this feeling under the times you’ve just ignored it.


In quite simple terms this phenomenon of getting a flash or feeling or thoughts, is referred to as intuition.

Again, in very simple terms an intuition is like an inner guidance. A compass that is operating for us, from the inside of us. An intuition can bring us a warning at times and at other times it can be a signal for us to follow what we want to do.


An intuition can also be a path breaking idea when we are working on a project or a task. It can also be a way to solve a problem or to avoid getting into a problem.


And intuition is normally a sudden realization.  There is no prior knowledge or skill or background to why we are being told what we are being told. And this is what makes an intuition often uncanny for people and also difficult for them to practice.


We are all born with this power. we all have a connection to what’s referred to as the higher consciousness and the universal consciousness. With this connection every now and then it is absolutely possible for us .


To become aware of something that till the very previous second was not in our awareness. The more we are relaxed, the greater the chances of having an awareness like this. The more we listen to this awareness and test it out the greater the chances of developing this awareness.


So, if intuition is really an immensely powerful awareness then it is absolutely possible for us to develop it and take it to a very potent level.


What to do:

One of the simplest things for you to do is, in a positive state of mind sit and meditate on what your body. And what your environment is telling you through energy signals. Sometimes it’s important to learn these kinds of meditations from a good teacher.


It is also important that you avoid doing meditation. Whenever you are in a negative state of mind because that can circulate the unwanted unnecessary energy further in your body.


Regular exercise and good diet also help you to keep your mind calm. Which further increases your chances to have a good awareness or intuitive guidance that your body is giving you.


 Way to develop your intuition is to start listening to these signals that you keep getting. So next time when you’re driving. And something tells you that you should turn left, actually turn left and discovered what comes up.


Next time you are in the grocery store and something tells you that you should buy a different brand of juice, buy it. When you’re about to step out of your house to go meet friends .And something tells you that you should not step out of the house today; listen.


To this feeling and examine what comes up because of this feeling. This is called trusting the intangible energy that you are experiencing. The more you develop trust on your ability to access and listen to these signals.


The more your body will start getting a tuned. Like a radar or an antenna to catch these signals that your environment is constantly giving you.


Ultimately remember, intuition is really an immensely powerful awareness. Then it is absolutely possible for us to develop it and take it to a very potent level.

Do follow this series because I am going to keep writing further about this topic. To help you explore and establish these ideas and at advanced stages .


I am also going to write a little bit about bigger psychic capabilities that are out there for you to explore. These are some of the concepts that I also teach in the programs at Soul Miracles.

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