7 Awesome Ways Akashic Records Can Transform Your Life

Do you often wake up at night with vivid dreams of your past life? Have you ever asked yourself why you manifest a complex life? Are you struggling with your relationships and money?


Is negative energy taking a toll on your mental and emotional well-being? Akashic Records are the answer to your life’s “why” questions. Take a journey through your ‘self’. Know the purpose of your life.


Akashic healing takes you on a journey through your past life. You experience soul learning free from toxic thoughts, fears, negative energy etc. which is a key to discover present and future potential. Before I can tell you how you can benefit from Akashic records reading, let me tell you what Akashic Records mean.


What Are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are the books of all your past lives. Right from your first life till now, all lives are written about in these books.


This means that all your feelings, actions, deeds, promises and thoughts from each lifetime are recorded in the book of Akashic Records. What is the purpose of our life? We can easily get our answers from these books.

Why Are Akashic Records Important?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain.

That’s where Akashic Records come into the picture. Akashic Records are important to:


  • Know the purpose of life
  • Discover your inner soul
  • Heal at a physical, emotional and mental level
  • Get answers to “why” questions in different areas of your life (relationships, business, etc.)
  • Clear past-life blocks, fears, anxiety and phobias that you may be facing
  • Make better choices based on soul’s wisdom
  • Identify limitless possibilities


If you are wondering what you can find from Akashic Records, a reading is recommended. You will find the most interesting things from this reading- both about your past lives and this life.


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How To Transform Your Life With Akashic Healing?

If you are in a phase of life where you are looking for deep answers to your purpose, bitter relationships, money blockages, black magic, this is the right time to know how to access Akashic Records. Accessing these records can be life-changing.


It can show you what is blocking your good fortune. Akashic healing will ensure that these blocks are removed from your Life, thus attracting more money, love and good fortune.


So, let me share how Akashic Records can transform your life:


#1. Clear Blocks and Beliefs

Akashic Records reading can help you identify core beliefs and limitations that cause problems in life. Maybe you have been carrying these blocks from a past life.


As I help you dig into these negative beliefs and situations, you will start clearing them and begin feeling confident and worthy. Akashic Healing provides the highest form of healing vibration (divine energy) that can help clear any past life trauma.


This amazing energy gets aligned with divine truth, love, power, and prosperity.


#2. Get to Know Your Life Purpose

Why are you on Earth? What is the purpose of your life?


Clear answers come from Akashic Records. These may not only help you take smaller decisions but also gives a bigger meaning to life. “I feel inclined to that person but don’t know why.”


“Is he the right person whom I should marry?” “What are my deeds and karma from past life?” Akashic Reading helps you get answers to these types of questions (and many more).


#3. Create Stronger Relationships by Knowing your Past Lives

As I discussed earlier, Akashic Records is a knowledge storehouse of all the lives you have lived. Knowing about these wonderful past lives can help you find your soulmate.


You can also understand why you have attracted some difficult relationships in your Life. You learn how to forgive and understand the Divine Plan.


Read our detailed blog on relationships and akashic records here


#4. Your Map to Make Big Decisions

Are you looking forward to making a big change in your life? Is it a good idea? Akashic Records give you the inner strength, clarity, and validation to help make the transformations you want.


#5. Discover Infinite Possibilities

Your Akashic Records is a powerhouse of deeds & beliefs from past and present and endless future possibilities. Explore these choices with me and gain clarity to make the best decision.


This healing also helps you identify how your present choices affect your life and what better choices you can make.


#6. Feel Connected with the Divine

Your records will help you experience a connection with your inner soul and to the Universe. You will feel immense joy and peace knowing that we are all connected via a divine source.


This gives you more confidence and enlightenment towards seeking the true purpose of life and taking right actions.


#7. Identify Your Soul’s Potential and Strength

Your inner soul has strengths and abilities you never knew. As you learn about it through Akashic healing, it helps to make right choices and decisions.


It provides knowledge about who you are as a wise soul. This answers the question why you are born or the purpose of your life.


Who Can Take Akashic Records Healing?

This healing is for everyone facing challenges at physical, mental and emotional level. Reading these records brings joy and happiness to life. Right from identifying the truth behind your existence and providing a healing touch, it has a powerful impact.


I would like to hear what’s bothering you at the moment the most and I’ll let you know quick ways of resolving the same. Fill the contact form and take a step forward towards Akashic records healing!

3 thoughts on “7 Awesome Ways Akashic Records Can Transform Your Life”

  1. The first time I heard about Akashic Records, my usual cynical self was unusually not cynical. Instead, I was drawn to know more about it. I did countless research, read books written by Linda Howe, watched videos of Dr. Manmit Kumarr, and tried to understand the patterns in my life.

    If getting to know about Akashic Records can be intriguing, then how would we feel when we’re actually inside them?

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