Who Is a Psychic? Truths & Myths Answered

Never in my life did I imagine that I would need to introduce myself as a Psychic or have the gift of Clairvoyance! Having been raised in an Army family, with a degree in Science followed by Business Administration, this world of wonder and magic was as far from me as the Moon!


But here I am, a Psychic and a Medium, an Akashic Records practitioner and more, sitting in complete surrender and gratitude to the Universe for having shown me my Soul Path. So, who is a Psychic?


A Psychic is a person who is gifted with the ability to connect to the Universe, and get messages for clients, to help them. It is someone who helps people understand more about themselves, about their situations and shows them different ways to handle their challenges.


Most people find it strange- but the truth is that the future is not actually set in stone! The future is a dynamic combination of a person’s current energy, their destiny and Life Path and the choices that they have made in the past. And yes, the future can be altered to an extent if the energy of the client alters.


When Psychics read the “future”, they read the possibilities that exist in the future- based on the client’s current energy. That is the reason why a Psychic shows the client multiple possibilities, and walks them through these various options.


What the client chooses ultimately, is his own choice. It is the job of a Psychic to help people come to awareness of their options, and choose options that can help them create a better future. Psychics open a world of possibilities for their clients.



When a person asks a question, the channel of energy opens in the Psychic’s mind. This is like a bridge between the Universe and the mind of a Psychic.


This channel helps the Psychic understand what options exist for the client, and how can they tap into the best possible option. Psychics generally use all 5 senses to get these messages. This process is also called “channelling”.



Psychics can help you with decisions regarding your Career, Love, Relationships, Health, Money, family members and Life path are areas that a Psychic can help you with.



Although through their connection with the Universe and your Spirit Guides, Psychics get a clear sense of most things, I personally do not answer questions related to lifespan, certain terminal illnesses or accessing anyone else without permission.


  • Life span related issues are the choice of the Soul at the deepest level- we all get 3 exits to leave this world, and it is the choice of the soul when they would like to exit.
  • Health is a manifestation of emotional trauma or karmic bondage (the terminal illnesses) and therefore not something I like to read about in my sessions. I do work with terminal patients, but that is from a perspective of clearing their Akashic Records, offering support, clarity and guidance in their last days.
  • When people ask Psychics to “channel” other people (it could be a family member or a lover) without permission, it is regarded as a breach of privacy and trust on both sides. Much as you may want to know what is going on in someone’s head, no good Psychic will agree to breach that boundary without permission.



A Psychic gets a clear impression about the possibilities that exist in the future. Depending on what the gift is, he can “see” (Clairvoyance) or get messages through his other senses (Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience)



A Psychic is someone who can channel messages for a client about his future and past lives. They open up possibilities for clients to take an informed decision about their future choices.


A Medium is a gifted person who can speak with souls of departed ones. Personally, I speak to spirits that have passed into the Light.


This is meant for people who have lost their family members in a tragic death, accident or illness. Sometimes, cases of suicides and sudden death leave an unclosed loop for the grieving family.



  • Many psychics can get messages through communicating with their own Spirit Guides. They prefer to remain in their own energy field while doing the reading.
  • Some psychics enter the client’s energy field. They can hold the client’s hand, hold something that the client wears in their hand (like a watch or a ring).



Being a Psychic is a gift that usually unfolds through Spiritual Awakening. You can be a Psychic too. We are all Psychics at a certain level. We have the hardware, and a sense of “intuition”.


This simple intuition can be sharpened and honed through the process of Automatic Writing, that can teach you to be a basic Psychic. For more details, please read about this service HERE.



After the reading, you have clarity about possible options are available to you in the future, and what would pair well with your Life path.


You can think more about these options, and create a deliberate path to achieve some of the things you want. If you would like to change certain relationships/take your career to the next level/create changes and build the life you wanted, you can read more here…


Some Interesting Misconceptions About Psychic And The Truth Behind It

  1. Psychics can read your mind. A good Psychic would never read anyone’s mind without permission. The code of ethics in the Spirit World is high, and psychics will not cross this boundary.
  2. Psychic predictions are always true and accurate. In my awareness, most Psychics work with a 80% or so accuracy. This is also because the future is a mix of free will and destiny. For example (this is an extreme example, but sharing it to drive home the point) A client goes and asks about his life span, and let’s say the Psychic feels it will be between 70-80 years. However, out of free will, the client may choose to end his life the very next day. Does it mean that the prediction was wrong? Like I said, free-will supersedes a lot of things.
  3. Can Psychics use their gift in winning lotteries. There are two things at play here. Firstly, that being a Psychic is a gift that is used for the right reasons. Secondly, lottery numbers get decided at the last moment, and involve a complex permutation and combination of numbers. A Psychic cannot see that in advance.
  4. Psychics can cause you harm. Psychics understand karma and the Universal Laws more than most people, and would certainly not go on that route. The basic job of a Psychic is to empower you, not incite fear. If anyone does that, steer clear.


A Good And Reputable Psychic Will

  • Empower you with possibilities and help you make choices about your future
  • Never agree on “reading” someone who is not present, without their permission
  • Have a scheduled reading and will communicate prices in advance
  • Not try to sell you something under the garb of “protection” from evil or bad things
  • Never threaten to harm you or give that impression
  • Will have a reputed testimonial list, and happy to share references of people they have helped.
  • Limit the number of visits for readings, to avoid co-dependency.
  • Encourage you to learn about techniques that will empower you


Our life is an interesting mix of Free-Will and Destiny, but more on that in my upcoming blog. For now, if you are feeling “stuck” in life and things seem not to be moving for you, maybe it’s time to tap into the world of magic, wonder and possibilities!


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  1. This is a new area of interest for me. My knowledge of psychics or mediumship is limited to watching horror movies, which is not always a reliable source of accurate information. The article gives profound insights into the subject.

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