You Can Identify Your Spirit Guides Through Automatic Writing

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Have you ever wondered how you can identify the spiritual energies that guide you in this life? Enters Automatic Writing is THE way.


But before that, take this journey with us.


Take a deep breath and visualize this: You came down on this beautiful, fertile planet called Earth to live a human life. This human life acts as a vehicle for your soul to evolve, and that evolution takes place through lessons. 



Before birthing, a soul plan is charted out for each soul. However, we forget that plan as a human- in order to discover our way, and learn our lessons. Each one of us is an explorer and a learner on Earth. Hence, we have been assigned a team of spirit guides to guide us on our life exploration & learning journey. 


But, as humans, we falter in our ways. We experience grief, loss, or other trauma/challenges, and we start to find solace outwards instead of inwards. We get into addictions, we develop anger issues, we start experiencing panic and anxiety, and we lose track. 


But what if, instead of shooting in the dark, we could live a guided life? A life where we can understand our life situations and know the wisdom in them? A life where we live in the counsel of our guides and angels? 



Truth be told, our spirit guides leave signs of guidance all around us. And, there are many ways to identify those signs. However, Automatic Writing is one of the most ancient and powerful tools to both identify and connect with our team of guides and understand those signs.


Here’s how to identify and connect with your spirit guides with Automatic Writing: 


1. Relax yourself and set the intention to connect with your spirit guides

Wise seekers, when you are Automatic Writing, you are channeling information from your guides and angels. You are penning this information down without the manipulation of your conscious mind. To allow this process to flow smoothly, relax yourself as much as possible. Deep breaths, affirmations, chanting, meditation, and making your surroundings peaceful will aid you. 


Let the universe know you are willing to connect with your guides. This intention-setting will prove to be very powerful because of the energy you put into it.


2. Lose the subconscious resistance 

Our ego loves to judge us. You may notice judgment coming through when you set the intentions of meeting your guides or are penning down the guidance provided by them. Assure yourself that you are safe, protected, and worthy of guidance. Approach everything with love. 


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3. There is more than one way to know that your guides are around 

Some of you may feel their presence, some of you may see colors, some of you may hear names, some of you may see an actual image, and some of you may just know that your guides are around. All of this depends upon which of your senses is the most heightened. But once you have entered that stage of trance, and the information is flowing through, flow with it, instead of against it. 


4. Ask for clear-cut messages during Automatic Writing

Avoid vagueness. Don’t shy away from asking for guidance from your spirit team. Go ahead and address your concerns. Some instances could be: 


“Should I move to this/that country?”


“Should I quit my current job and start a business?”


“Will my child gain success with their current career choices?”


“What is my life purpose?”


“Why am I in an abusive relationship? What can I do about it?” 


Flow with the flow of guidance and expect an answer from your SOUL PERSPECTIVE. Your spirit guides want you to learn your soul lessons, and that is the direction they will guide you toward.


 5. Know how to identify the messages 

Universal guidance has 3 main identifying features: 

  • Universal guidance is inclusive. It doesn’t point you toward seclusion or isolation. Your mind does that. 


Look at these two sentences : 

A) Keep your circle small.


B)Look at the other person how you would look at yourself. However, know your boundaries. 


B) is universal guidance, while A) is the interference of a socially conditioned mind. 


  • Messages from your guides/angels/higher self will always have a tone of expansion. The easiest way to know that a particular message is from your guides is to look at it from the perspective of “Is this helping me expand?”. 
  • The universe doesn’t give fear-based messages. Our mind does that. Guidance from the universe will always give you space and time to analyze your current situation and make a choice out of your free will.  


There is nothing wrong with being completely engrossed in writing. In fact, if you are doing it right, you most likely will flow in the writing.


We recommend pursuing Automatic Writing for the first time with a trusted coach, as they can guide you through your subconscious resistance, through your unique Clair senses(psychic abilities), and more.


Once you are familiar with the process, keep at it and experience your life like the guided journey it is supposed to be!    


When you want to look at your life from a spiritual lens, Automatic Writing is the way to go!   

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