Subconscious Resistance

Me: Did you take your stress remedy on time? 4 times a day?
Client: Oh no, I forgot.
Me: ok, did you get up on time and do your meditation?
Client: (Groans) actually, err…my job…it takes a lot of time, I’m unable to get up in the morning.
Me: (Thinking to myself- I haven’t motivated enough, I haven’t shown them how easy life could be if they just did some small things).


Plan a session, a detailed one.
We talk to Guides, we stress the importance of Channeling in the morning.
We talk about how Bach Flower remedies can reduce stress…blah blah.
Session done.
People motivated.
2 weeks later.

Me: so, how’s it going?
Client: so so.
Me: How is the stress level? Did your remedy get over?
Client: no, it’s still left.
Me: how come?
Client: you see, a new project has come up. Plus my daughter wasn’t well….and so on ….the same story, different reasons
I’m baffled.


I would take it upon myself, this lack of initiative and unwillingness to act.

I channelled my Spirit Guide and was informed about the concept of SUBCONSCIOUS RESISTANCE.

It is when our inner mind (ego) doesn’t want to admit a change. Any change. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for the good or not.

The files stored in our subconscious mind are kept in place strongly by our Ego Mind. So strongly that nothing short of the deepest resolve can shake it.

What people construe as procrastination is actually SUBCONSCIOUS RESISTANCE.

Our Ego believes that things have been going on fine every without this new workshop, learning, course or medicine.

That’s why children are also taught through repetition. We yawn when we learn something new. It’s basic conditioning.
“I want to do it BUT…..”



Either you want it or you don’t.
How to resolve this: (Another of my attempts to break this for some of you! )


  • Ask yourself WHY you are making this change/ learning/ taking this remedy/ developing a new habit.
  • The WHY is very important. If this is sorted, and it makes sense, chances are high you will do it.
  • Sell the idea to yourself till you are sold on it. Imagine pitching this to another person, do this with all you have!
  • Remind yourself of what could be the consequences if you do not do this. Paint a dire picture!
  • Make small goals. Tell yourself you will do it just for today. It’s easier on the mind.
    Whatever you do, don’t linger with something fir weeks…either resolve the resistance and go for it, or drop it. Not everything has space in your life. But FREE YOURSELF.


Have a conversation with yourself today.
You deserve a FREE MIND and a HAPPY HEART. It’s just one life, declutter it!

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  1. The blog sheds light on how subconscious barriers and social conditioning can hinder personal growth. Practical tips for identifying and overcoming resistance make it a valuable guide for anyone navigating self-improvement.

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