Are You Aware That You Are a Vibrational Being?

spiritual vibrations in body

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


― Nikola Tesla


You must have heard vibrations and spirituality together a lot.


What is the relevance of ‘vibrations’ in Spirituality?


Let’s find out.


Have you ever had an argument with someone and immediately felt low and heavy? Or you go for a walk and instantly felt a positive shift in your energy. The reason behind this ‘feeling’ is the vibrations of a particular surrounding, person, or a living/non-living object, and how they communicate with us.


The way vibrations speak to us, and the way we respond to them is actually quite fascinating and goes on to prove how impactful energies are.


But what does vibration mean, and what is its role?

One of the most revolutionary figures of our world, Sir Albert Einstein said,

“Everything in life is vibration.”

People, places, animals, our possessions, our thoughts – all have vibrations. Even our emotions like love, envy, joy, and anger, each have a frequency on which it vibrates.


spiritual vibrations and frequencies


These vibrations play a tremendous role in our lives because what we feed expands. This applies to everything- from gratitude to charity to judgment to love, and more.


So what do low vibrations feel like and why do we experience them?

Low vibrations manifest in our bodies as anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, and other not-so-positive feelings. In fact, we may also feel fatigued, burnout, or have a sense of purposelessness. Our body confirms this energy as the idea of ‘not feeling right’.


A bad incident like a loss of some sort may have knocked you off, or you came in touch with someone, someplace, or something in a low vibration, and absorbed that foreign energy.


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Remember that it is ALWAYS possible to raise your vibration.


As I said, vibrations work in a very simple manner. Whatever we feed, is bound to expand. We are beings of free will, and hence, we play an immensely powerful role in co-creating our realities. Keeping our vibrations high is a tool to create the life we wish for ourselves.


Does Spirituality Play An Important Role In Our Vibrational Existence? How?

One of the main aims of spirituality is liberating us from the limited boxes we have been put into, because of decades and decades of conditioning. Where there has been shame, there can be acceptance.


Where there has been guilt, there can be forgiveness. Where there has been apathy, there can be love. In fact, it is possible to shift our vibration at a cellular level, since we are composed of molecules that constantly vibrate within.


It should never be our goal to deny or villainize any vibrations. Feeling angry, frustrated, guilty, or other low emotions and thoughts are as much a part of being human as anything else. Especially when we are sick, we may fall into low vibrational energies. But, the goal is Awareness.


If you are in a low vibration, you can acknowledge that, give some love to yourself, and raise your vibration. If you are in a low vibration, you can acknowledge that, give some love to yourself, and raise your vibration.


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As spiritual beings, we can elevate our frequencies by working with abundant universal tools. These spiritual tools help us ground our energy, but that’s not it.


They even elevate us to the point of receiving divine guidance on our life purpose. Dive deeper into how spirituality can help us raise our vibration in the upcoming blog post!


In this vast web of vibrational energies that we call the universe, which one are you embodying today?



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