Riya’s Akashic Records Told the Truth About Her Mother

This is the story of a Karmic Relationship that had been going on for 300 years. Riya is a 29-year-old IT professional who contacted us for an Akashic Records reading after a Facebook forward from her friend.


A Mother-Daughter Relationship That Was Like No Other…


Riya’s father passed away when she was 5 years old. Her mother raised her alone. But, her relationship with her mother was very difficult and left no room to breathe. Ever since Riya was young, her mother had controlled every aspect of her life.


Even when she was well in her teen years, her mother decided her sleeping/waking time, what and when she could eat, what she could wear, and who she could talk to.


15 years old, and Riya had no say in what she could eat.


When she was 18 and started going to college, Riya still shivered at the idea of bringing a friend home without discussing it with her mother first.


This was an emotionally abusive relationship. Physical abuse was rare but not off the table. When someone controls you all your life, you don’t really know how to take independent decisions.


Riya had actually believed for a very long time that she was incapable of making her own decisions, that her life would collapse if not dictated by her mother.


Her mother showed an acute fear of abandonment whenever Riya tried to take her own decision. She manipulated Riya into feeling guilty and ashamed every time she tried to stand up for herself.


This brought Riya to the Akashic Records

Riya and Rajan worked at the same IT company for 3 years. They sat adjacent to each other, had lunch together, and frequently collaborated on projects. When they turned 29, Rajan confessed her feelings for Riya and proposed to her.


Marrying her best friend was the most exciting event for Riya. However, she also knew that her mother’s fear of abandonment and control issues would not let things run smoothly.


With a lot of resistance and conflict, the marriage proposal reached fruition. Riya was set to marry 6 months after the proposal. Three months into the wedding preparations, something very serious happened.


Riya’s mother panicked at the idea of not being able to control every minute of her life. She phoned Rajan’s mother, invented stories about Riya being violent and abusive, and told her mother that she feared for their family.


Riya’s mother portrayed her own daughter as an angry and psychotic maniac. She tried very hard to break the marriage.


When the news reached Riya, she broke down. How could her own mother do this? How could her own mother try to ruin her life and her happiness? Rajan, who had known about Riya’s mother’s control issues explained things to his parents but strictly told Riya to cut cords with her mother.


Riya moved in with her colleague after what was the biggest and ugliest conflict with her mother and decided to take a break from Rajan. But, it was true that she felt betrayed and heartbroken. This was when Riya got in touch with us for the Akashic Records reading.


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Hearing about her relationship with her mother, we knew off the bat that this was a karmic connection. How and why, we were yet to discover.


akashic records reader


The Truth Was On Its Way

When we conducted Riya’s Akashic Records Reading, we discovered that Riya and her mother had been chasing each other for 300 years. In 1726, the incarnations of Riya and her mother were married to each other. Riya, in that life, was the husband and cheated on her wife (mother in this life) and left her to die of a chronic illness. 


The heartbreak began in 1726 and Riya’s now mother and then wife has been trying to win over the attention, dedication, and loyalty she never got. In some sort, she has been trying to win over Riya’s love and loyalty for 300 years. They were reincarnated before this current life too, but none of them had learned their lessons. 


what happens when you access your akashic records


Her Akashic Records revealed that Riya needed to seek forgiveness from her mother’s wounded soul and also needed to forgive herself for the mistakes she did in her past lives. The truth of this Karmic connection changed Riya’s entire view of her life. 


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Healing, for both of them, was a choice now. Forgiveness was the only way out.


Do you or someone you care about is in a Karmic relationship? Knowing the truth is the first step to healing. If you want to know the truth about a relationship, an Akashic Records reading with Dr. Manmit Kumarr can help you. Feel free to reach out to us at 9811626045 or write to us at mail@manmeetkumar.com


It is possible to heal from a karmic connection. Riya is testimony to that. 

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    1. From what we know, Riya is now married to Rajan. Her mother is not fully on terms with their past life truth, but she has started to soften. Riya, however, has much acceptance of everything. She’s doing much better emotionally. Thanks for asking!

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