Automatic Writing Helped Him Discover Who He Was NOT Meant To Be

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This is Sudhir’s story of feeling betrayed by his own vision. All of his life’s work was feeling apart and so was his childhood dream. But this is also the story of Sudhir being empowered by Automatic Writing to take the path he was truly meant to take…but not without his biggest learning!


A Calling That Came Very Early On

Sudhir wouldn’t have been more than 12 years old since he started chanting his own mantra. He chanted ‘I want to be a big businessman!’, ‘I want to be a big businessman!’ more often than kids chant for new toys. He would imagine himself in his father’s blazer and pants going to work and having important discussions with people.



Lo and behold, Sudhir was 19 when he opened his first business in 2007. Over the next 9 years, Sudhir opened and shut 3 more businesses. Nothing would last longer than 2 or 3 years. Going broke, getting ditched by his partner, unexpected events leading up to losing all investment…Sudhir was going through downfalls worse than expected.


This was not what he had planned. He could feel his childhood dreams betraying him. His disappointment was so huge and consuming, he almost turned to alcoholism.


He Needed To Know the Truth

In 2019, Sudhir’s sister-in-law (our very dear Automatic Writing Practitioner) informed Sudhir about our upcoming Automatic Writing Workshop. Sudhir wasn’t the kind of person who would generally take interest in a modality like Automatic Writing.


But, he was an eye-witness to the career achievements of his sister over the past year, and something within him told him not to brush this opportunity off. Sudhir, thus, signed up for an Automatic Writing Workshop with us.


Sudhir’s main reason to attend the workshop was very clear. He wanted answers to these: ‘Why do all of my business ventures fail when owning a business has been my only vision?’, ‘Am I not on the right path? Is this some poor Karma?’


Automatic Writing Revealed Where He Was Going Wrong in His Life Purpose

During the workshop, when Sudhir channeled (received guidance and messages from higher-dimensional sources) his Spirit Guides, one of whom was the ascended Sai Baba, Sudhir got to know where he was going wrong. He got to know the truth of his Life Purpose.


Sudhir had been absolutely right about his calling being business. However, what he was doing wrong was investing himself in selling products and services he had no connection with. He never took into account that he has to actually feel love, emotional drive, and purpose toward his offerings.


His logical mind had left no space to feel things, to love what he was adding to the lives of people, and until Sudhir fell in love with his offerings, opened his heart chakra, and conducted his business from that space, he would not succeed.


His Life Path Was Different From Others


Sudhir’s life lesson was to rely less on hardcore logic and artificiality of business and his purpose was to CREATE A VALUABLE PLATFORM FROM LOVE. With faith and dedicated practice of Automatic Writing, Sudhir got guided toward the exact thing he needed to make a career in (only after mastering it himself).


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As of 2021, Sudhir is a mindfulness coach, a field he could have never thought about entering in a hundred years. He became very passionate about mindfulness and put his entire heart into understanding and mastering it.


Through Sudhir’s experience with surrealist automatic writing, he discovered a profound connection between his life purpose and the valuable life lessons he encountered. This fusion has brought him immense joy and contentment. For those seeking examples of writing systems, Sudhir’s journey serves as a compelling and inspiring testament to the power of automatic writing.


This could be you. You could be the one getting answers about what you are doing wrong in life. You could be the one being guided toward who you are really meant to be.



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If you want to gain answers to all of your questions and problems in this life, Automatic Writing is the tool for you. Soul Miracles is holding its 56th batch of Automatic Writing.


Feel free to call us at 9811626045 or write to us at for examples of writing moves and automatic thinking and our upcoming workshop for it.


Love and Blessings,

Team Soul Miracles

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