Her Akashic Records Revealed That She Is Her Own Ancestor

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Today, we are going to tell you about how Sudha healed the ancestral curse of money and liberated herself through the Akashic Records




Sudha grew up in an upper-middle-class family with a father who was a shopkeeper and a mother who owned a nail salon. She was raised with a single, most important Mantra: Save as much money as you can and spend only when needed. She feared money without even knowing about it. 


The Mantra that Sudha knew by heart was no coincidence. It was rooted in the disturbing running cycle of losing money over and over again in her family. Though Sudha’s parents were far more independent and educated than her grandparents, what they couldn’t escape was being victims of this vicious cycle. 


Money across their family would either get stolen or be spent on unforeseeable things right when profits would start to soar. Hence, their fearful mindset became their coping mechanism. Sudha studied Finance at college.


She spent 7 years of her life managing accounts of her clients and learning about finances. However, her money blockages surrounded her and healing awaited her arrival. 




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Things hit the roof at a very crucial point in Sudha’s family. Sudha and her husband had just withdrawn a 5-year long fixed deposit to pay for their son’s university fees. The next day, their kitchen caught fire damaging the entire kitchen space and everything with it.


By ‘rule’, Sudha and her husband had to spend a huge chunk of their savings for the kitchen and the rest explains itself. 


This agonizing frustration led Sudha to explore why money doesn’t stay in her family and never has, for as far as she knows of her lineage. Hence, her exploration brought her to a past life reading of her Akashic Records. 


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After Sudha got the Akashic Records Reading with us, we discovered that these disturbing money cycles are not random. They actually a consequence of an ancestral curse. In 1779, The Present Sudha was married in a very wealthy home in Punjab, but life had different plans.


Her husband and her in-laws turned out to be heavily toxic. They treated her like a housemaid, abused her whenever they saw fit, and didn’t allow her to keep any money to herself.  


The 1770s were a time and age when women did not feel empowered enough to leave toxic family dynamics. Naturally, the longer she lived, the more her hatred towards her in-laws grew until the day she was refused surgery after a head injury. 


The wealthy in-laws didn’t believe that an expense as big as the surgery was worth making on Sudha. Sudha didn’t survive long after the accident, but before dying, she cursed the entire lineage of her in-laws that they will never be able to keep the money that they so dearly hoarded.


That every important or prosperous moment will be met by a loss of money and opportunities. This curse had plagued her lineage ever since. 




Now, Sudha has returned to open her Heart Chakra to forgiveness, break the curse, and re-invite prosperity. Her Akashic Records revealed that she was her own ancestor, re-incarnated to break her own curse and liberate her lineage. 



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Thanks to her Akashic Records Reading, Sudha affirmed that the series of misfortune around money in her lineage ends with her. 


If you have some unresolved issues that are stopping you from leading a full and happy life, it’s time to find their root cause and heal them. Reach out to us for an Akashic Records Reading here

Love and Blessings! 

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