Is It Important to have a spiritual teacher if you are your own guide?

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             “ When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.” 


Should you explore the spiritual world for the right mentor, or should you trust your own heart?


Can you be your own teacher, or is it important to have a guru?


These are questions that plague many of us, and the answers are purely personal for each one.


We are always our own North Star. One of the most beautiful aspects of the 3D world we live in is our free will. Our choices, to a major extent, determine our reality. So, to count upon our own inner voice is natural. Then, why is it that so many people follow spiritual mentors?



1. A good mentor is like a lifeline:

Human beings are interdependent; social animals who are gifted with an array of experiences, and each other’s company to learn from, to depend upon. People like spiritual coaches have dedicated their gifts and skills to guide people on their journeys.


What you can learn on your own in ten years, you can learn from a spiritual teacher within probably one year.


This guidance is not only sourced from the experience of their own pains but also downloaded through their intuition. Hence, a good mentor is like a lifeline. Thats why it is important to have a guru.


2. You grow with your mentor:

Once you are on a path of Spirituality, everything is an opportunity to grow. A minute of silence can be a lightbulb moment.


A period of pain can be a lesson of immense strength. With a spiritual mentor, you get to experience this growth together. You grow as they grow. You expand through this playground we call life, together.



3. A structured approach with clear spiritual goals :

There is a lot of chaos around spirituality at the moment. A lot of heavy words are here and there, but there is no clear-cut goal or clarity around how to personalize and structure our spiritual life.


With a good spiritual mentor, you are in light of where you are going. Only why it is important to have guru.


Practices like workshops, dedicated meditations, and setting milestones can help one structure their spiritual practice.


In a world where there is a lot of craze after spiritual trends without any dedicated certifications, with a spiritual mentor, you can have a transparent picture of your growth and abilities.


4.  You have lifetime support :

Your mentor is your lifetime support. You cannot go back to a text or a video in the same way you can go back to a mentor when you are going through new lessons. The lifetime support of someone who knows you personally, and has guided you through your unique life journey is unparalleled.



5. They clarify your doubts:

It is natural to have doubts about our spiritual journey or even other people’s journeys. Information without pausing for clarity can overwhelm us.


A mentor can make sure they break information for you in ways that are easy and valuable for you and clear whatever doubts may come your way.


6. They motivate you when you get derailed :

I always talk about seeing chaos in a grateful light, because it is then when we are truly given the opportunity to elevate. But one may get derailed even when they are on a dedicated spiritual journey.


The ‘Why Me’ mentality can also derail us from ‘Thankfully, I learned from this.” A spiritual mentor, then, becomes a compass pointing towards the right direction, which is YOUR direction to freedom from limited mentality.


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7. They help you identify your personal blocks, life purpose, and life lessons :


“I don’t wish you the stroke, but I wish you the grace of the stroke.”

Ram Dass, who spoke the above lines, was a spiritual mentor. He went through a stroke, which was obviously a huge personal challenge. Not surprisingly, he found grace, lesson, and purpose within that challenge or what many would consider a block.


A spiritual mentor helps us identify and transform our personal blocks. They help us see how our life, with all its tides and turns, is a customized experience designed for purpose and lessons, so we don’t miss out on the point of Why something happened to (or for) us.


It is ultimately the grace, the passion, and the connection with the Universe that needs to be sparked in your own heart, and that is done by your Spiritual Guru- someone who has experienced this and is blessed to pass it on. And it is clearly indicate that it is important to have a guru.


How to identify if a particular spiritual teacher is for you?


If a Teacher claims you will be permanently happy after receiving their teachings, or reaches out repeatedly to keep you in a fear mentality, they’re not for you. Authentic Spiritual teachers liberate you from codependency and fear.


When I take my classes, I keep in mind that my students are office-goers, homemakers, and basically, dwellers of the modern world. Hence, they must be helped in that context. They should have value and access to those spiritual tools in their routines.


Learning liberating techniques like Automatic Writing can put you directly in touch with your Spirit Guides, and offer you the freedom of not looking at your future from the lens of Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, etc.


It is potently affirmed that Spiritual Sufficiency is the way forward and a reliable path to claiming our personal power and happiness. Choose a teacher, and later, you can learn how to be one for others. Choose a teacher, and later, you can learn how to be one for others.


Love and light,



1 thought on “Is It Important to have a spiritual teacher if you are your own guide?”

  1. Beautiful write up. Gives a lot of clarity about mentee and mentor. Because in this era of technology, we are flooded with information. YouTube, google and other social platforms are acting new gurus which have solutions for all problems or questions. But when it comes to inner world, spiritual guru is required because we don’t understand what is going on and at that time guru helps us to understand what we are going through and how to deal with it. I have gained this knowledge through my experience. If I have not met my guru at right time I would have been struggling and would have never grown and evolved as I did. I am grateful to the divine and my guru for lighting my path and giving me courage to follow it.

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