Automatic Writing Can Help In Decoding Signs From Your Spirit Guides

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A word you keep hearing/reading everywhere, feathers or coins showing up in unexpected places, a color you keep seeing again and again, or dreams that are too repetitive to simply be a coincidence…what do you think they are saying? This is the answer that Automatic Writing helps you in discovering. 


We talk all the time about different signs we get from our cosmic team, and how these signs are a form of guidance meant for us. 


But how can we decipher these particular signs or messages? How can we understand them in a less vague manner? How can we decode the exact guidance behind those messages? Automatic Writing can help us with that! 



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One of the most ancient spiritual modalities, and a powerful guiding tool for modern times, Automatic Writing can end the vagueness of universal signs for you. You can understand the signs as clear-cut messages meant for your awakening and enrichment. 


How to decode signs from your spirit guides with Automatic Writing? 


1. ASK.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t ask your guides to give you a sign that they are around while you’re Automatic Writing. Request them to make their presence known. Based on our own psychic abilities, we get confirmation. 


2. Make sure to journal very precise questions about the signs you get

Likely the signs will have some relevance to your personal life. But, don’t shy away from journaling questions like “why do I keep seeing the color blue?”  or “why do I keep dreaming about this/that place?”,  or “Why are all my jobs unfulfilling? Is my purpose to start my own business?” 


In fact, if you are trying to spark a connection with your guides, you can also journal things like, “Thank you for being here. Could I please know your name?”



3. Reflect on the messages you receive while Automatic Writing

Fear-based messages are not by your guides, however, love-based and expansion-based messages are. This can be a quick screening exercise on what messages are from your guides, and which ones are coming as an intrusion from the mind.  


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ACT on the signs and guidance you receive from your guides knowing they have your best interest in their hearts. There can only be room for one in your heart- faith or doubt. Which one are you choosing?  

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