Mediumship and Dreams: How Physical and Spiritual Realms are Connected

Dream by Dr. Manmit

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”


– Marsha Norman

Dreams are powerful portals for our departed loved ones to send messages or for your Spirit Guides to communicate with you.

I distinctly remember my first psychic dream.

It chills me to the bone even now to think about it. It was pitch dark somewhere in the woods. The trees are monstrous, towering dangerously over, like gnarled lighthouses. I am lost, looking around frantically, hoping to find a way out. That’s when I spot a ghostly figure in the distance right before me.


I’m not spooked. Instead, my heart brims with pure bliss, and I choke a tear or two. As I edge closer to the spirit, I feel it tugging my hands. The next moment, I am in my room gazing at the photograph of my grandmother, smiling ever so gently. I wake up gasping for air.


Only a week before, I had lost her to cancer. I knew in my gut that it was the ghost of my dead grandmother. It was as if she was sending messages that she would always look out for me and guard me from the perils of the deadly.

If your deceased ancestors often visit you, the chances of them trying to contact you are high. When your physical body rests, something called an astral body awakens in you to collect high energy frequencies from the fifth dimension, an abode of celestial vibrations that often manifest in dreams.

You would be surprised to know that psychic dreams aren’t as uncommon as you think. They occur frequently, and carry messages from our loved ones, that sometimes we cannot make any sense of it.


What does it mean when you dream about your ancestors?



Dreams are intuitive channels between the living and the dead. Religions worldwide, especially Hinduism, have texts littered with references to ancestral dreaming. Generally, dreaming about your ancestors indicates your deep bond with the family and respect for your heritage.

In my eight years as a psychic medium and a dream worker, I have had clients come rushing me with varying experiences of ancestral dreams.


Here are some common dreams and their meanings:-


1. Ancestors extending their hands towards you.

I had a client recently recounting a dream about her dead grandfather. She said she saw him as vividly as if he was sitting right next to her. The features were so sharp she could distinguish the creases on his forehead and crow’s feet.


There was a glint in his eyes, a slight smile playing on his lips, and hands outstretched as if ready to give her a bear hug. As she narrated the dream, tears filled her eyes. I could sense she was going through something rough and felt helpless.


The appearance of her grandfather at such an inflection point clearly indicated that he was trying to reassure her, sending his love, comforting her from afar, reminding her that she was no longer alone and that he would always be by her side.


2. Ancestors taking a walk with you.

Nella was in a state of stupor when she came in for a Mediumship session. She was shattered by her mother’s death and wanted answers. Her face was puffed, and redness rimmed her eyes from all the crying. She had had a gut-wrenching dream.


Nella was walking beside her mother, holding hands, laughing at something her mother commented on. It was in the park outside her home – their favorite picnic spot. The dream hit close to her turf, and it was ripping her apart.


I learned that her mother was asking her to cherish the good times they had. She wanted her daughter to move on from the grief, straighten her life. She wanted me to tell Nella that she’d always be her companion, Spirit Guide, protector, and the embodiment of every good thing that comes her way.


3. Ancestors looking sad.

Jain’s story was a bit odd. He saw his father sitting on the window ledge at the far end of his room, looking at him plaintively. There was an unspeakable melancholy in his eyes and snot dripping from his nose. Jain woke up feeling uncomfortable, squirming with unease.


He was supposed to take a work trip the day after, and his father’s presence warned him to postpone the trip. Incidentally, the flight he was scheduled to take had technical glitches before landing on the emergency airstrip, saving him from the catastrophe.




4. Ancestors asking for food and water.

Neha was plagued by the dreams of her dead ancestors asking for food and water. It made her anxious and nervous. She sought me and explained her distress. We sat down for an Akashic Records reading . We uncovered that she had long forgotten to perform ‘Pitru Paksha,’ a religious rite offering food to the dead ancestors in her previous lifetimes.


It carried forward to her current life, tormenting her conscience. She had to perform rituals, give alms to people in need and serve food at temples to clear the ancestral blocks before finally sleeping in peace.


5. Ancestors holding a newborn baby/pet.

There have been dreams where dead relatives hold a newborn baby/pet. It symbolizes new beginnings, a cycle of growth and nurturing. Somebody will enter your life, bringing positive changes in your life. They could be your Spirit Guides taking you on the right track.

These are just a few interpretations I make during a dream interpretation session. However, the messages could be very different with individuals. It reminds you to respect their omnipresence. One way of honoring them is expressing simple gratitude or sending them pink light, letting them know you acknowledge their presence.

It’s a way for you to educate your children about the privilege of having your ancestors come down to talk to you. There’s comfort in knowing they’re watching you somewhere up in the universe, rooting for your success, approving your decisions, and gallivanting with pride.


However, you may only sometimes be able to decode what they’re trying to channel. At times, their actions may baffle you. That’s when you need the services of a professional. Psychic Mediums are best known for talking to the dead and interpreting the signs.

They are the Chosen Ones, the Spiritual Masters, for the spirits seek out them to clue in events or incidents that happened or may happen in the lives of the people they left behind, or it may be a simple assurance that everything is okay.

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