Akashic Records and Relationships: Understanding Soul Connections

Akashic Records and Relationships - By Dr. Manmit KUmarr

“Your soulmate will be the stranger you recognize.”

Imagine that you’re at a party, having the time of your life. A stranger offers you a drink. There’s an instant spark, a connection. Random conversations flow easily between you.


You feel like you have known each other for a long time. You may even wonder, “How did we not meet before?” Resonates?


In life, the friendships we have are not always those who we have known since childhood. In fact, most of our deep connections are people we met randomly, or in a bizarre way. We write it off as a coincidence but it’s much more than that.


You see, the people who come into your life, even the fleeting ones, are people you know from another lifetime. Many of them are karmic connects, some soulmates.


Dr. Brian Weiss, a leading psychiatrist and the author of “Many Lives Many Masters” says

“The mysteries of the mind, the soul, the continuation of life after death, and the influence of our past-life experiences on our present behavior is far more consequential than what our human mind can comprehend.”

Quite astounding, right? It is a spiritual belief that the events we regard as coincidences are not entirely coincidental. All relationships you foster in this lifetime are pre-made.


Essentially, your soul enters into a contract with the other souls you are bound to meet down on the earth after birth. So, any life experiences you might be going through or may go through, connections you make, places you live, or the jobs you work are already decided in the sacred contract drawn up by the souls.


Spiritual practitioners call this kind of binding a soul or life contract.


These contracts, over lifetimes, are all recorded in one place/dimension that we call the “Akasha”. These Records are called the Akashic Records.


What are the Akashic Records?

Let’s first try to understand what Akashic Records are before delving into the core aspects of its functionality. For the uninitiated, Akashic Records are databases stored in the universe above that hold information about your past, present, and future.


It is the most potent and revered tool used by the best Akashic Records readers to gather knowledge and prepare restitutive measures for the most vulnerable and the devastated. They often guide us to spiritual awakening and remind us that our mortal lives have a higher purpose to serve.


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How do you access your Akashic Records?

There is no set way to access your Akashic Records. You can either solicit the support of an expert Akashic record reader or do it on your own. Top Akashic Records healing services are at your disposal if you opt for the former.


If you choose the latter, you can enroll in some of the top Akashic Records courses online. Some of the best Akashic record readers have written several Akashic record books.


You can utilize them as well. A few of the best Akashic Records practitioner courses are also available if you want to become a healer.


What happens when you access your Akashic Records?

An Akashic Records reading allows you to heal your wound or complete the karmic cycle.


It provides insights into the karmic accounts you have created with others in your past lives and helps devise possible remedial measures.


Most of us continue living without understanding the lessons our soul was meant to learn at different phases. Akashic Records act as an enabling tool to decipher the mysteries of your current woes and miseries.



Take a peek into some real-life instances where Akashic Records reading played quite a significant role.


Nothing concrete can ever be conceived if there’s no proof in the pudding. So, let’s dive into the lives of some people who have had traumatizing encounters and used Akashic Records to heal them.


1. A man, a woman, and a loveless marriage

She always felt she was never enough for him. She knew he was not in love with her. Neither was she. At least she was trying to gain his attention, look beautiful, and cook his favorite dishes.


But none of them worked. Bindu knew her marriage was going down the drain, and nothing she did could make it stop. She tried filling up the emptiness with material things; the void remained the void.


On a fateful day, when Bindu could no longer bear the brunt of her loveless marriage, she stumbled upon an Akashic Records book over the internet.


After months of reading and researching, Bindu decided to sit in for a session- a last resort to understand why she was suffocating in an empty marriage.


With the help of her spiritual coach, she came to know she had a karmic contract with her husband many lives ago, and it had kept recurring until she decided to dig into it.


She found out that she had broken his heart in the past and that his anguish was so hard-hitting he vowed never to love another woman as intensely as he had loved her. The remnants of such agony had echoed into their current lives, making their relationship hard to navigate.


Having understood the root cause of her problem, Bindu started a healing ritual where she forgave herself, sought her husband’s forgiveness, and started loving herself a little more each day.



2. A strain in the family: Healing an estranged mother-daughter relationship

Tara was not always obnoxious. She was, indeed, once a sweet, loving girl. Mrunal was not always a bad mother. She was, in fact, more protective of Tara than any mother was.


A seemingly happy mother-daughter relationship slowly started disintegrating when Mrunal lost her husband to an accident. Tara and Mrunal began moving apart, each trying to deal with grief in their own way.


Tara, deep in despair, sought relief from drugs and alcohol, while Mrunal, unable to move past her pain, found comfort in the loving arms of her long-time pal. As years rolled by, Mrunal, finally moving on, married her friend. Tara, however, was still an intractable mess.


Their rift intensified when Mrunal remarried, turning Tara volatile and rebellious. When Tara almost overdosed on drugs, that was the last straw for her mother.


Mrunal took an Akashic Record reading session to comprehend why their once practically perfect relationship took a turn for the worse. She discovered both had unfulfilled karmic obligations to each other, driving a wedge between them. Following their healer’s advice, Mrunal and Tara began repairing their relationship.


They decided to absolve each other of their resentment, be kind, and work together to accept that death was not the end. They learned to let go of control, love despite their flaws, and allow themselves to be healed.


Pain is not permanent, just a temporary obstruction.


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The sanctity of any relationship lies in forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.


As Rumi said,

‘Don’t run away from love, o soul,
Look for the remedy inside the pain
Because the rose came from the thorn,
And the ruby came from a stone.’

The pain you feel is a message from above. If you listen closely, you’ll eventually find a way to quell them. But spiritual healing and ascension are impossible without adequately understanding why you undergo life’s trials and tribulations.


That’s why understanding what happens when you access your Akashic Records is significant in fulfilling your karmic contracts.


Unraveling your past lives and past deeds helps you get unstuck from your present life and look forward to a better future. Akashic Records clarify why you’re suffering and how you can end it.


It shows what’s in your destiny and what’s not. An Akashic Records reading assists you in identifying patterns so you can work on the wounds, come more into power, and become self-aware.


Learning how to access your Akashic Records either equips you to terminate the contract or get stranded in the karmic loop. Eventually, your healing journey begins only when you’re ready and let the Guardian Angels above guide you.

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