How to Use Automatic Writing as a Tool for Goal Setting, Manifestation & Seeing the Actual Outcome

“Why me?” I used to ask myself over and over. My life was dull, uninspiring, mechanical, dreary. Even breathing seemed to take a lot of effort.


I was not ambitious; goal-setting was definitely not my strong suit. I was roiling in self-pity and shame. When all my friends and family had put together a solid life, here I was, a wrecking ball of mess.

But I think life is too kind to give up on you so easily, no matter how undeserving you feel. I know mine gave me a second chance when I met a beautiful soul out of pure luck. She would later turn out to be my mentor, guide, and everything that I am today.

Dr. Manmit Kumar, my Automatic Writing teacher and Spiritual Master, taught me life didn’t have to be so despairing. She taught me that I had a choice to manifest my inner desires, lead a contented life, and take charge of my actions.


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She introduced me to a true spiritual modality, Automatic Writing. It helped me realize my life purpose, soul plan, and what I was destined to do in this lifetime.


I discovered who my Spirit Guide was and how I was never alone, except I was too aggrieved to notice her presence.

My Automatic Writing sessions with Dr. Manmit (oh, trust me, I needed a lot of help from her) showed a clear path to where my life was headed and how I could steer it in the right direction.

Talking to my Spirit Guide was a cakewalk once I let go of my fears and misgivings and learned how to use Automatic Writing.

People use Automatic Writing as a guiding tool to seek answers to life challenges from the Universe and the Divine beings of higher dimensions.


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It is really a conversation between us and our higher consciousness – it could be a Spirit Guide, an Ancestor, a Guardian Angel, or the God we believe in. One of the benefits of Automatic Writing is that it helps us realize our goals, not just the worldly ones we aspire to achieve but our spiritual ones as well.


Imagine you have always wanted a beautiful house but have yet to have the money or courage to buy one. It is your goal, and you ask for answers from your Spirit Guides. It is a reasonable choice. But did you stop to think about how it aligns with your life purpose? Or ask if it is going to be useful for your soul’s journey in the long run.

Manifesting short-term goals will not provide the solutions our Soul is seeking. We must understand that our existence has a larger-than-life purpose and that we have Soul lessons to learn and live according to that.

Why is Automatic Writing the most powerful manifestation tool?




When we learn Automatic Writing, our first understanding will be to map our goals with our true life purpose. Only those goals that align with our life purpose manifest with ease, joy, and without much effort.

If you have been putting too much effort into a specific goal, and it hasn’t materialized,
it is an indication to check if that goal serves your life purpose. Automatic Writing is a great tool to make that happen.

Here’s how I took an Automatic Writing workshop with Dr. Manmit Kumarr and learned to manifest my life and spiritual goals to align with my life plan.

1. Have a clear vision

What do I want from life? Why did I choose this path? Asking profound questions and understanding why we need Automatic Writing is the first step to defining our goals. Identify the areas where we want to improve. They could be

  • Career
  • Personal/Spiritual growth
  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Financial status

It helps us ask our Spirit Guides appropriate questions and get answers that influence our decisions.


2. Establish contact with Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are divine energies that help us connect with our Source and realign our life purpose. They can be Gods, mystics, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Animals, and Demigods.


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They are always at work trying to redirect our course toward achieving our higher purpose. Establishing contact with them is crucial to our manifestation process. Automatic Writing helps us with that.

  • Choose a comfortable place. Make it your spiritual altar, where you consistently do spiritual rituals.
  • Close your eyes, chant any mantra of your choice, listen to a visualization meditation, and align your breathing with the vibrations around you.
  • You’ll see a soft ball of light shimmering from your third eye. As you continue raising your vibration, the ball grows bigger and bigger, consuming your whole body.
  • You’re now in a plane of higher consciousness. With your eyes closed, call upon your Spirit Guide.
  • Ask them what your life goal is. Write the answers you receive without stopping.
  • Once you have exhausted all your questions, keep your notebook aside, level your breathing, and return to your human self.

3. Review the Answers

Read through what you have written, and evaluate your progress. Asking ‘why?’ will drive you closer to manifesting your goals.
  • Why am I working towards this?
  • What are my motivations behind this goal?
  • What value would it add to my spiritual growth?

Write down your insights, thoughts, and answers without conscious effort. It’ll help you understand your deepest desires, aspirations, and ambitions. Then, you can strategize an action plan to manifest your goals.


4. Define clear Strategies

Ask yourself these questions

  • What should I repeatedly do to achieve this?
  • What habits should I renounce to achieve my objective?
  • What habits should I cultivate?
  • How will my choices and actions affect my goals in the long run?

Your Spirit Guides will point you in the direction you have to take. If you are stuck, do not hesitate to go back to your roots and seek their guidance. They know everything and are always present to support you.



5. Practice Regularly

We can do Automatic Writing once every month. You can set your routine. It can be either once in two months, or if you need a longer gap to assess your progress, you can even take six months. But consistency is the key. It is one way of knowing you’re on the right path and strengthening your connection with the Spirit Guides.

Automatic Writing helps us navigate our small and big goals. Automatic writing workshops will teach you how to connect with your inner self and lead a guided life. It is the most potent tool to make you live a more pleasurable, joyful, and fulfilled life.


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