What Happens After Automatic Writing?: The Possibilities are Endless

Have you ever wondered how the world of corporate, important work decisions and our material reality coincide with Spirituality? 


How do these two worlds work together? If at any point you have thought about this, the automatic writing experience and story of Mohak, one of our recent Automatic Writing students, will offer you some clarity. 


Mohak (name changed due to privacy) is an intelligent and highly capable 37-year-old man who had a feeling he was being called to something more, something bigger.


A Corporate Professional living in a metropolitan city, Mohak had many important work decisions to make on a daily basis. Needless to say, his logical mind was his biggest ally. 


He had known about our work since 2020 but it wasn’t until our 56th Batch of the Automatic Writing Workshop that Mohak answered the call of his Soul to create and discover an ocean of possibilities. One of our Instagram posts played the Cupid and prompted him to reach out to our offices. 



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About the 15-day intense prework where we clear many blocks in the way of accessing our subconscious mind, Mohak says that his conscious mind kept questioning how such a clear channeling was even possible.


To his credit, he never left the hand of faith and kept pushing forward, determined to fully experience what he had signed up for. He opened himself up to a connection with the Higher Self and his Spirit Guides


Mohak, during the workshop, also channeled that in one of his past lives, he was a skilled musician. Like so many of us, he lost confidence in his gift due to the fear of rejection.


In this life, he had an opportunity to re-pursue his gift of music, after moving beyond fear. One can learn details of their past lives & their lessons through the Akashic Records: a library of our Soul’s journey.


What happened after the Automatic Writing Workshop? 


Since the completion of the workshop, Mohak has kept in touch and informed us of the many victories he has achieved at a personal and professional level, interconnected with his Spiritual practice


26 January 2023 

In his channeling, he received the message of (re)opening his writing and lo and behold, he received royalty money from his niece’s recently published book. The Butterfly Effect is real. Everything affects everything. 


Furthermore, he confessed that he was able to beat procrastination and have clearer conversations (something all of us aspire to).  


27 January 2023

Mohak got recognized for his music skills quite unexpectedly. He literally attracted an opportunity that fulfills his heart! The same day, he (coincidentally?) met someone from the judicial services who guided him around one of his ongoing litigations. Talk about being a magnet for possibilities! 


28 January 2023 

Mohak was clearly able to put across his thoughts and have concrete discussions. How many of us need that on a daily basis? All of us! He also informed us about intuitive callings working for him and how he was able to open his heart with courage. 


29 January 2023 

Mohak defeated the guilt of spending money on himself– our heart is still swelling with happiness while reading this! 


Another victory unlocked: prioritizing work and leisure according to the need, on a Holiday. Sounds too ideal to be true? Not for Mohak! He was more accepting of the process and not invested in controlling it. 


30 January 2023 

Our bright learner escaped a financial phishing activity and called it “a live example of consciousness and awareness”. 


He was able to ask for a fee for the work he had been doing for nothing for a long time! (A block that many of us need to heal– we address this in detail in our Money Workshop and Automatic Writing Advanced Level Workshop)  


Channel Your Soul, Not To Escape Reality But To Redefine It   


Mohak calls the acknowledgment of his victories an even greater victory. This is the essence of Modern Spirituality– to be able to reroute your daily reality through Spirituality, without compromising your ambitions and responsibilities. Bloom where you are planted! 



“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”

Alexander Den Heijer

Many of us are working professionals silently (or not) looking for something much deeper to bring us happiness.


We are not looking to quit our jobs or give up on our responsibilities. What we are looking for is a new lease on life– a more purposeful way of not only fulfilling our daily needs but also learning from them how to ascend at the Soul level. 


If our words have rung any bells in the chambers of your heart (for that is the portal to everything) learn Automatic Writing. We conduct Automatic Writing Workshops every month and we would love to host you. Feel free to connect with us at 9811626045 or write to us at mail@manmeetkumar.com.  

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