Can Dream Interpretation Help Us Heal?

Dreams have always tickled our curiosities. From seeing snakes to receiving a gift: absurd or unconventional dream scenarios have kept people wondering what they could mean.


For instance, in olden times, if someone dreamt of an expired relative asking for food, it was believed that that Ancestor was not at peace. The relatives would take it as a sign to perform ancestral rituals for that relative’s safe travels for the journey onward.


Over time, dream interpretation became an essential segment of psychology. Today, it is an unmissable (and fascinating) aspect of our understanding of the human mind.



Your Subconscious Mind Talks To You Through Dreams 


Talking about the human mind, did you know that our dreams can reveal a lot about the workings of our subconscious mind? Dreaming about dying (yourself) could mean that you are going through an important transition in your life: personally, professionally, romantically, or spiritually.


If you were being chased by someone in a dream, you might be avoiding some issues in your life.


Seeing snakes in dreams could be a message from your Animal Spirit Guides Kingdom that you need to let go of something (shedding). It could also mean that a rebirth or something new is on the horizon, but shedding something would be an important awakening element of it.


If a childhood memory keeps coming back in dreams, like failing an exam, or something more personal to you, that is your inner child requesting you to heal emotions attached to those incidents.


If you have ever dreamt that you were in an unrecognizable place or felt like you were in your home but it didn’t look like your home, might indicate that you are feeling disconnected.


A dream interpreter could help you pin down why you are feeling disconnected, or why a familiar place is suddenly feeling unfamiliar. 


Many people also approach us saying that they saw an event in a dream which turned out to be true. Lots of children have dreams about events that are yet to perspire, for their psychic abilities haven’t been mainstreamed yet.


We could help you find the hidden messages behind your dreams or confirm if your dreams are in fact, Psychic Visions. Feel free to reach out



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Dreams have a way of reintroducing us to those parts of ourselves that we have either suppressed or thought we had moved on from. Taking it one step further would be Lucid Dreaming. What do we mean by that? 


Lucid Dreaming


Have you ever been in a dream where you were aware that you were dreaming? While lucid dreaming, you have a sense of awareness that what’s happening is not your waking reality, but a dream.


With practice, you can also control the dream to some extent — choose the landscape and be the director of your own dream!


dream interpretation


Lucid Dreaming and Spirituality 


While being conscious and aware in your dreaming state, you can achieve a sync between the two worlds: your waking reality and the dream world.


Your dream world is a direct portal into your subconscious mind. Thus, you can experience (or visit) different dimensions, old memories, and possibly past lives. 


By enabling yourself to experience past experiences or past life memories, you can heal your inner child and other traumatic experiences which may have left a mark on your subconscious.


Accessing the Akashic Records {the library of our Soul’s journey} is another powerful way of accessing your past life memories to heal from within. 


People from all over the world have claimed to have experienced 5D Consciousness through lucid dreaming: being able to connect with their Spirit Guides, other Higher Dimensional beings, and even extraterrestrial beings. 


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Unlimited Potential 


Some lucid dreamers have managed to use their dreams as a portal for creative inspiration. They have created music and video games, for instance.


While others believe their mental and emotional health has improved due to “talking directly to my subconscious”. Overcoming nightmares and being able to relieve anxiety are also some success stories of lucid dreaming.


dream interpretation


Dreams Are Portals, Where Do You Want To Go?


Observing the many ways that dreams (lucid or otherwise) speak to us about the inner workings of our minds and bodies make one wonder about their scope. Can dreams truly help us heal? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, you have to want to go where they are taking you. 


They might be taking you to age 6 when something embarrassing happened that is still residing in your subconscious.


They might be taking you to age 18 when you had a life-changing decision ahead of you. They might be taking you to a past life where a wound is requesting to be healed; or, they might be taking you to the future. 


What wonders lie beneath the surface of the Known? Are you curious to find out? Do you want to work with your dreams to heal and learn more about yourself?


A trusted Spiritual Coach can lead the way. Reach out to us at 9811626045 or write to us at to learn more.  


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