Spirituality and Religion: Which Path Is For You?

“I see that your Full Moon post is about invoking a Goddess. I’m looking for more Spiritual stuff, not religion based. Is Religion the only way to Spirituality?”, someone asked me today, revoking the age-old discussion on Spirituality and Religion


Well, Spirituality is the ocean while Religion is the sea.


While the sea merges with the ocean, it’s not the only water in the ocean. However, the tools of this path (Religion) are pretty powerful. 


Mantras, for example, purify our vocal cords and tune us to a higher vibration. They are also magnificent for chakra clearing (energy points in our body). 


Visualization of a Deity sharpens our clairvoyance


Meditation takes us to another plane. 



Rituals (very simple ones like lighting a diya) keep us connected to the 5 Elements of life. We invoke Light when we light a lamp or do a havan.


Agarbatti is Air and offering water to the SUN is invoking Light and Water both. All of these are facets of energy work, though they have been essential to religion forever. 


Also, we invoke Deities as per the vibration and “bhava” we require in our life at that stage. 


We call Ganesha when we need blessings for a new beginning; Durga to help us tap into Courage; Krishna consciousness, when we struggle with relationships and need to access unconditional love. And so on…


These religious practices are to invoke OUR OWN INNER POWER.




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We help ourselves, by tapping into those vibrations. 


Last but not the least, the activities increase our FAITH— essential for Spirituality and tapping into higher consciousness


Are there other ways? Yes. 


  • Meditation 
  • Channeling Guides 
  • Akashic Records 
  • Journaling
  • Forgiveness 
  • Holotropic Breathwork 
  • Bodywork (yoga, aasanas, diet, energy work)
  • Chakras 
  • Kundalini 

And more…but these, done in isolation, are not enough. 


Finding the difference between Religion and Spirituality, or similarities, at that, is not the objective, although many are trying to do so. It’s about how you build a foundation with the Divine. 




Spirituality is living in a state of awakened consciousness. Being very alert to every thought, action, and nuance in your body, mind, and soul. This can be achieved on the foundation of FAITH. Soul element. Then comes the mind. Patterns and behaviors, clearing blocks. 


Alongside comes the purification of the body plus mind. Mantras, breathwork, diet, Yoga, Sleep, conscious practices. 


It’s a journey….


Pick the tools you like. 


But walk the path. It’s the path of your purpose, and Spirituality & Religion (or a different approach) are all valid. 


Miracles await you 🙂 




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