10 Signs That You May Be a Psychic

Have you ever experienced instances that are beyond explanation? Do you wonder that you could be psychic? Do you have a super-strong sense of intuition that you have always neglected?


Does your gut feeling come true? Do you feel like you have met the person earlier, even when you’re not? If yes, you have psychic abilities stronger than others.


Who Is A Psychic?

A psychic is a person who has a strong sensory perception that enables them to see the future. Their sixth sense, or intuition, makes them foresee things that are going to happen. Visions of the future, unusual experiences and strong telepathy are common to psychics.


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How Do You Know You Are A Psychic?

Do you know that a majority of us are born with some kind of psychic abilities? But we often take cases of spot-on instinct as mere coincidence or shrug off our visions of the future.


People often believe that a psychic practices black magic or paranormal activities. That’s a myth. We all have psychic powers, but we do not know how to identify the symptoms. We often neglect these abilities or haven’t yet discovered them.


So, how do you know whether you are psychic? Here are the best 10 psychic signs and symptoms to check for yourself.


10 Signs You Are A Psychic

Strong intuition or sixth sense

How many times do you have a strong gut feeling that something is going to happen and it became true? Does your sixth sense often warn you before anything? It is evident that you have psychic abilities hidden within yourself.



Do you often get visions? See shadows? A Clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to receive intuitive information visually. They often see colours, images, symbols, and dreams that help them understand the environment.


A clairvoyant attains this either with his physical eyes or through eyes within his mind. Clairvoyance is one of the signs of having psychic powers.


Déjà vu experiences

Do you often feel that you have been to somewhere earlier even though you have not? Do you feel a familiarity with places, things and people you have not seen before? This is a clear sign that you have some kind of psychic abilities.



Have you ever communicated through your mind? Did you ever read someone’s thought process? Or you say something and your friend says “I have the same thought in my mind now”? These are signs you could be medium or psychic with telepathic abilities.


Psychometric experiences

This is one of the psychic abilities that allow you to know the past of an object, place or a person by touching it. You would often find a psychic holding hand of an individual and experiencing his past.


Strong and vivid dreams

Having powerful dreams is common to psychic behaviour. People with such abilities can remember every detail of their dream. Dreams carry innate meanings and provide a great understanding of one’s life.


Use this ability as a powerful tool to leverage for, from business to relationships. I explored this psychic power in me and created a great life for myself, why can’t you?


Foresee the future

Do you foresee the future and then it actually happens? Have you chosen to take the other route instead of the highway only to get the news of a fatal accident later? If yes, you own inherent psychic powers that enable you to predict the future.


Feeling the presence of spirits

Do you often feel that someone is watching you? Do you see shadows? You feel the presence of spirits but you are not sure. This is quite common with a psychic. It does not mean you see dead people all the time. It is having the feel of someone’s presence.


Hearing voices

With this psychic ability, you hear human voices and music (not the spooky ones) that others cannot. You may also hear buzzing sounds.



This is one of the psychic abilities that make you feel either amazing or weird about places you visit. For instance, you walk into a house and you get a chill running down your spine or your body tingles. You may say things like “This place feels unpleasant” or “This house has a good vibration”.


Wondering if you have any psychic abilities? Discover your psychic powers with me and I can help you learn how to develop psychic abilities.


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  1. The blog resonates completely with me. Whenever I have a strong feel that something is amiss, I used to get a queasy feel in my stomach. Similarly whenever I have a sense that something good is about to happen, my right eyebrow quivers. These are some signs I used to ignore before, but after reading blogs post by Soul Miracles and learning that these signs are not random, I have tried to sharpen them.

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