What Does it Mean to See Dead People in Dreams?

“Mediumship channels guidance from those who have gone before, not only for the sake of those who are here but also for those yet to come.”

Anthon St. Maarten

I am a Psychic Medium. I know it’s a strange line of work. Before I became a Mediumship Healer, I had a flourishing corporate career and was on the brink of becoming a partner in my firm. But destiny had other plans for me.

I was on my way to Mumbai for a conference. The flight was supposed to take off early, but unforeseen circumstances delayed its departure. I was in the airport lounge, waiting impatiently, when I sensed an energy shift.


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I felt something swoosh past me, brushing my hair, and suddenly, the temperature dropped. Instinctively, I braced myself, closing my eyes shut. That’s when the messages started pouring in, unprompted. I felt my head spinning, my whole body shuddering in the cold.


The energy was that of a dead young boy. He was trying to contact his mother through me. I opened my eyes and scanned the room for the mother. I spotted a young girl in her mid-twenties, looking pale as the moon. I went over to her, speaking softly, “There’s something I have to tell you.”


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She looked at me, puzzled. “It’s from your boy.” I saw myriad emotions pass through her: shock, confusion, anger, pain, before finally composing herself. She looked at me and said calmly, “I don’t understand what you’re trying to do here.”


I was partly terrified. I was invading a deeply private part of the girl’s life, but somehow, I knew she needed to hear this from me. I took a deep breath and said, “Your son says he is in a happy place. He is asking you to be happy, too.”


“He wants you to know that what happened to him was not your fault. You need to forgive yourself.” I saw her lips trembling, hands shaking, eyes welling up. She let out a soft, muffled cry and held my hands, choking a raspy, “Thank you.”


She had recently lost her five-year-old in an accident. She was consumed by guilt, blaming herself for the tragedy. She needed closure, unshackling from the remorse, and moving on.

That’s what I believe I gave her.

Since then, Mediumship has been my calling. I deliver messages from the loved, lost souls, revealing what I regard as true. Becoming a Psychic Medium is a gift, a message from God to show the world there’s life after death.


Over the years, I have seen in my Mediumship sessions how this gift has the power to transform countless lives. My experience has taught me that mediumship comes from a place of healing and unconditional love.


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I know from my Akashic Records readings that I had been the beacon of souls in my previous lifetimes, and in all those times, my obligations had remained unfulfilled.


But, in this current life, I feel privileged to carry out my life’s purpose. Without the guidance I seek from my Spirit Guides through Automatic Writing, I wouldn’t have had the courage to heal many lives.




Why do you keep dreaming of random dead people?

You wake up bewildered, raking your brain, thinking hard, “What on the earth was all that dream about?” or, “Whom did I just see?” You don’t always expect dreams to make sense.

As Robert Moses, a self-proclaimed Dream Teacher and blogger, said, “Dream is a place. You can walk alone or invite others to join in your sojourn.” Oh, but sometimes the dead join you uninvited. You may not know who that person is and why they’re visiting you. Do they mean good or wish to harm you?

One solid explanation would be you’re an emerging Psychic Medium, and it’s a good thing. You get to heal the living and bring peace to the dead. Becoming a Mediumship Healer could be your past life’s unattended calling. The spirits are simply pointing you in the direction.


Some are born with natural Mediumship gifts. They don’t need the honing that many others require. You must get the proper training from the best Mediumship Healer to embrace your Mediumship abilities fully. Mediumship workshops are lovely ways to fan the flames of your psychic dreams.


In a mediumship workshop, you’ll learn to increase your psychic awareness, tune into the spirit frequencies, summon the dead, have conversations, pass on messages to grieving families, and guide the spirits to move on to the next realm.

As exhausting as it may seem, being a Spiritual Master is a noble job. You get to put a family at ease, give them hope to look forward, alleviate their pain, and make sure they process their emotions.

As a seasoned Psychic Medium and Dream Interpreter, I have seen people narrate weird and complex stories. I have always been able to help them comprehend why it’s happening and how to make sure they read the signs correctly.



If your dreams keep recurring, you’re the Special One the departed souls choose to talk to. You must learn to understand these dreams to help them move toward the path of Light and soothe their souls.


If you still lack the confidence to make sense of your dreams, a dream interpretation session with a Psychic Medium will give you the boost to embrace this gift of bridging the living and the dead worlds.


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