Mediumship and Grief: How Connecting with Loved Ones Brings Healing

“Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed, and very dear.”

A year into my spiritual journey, I found grief takes all forms and shapes.


I was going through a harrowing episode. I had lost my mother and was in the middle of a messy divorce. So, yes, my emotions were all over the place.


I didn’t know what to grieve for – my mom’s death or the fact that my five-year marriage was ending. I had seen it all: denial, anger, betrayal, depression, bargaining, and imploring. But acceptance – that I couldn’t face.


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You can get through all stages of grief except the last one – acceptance. Because it means you have accepted that they are no more, and the only thing that tethered you to them shatters.


But what if the dead wanted to talk to us? What if they want to tell us to move on and let us know they’re at peace? What if we had the chance to ask for their forgiveness? Would you want to meet them one last time?


Mediumship is one way of feeling anchored to your departed loved ones.

What is Mediumship?




It is a practice where the Medium (an individual with high extrasensory perception) connects with the Spirit World, communicates with the dead, and relays messages to the family, who receives these Mediumship readings. The Medium is also called a Psychic Medium.


Our loved ones often leave tiny signs to let us know they are with us and watching over us. A Medium can help interpret these messages through a Mediumship session.


What happens in a Mediumship session is that the Medium mediates between the living and the dead, rendering a three-way communication that offers the comfort we are after in our grief.


It is a place where you can openly acknowledge your deepest emotions without being judged or scrutinized.


What is a Medium, and how can they help?

Mediums are empaths who can sense and channel spirits. They can connect with the afterlife, locate missing people/items, and help the dead move on. It is more of detecting spirit energies rather than seeing the paranormal.


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They allow you to realize that death is a universal experience of loss, and each experience is individual in its own way. In a Mediumship session, you share a rare frailty and tenderness as you witness the tiniest details of the lives of those you lost.


Your grieving process alters after knowing there’s an afterlife. Healing then becomes less of a challenging road to traverse.


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What happens in a Mediumship session?

Whether you go in for a session with absolute conviction or skepticism, it is proven that Mediumship can heal you profoundly.


  • It restores your faith in love and a sense of connection during bereavement. You learn not to fear the uncertainties of life, death, and feelings of helplessness.


  •  A Mediumship session teaches you to let go or stay connected with lost loved ones.


  •  Your grief can become a learning for others grieving similarly.


  •  You can even become a Medium, channel the dead spirits, offer consolation, and lead the way for people to cope with their grief. Mediumship workshops prepare you for that. The healing becomes the healer in these Mediumship workshops.

Acceptance gets better with Mediumship sessions.

When you feel closer to your loved ones, coping with grief becomes easier. You tend to accept death quicker than you usually would.


Some of the best Psychic Mediums offer solace in ways a conventional grief counselor would not. They give you hope that you’re not at the end of the tunnel or alone, which is a consolation in itself.

At a critical point in your life, they become the torchbearers in the darkness of your grief. You will be increasingly relieved to know that death is not final but only a transition into another dimension.

You learn to navigate the death of your dearest ones, albeit with compassion and love. Mediums pass on sacred messages, gently pointing us to the way to honor and embrace our mourning.


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Mystical tools are a two-way mirror to acknowledge death.

You become a different person in the hands of the best Psychic Mediums. The rituals they perform help you shift your energy from stagnation to an expanded point of acceptance.

They chisel away your misery chip by chip until the heaviness lifts, and you feel as light as air. A Mediumship healer fortifies your sense of reassurance as you receive messages, guidance, closure, and validations from the departed ones.



They help you cope with grief by providing a supportive, private space to explore and process your emotions as you resolve unanswered questions or feelings of regret, guilt, or unfinished business.

Whether it’s a message of forgiveness, a final goodbye, or simply the assurance that your loved one is at peace, insights from a Mediumship healer help you find a sense of closure and acceptance that can be incredibly powerful and healing.


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