8 Signs of Spiritual Awakening & Ascension

Spiritual Awakening with Dr. Manmit

Have you ever had that moment when you feel like the universe just hit the ‘refresh’ button on your soul?


Well, you are not alone.


You know those times when you feel a little more connected to everything around you, like the universe is showing signs that only you seem to comprehend?


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Or maybe you’ve noticed some strange coincidences that have a deeper meaning, leaving you wondering. Well, guess what? These signs are powerful indicators that your spiritual awakening is beginning to unfold.


Get ready to dive into the 8 subtle yet totally mind-blowing signs of your spiritual awakening.




1. Dark Night of the Soul

During a spiritual awakening, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Often, you feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore, alone existing in a meaningless universe, unable to move through the cycles of life, have no sense of direction, and have lost all hope.


This phase, where you endure extreme pain, loss, suffering, and other inexplicable emotions, is called the ‘dark night of the soul’ because navigating bursts of intense emotions can be challenging. It is a transformation phase where you are shedding your old self and making room for the real you to shine.


Your soul makes a pre-birth plan defining your soul and life lessons. As you go through the ‘dark night of the soul’ in your spiritual journey, you start to let go of the old concepts of identity, relationship, career, or beliefs on which you built some meaning to your life. It is a painful transition phase where you will notice more of your true self peeking through.


Old emotions might come bubbling up, leaving you feeling all over the place. The deeper you dig into your pain, the more room you make for happiness. And sometimes those feelings? They may not even be yours—they might be from other people.


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As you keep growing, you will also become more sensitive to other people’s emotions. It is called being empathic. If old, painful memories resurface, the best way to tackle them is to do an Akashic Records reading.


Your Akashic Records will tell you exactly the reasons for what you go through, what your purpose in this life is, what were you destined to do in your previous lifetimes, what are your karmic debts, and so many others that have been haunting you since your spiritual ascension.



2. You have intense dreams.

You might wake up at odd hours, 3:33, 1:23, 4:24, 2:22. These are angel numbers, and seeing them is like a little sign from your angels, reminding you to enter a meditative state and elevate your consciousness to commune with higher energy vibrations and take you further down the path of spiritual growth.

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A lot of spiritual and healing occurs while you’re asleep. Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night can help you process what has been going on in your sleep.


If you find yourself awake and cannot get back to sleep, you can write in a journal, draw, or just go outside and gaze at the stars. When this happens to me, I sometimes stay in bed but listen to a guided meditation or use the quiet time to pray, set intentions, or do some spiritual healing work.


You might also find yourself needing more or less sleep than usual. It is important to listen to your body and give it what it needs. If you need more sleep, try going to bed early, sleeping in on weekends, or treating yourself to a nap on a Sunday afternoon.


Intense dreams can also wake you up. You might remember dreaming about fighting monsters or being chased. These dreams are often ways of releasing old energy and reconnecting with past experiences and memories.


If you have a scary dream, don’t worry. Just ask your Guardian Angels for help and imagine them surrounding you with love and light. I like to ask my Angels to help me let go of old challenges and energy through my dreams in a gentle way. 



3. You notice changes in your relationship with others.



As you ascend and evolve spiritually, you will likely notice shifts in your relationships. Old friendships may start to fade or change as you no longer resonate with certain patterns of manipulation or energy struggles.


Some connections may naturally dissolve as you align more closely with your true path.


If you’re experiencing changes in your relationships, it is all part of your past life karma. The people you meet in this lifetime are the ones you’ve already been in connection within your previous lives.


Usually, these people come into your life to teach you some lessons that you had ignored before. Some appear momentarily and may not have any real impact. These records are stored in a celestial plane called the Akashic Records.


During your spiritual ascension, you will understand the significance of karmic connections and how to clear them. You will find your Akashic Guides showing you the path to self-discovery and realization.


They will guide you towards new connections with soul friends and family who will support your spiritual journey.


During this transition, you might also encounter moments of loneliness or difficulty relating to others. Remember, it’s a temporary phase as you evolve and align with new energies and connections. 


4. You experience detachment.

When you awaken spiritually, you start caring less about money, fame, and success. Instead of always wanting to be out with friends, partying, or socializing, you might prefer to spend time alone.


You realize that what really matters is figuring out who you are on the inside. It’s like a switch flips, and you’re more interested in exploring your thoughts and feelings.


You’re not as worried about people judging you or giving you credit. It’s all about finding peace within yourself and not needing validation from others.


You start losing what you perceive to be your self-identity and feel more connected to the Universe than the people around you. 


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5. You notice physical changes in your body.

Random aches or pains in your body, even when you have not done anything to strain yourself, are classic symptoms of spiritual ascension.


You may experience aches in your shin, calves, and back, sometimes feeling as if your neck has gone stiff. It is not a random occurrence – your energy is trying to tell you that something is up.


When you ascend spiritually, your energy shifts to match universal vibrations. Your body attempts to accommodate these high-energy frequencies and acts up, especially when holding onto stress or tension. Achy legs, a sore neck, or tense shoulders are typical spots where energy gets stuck.


If you are into Reiki healing, it works like magic to clear blocked energies. Try soaking in a salt bath or using other spiritual cleansing rituals to remove your energy blockages.


And those persistent headaches? They are usually the result of picking up vibes from others. They could also indicate the opening and expansion of your third eye and crown chakras to allow the flow of light into your body. The secret weapons to fight those pesky headaches are lavender oil and meditation!


6. You are curious about your life purpose and feel more alive than ever.

Brace yourselves! You are just about to experience the ‘Wow!’ factor of spiritual awakening. Your emotional sensitivity will heighten to the point where your Heart Chakra will open profoundly, allowing you to experience the world fully.


As you open up to the idea that we’re all powerful souls choosing our life experiences to learn and grow, you start to trust the universe more. You really want to figure out your “purpose” to help the world.


When you start to feel this awakening, everything around you will appear different – vibrant and vivid. Your energy gets better. You begin to see what you’re meant to do more clearly.


You realize that finding your purpose is not that hard. It is all about being less scared and following what makes you happy instead. Your purpose is always about doing what brings you joy.


You will be more present, appreciating the little joys of life. You will become one with nature.


Things you did not notice before or assumed insignificant will have a deeper meaning – like the sunrise, sunset, or cherry blossoms from across your front yard. You will exude exuberance filled with a sense of awe and wonder.


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7. Your intuitive abilities heighten.

One of the perks of a spiritual awakening is acquiring heightened intuitive abilities. During this process, your ‘gut feelings’ strengthen, urging you to notice signs you would have usually ignored. So, you start trusting yourself more, stop overthinking, and just go with the flow of life.


You will recognize small patterns as if the Universe assures you that you are on the right track. These patterns can manifest as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and other clair senses.


Neha is my long-term protege, who takes spirituality seriously. She uses powerful spiritual tools like Automatic Writing and Akashic Records reading to foster her spiritual ascension journey.


For a long time now, she has been seriously contemplating quitting her job and pursuing her passion for running a spiritual school. She often talked about how it had always been a dream to help others realize their life purpose and lead a contented life and how her intuition kept saying she must.


A month later, she called me up one night and spoke excitedly, telling me how an old friend from college reached out to her.


She had pitched her idea earlier to him and impressed by her presentation, he had agreed to sponsor her to open the school.


She also told me it was no coincidence that she stumbled upon an inspiring TED talk about ‘Following Your Dreams’ a day after she got the call. I assured her it was all signs from the Universe nudging her to take the decision she had known.


For Neha, it was her claircognizance, the extra sense of knowing that something would happen for sure, that helped her decipher and move ahead with her purpose. Trust your instincts and go with the flow; that is where real magic happens.


9. You sense a Universal interconnectedness.

During a spiritual awakening, you begin to sense a deep interconnectedness with everything around you. You realize that every life on the planet is connected, like pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly together.


You might feel a stronger empathy towards others, understanding their feelings and experiences. This awareness can be profound as you recognize that your actions ripple out and affect the world around you.


It’s a powerful realization that we’re not just individuals but part of a larger, unified whole.


So, if you’ve been experiencing these signs lately, remember, it is all about embracing the journey and trusting in yourself and the universe.


Whether it is feeling more grateful for the little things or noticing synchronicities in your life, each sign is a step forward on your path to growth and enlightenment.


So, keep listening to your intuition, stay open to new experiences, and know that you’re not alone on this incredible journey of awakening.


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