Is Your Child Your Spirit Guide?

In moments of utter loss, confusion, or lack of strength, have you ever looked at your child and felt that you could achieve anything? In random interactions, has your child ever spoken or done something that completely shifted your perspective? Your child might be your Spirit Guide!


Life on Earth is like a school. Our experiences are customized for us to fulfill our purpose and lessons. Is it not natural then, to have Guides that help us on our path? Each one of us has been assigned Spirit Guides at the time of our birth.


In fact, we get assigned some new ones too, at different stages of life. The types of Spirit Guides are many– Angels, Departed Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Deities, and Animals & Birds.



Can living people be our Spirit Guides, too? Well, of course! A lot of people resonate with the idea of their child being their Spirit Guide- that they ‘literally saved’ their life, awakened the warrior in them, or (re) connected them with their intuition. How is this possible?



Starseeds and Indigo Children as Spirit Guides

Reflecting on Mythological sources, Ancestors would take birth over and over to teach unlearnt lessons to their lineage. Today, many children born after 1999-2000 are Starseed children and Indigo children.


In their essence, they are ‘Volunteer Souls’ from Higher Dimensions than Earth at the moment, who chose to incarnate at the time when Earth is falling prey to lower vibrations.


Their purpose involves contributing to the making of New Earth: a shift from 3D Consciousness to 5D consciousness. An increasing interest in Spiritual Healing, the Akashic Records, Automatic Writing, and more is not coincidental. The shift is here.


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Many of these children are born with Special Needs, but we will get into that in our upcoming blog.  When these children finally awake to their mission, they bring about ripples of transformation worldwide.


If you have noticed an increased interest in Spirituality among children these days, you know what we are talking about.


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Coming back to our topic day, how can you know that your child is supporting you on your Path?


Signs That Your Child May Be Your Spirit Guide:



1. They help you recognize your life lessons

In a famous Netflix show called ‘Maid’, the protagonist, Alex, walks out of her emotionally abusive household in the middle of the night.


She didn’t want her 5-year-old daughter Maddy to grow up in a household that reeks of shouting, punching, and verbal harassment. Perhaps, Alex would’ve never had the will to move out and stand up for herself if it wasn’t for her daughter.


By throwing a challenge at you or by being the very reason you walk out of a hard situation, your child can make you aware of a life lesson.


2. They can bring out the justice warrior in you

We hardly fight for fundamental rights unless there’s something personal at stake (sadly). Kala’s son was born with Dyslexia (a learning difficulty).


Despite much awareness about Dyslexia, Kala had to fight for equal rights to an education at various public schools. She wouldn’t let her child be devoid of education that everyone else around him had easy access to.


A mother’s life is never an easy one, let alone a mother like Kala. Her child brought out the warrior in her she didn’t even know existed. She won her child’s right to education at a reputed school.


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3. They redirect your life for the highest good

Travis Chambers, the owner of Chamber.Media (a world-famous agency for high-scale video production) shares his remarkable story of how having children saved his life.  His family life was suffering.


He could not maintain a balance between home and work and despite a 6 figure salary, he ended up being fired.


On the surface, this was a disaster. However, this incident moved Chambers to redirect his entire life. He shifted from being a job slave to being an entrepreneur. His biggest accomplishment was being a father & husband who is PRESENT.



4. They strengthen your patience and intuition

They say that it is the little things that matter the most. There does not even have to be a dramatic reason why your child could be your Spirit Guide. Look at everything your kid teaches you, that no one can, in the way THEY can.


Learning virtues like patience, unconditional love, fighting your fears, trusting your intuition and so much more is a life-turning experience with children.

If you are a caregiver for a Special Needs child, you will understand this even more deeply, as they open your Heart Chakra. It’s also important that we don’t dismiss their uniqueness and intuitive gifts and try not to mainstream them.

Could your child be your Spirit Guide? We would love to know who you consider your ‘unconventional’ Guides. Let us know in the comments below.

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