What Questions Should You Ask in Your Akashic Records Reading?

Akashic Records Reading

I am sure you have often wondered about the true purpose of your life. They would have been times in your life where you would have stopped and wondered if your real reason to be here on Earth revolves around your job, relationships and material growth.


More than ever before, people are realising that there is more to life than meets the eye. This happens more during challenges such as health issues, death, grief, divorce, break up, loss and rejection of some kind. They realise that there is more to life than meets the eye.


They start searching for the meaning of life- and this takes them to the door of Spirituality and the journey of the Soul.


This Soul journey is written about in the Book of Past Lives called the Akashic Records. According to the theory of reincarnation, your Soul takes birth over and over again, in different lives. The Akashic Records hold information about all these births and what actions and karmas we accumulated in those lives.


An Akashic Records reading therefore, is a powerful tool to know more about your Soul, its journey, your lessons, and your Life Purpose. Here are some of the things you should ask in an Akashic Reading:


1. Your Life Purpose:

Your Akashic Record reading should be able to tell you clearly about the purpose of your life. It should be able to offer you clarity about what you are meant to do in this life and some basic guidance on how you can fulfil this.


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2. Your Soul Gift:

Every Soul has a particular gift. This gift is your strength and your tool to handle different situations. You must ask your reader about your gift and resonate with it. You should also ask how to use this gift in difficult situations.



3. Your Soul Group:

Soul group is a unique set of Souls who came here for a specific purpose. Knowing about your Soul gift can give you a lot of peace and acceptance for yourself as an individual.


It can also offer you valuable information about why you feel the way you do, your particular Soul traits and your Soul plan according to your Soul group.


4. The truth behind your Soul Family:

Many people do not resonate with their families but have great connections with their friends. You must ask your reader clear and complete information about why you have been born in a particular family, what are your lessons with that family, and how you can fulfil your purpose as far as the family is concerned.


5. Your Lessons in this Life:

Your Akashic Records reading should be able to identify the patterns of your life and share the lessons so that you are able to grow spiritually. This is a particularly important feature of the reading because it offers you a platform for change, growth and therefore abundance in your life.


When things keep happening to us in a similar pattern over and over again, it is time to understand that these patterns are trying to teach us something.


Instead of getting frustrated with the pain that results, we are being guided to clearly see these patterns and learn something from it. Your reader should be able to clearly tell you what these are and how to implement them in your life.


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6. Your Karmic attachments of past lives:

We may be carrying some heavy Karmic lessons from our past lives that are subconsciously not letting us manifest the abundance that we actually deserve. Many times, people ask me “I have done all the manifestation techniques, I do good deeds and I pray to God every day.


I still do not get the results that I want. Have I been excluded by the Universe? Why am I not able to manifest what I want and somewhere feel that I deserve?” The answer to this lies in the removal of these attachments of past lives, which is possible through the Akashic Records.


7. Your past life Blocks:

Energy blocks such as curses, spells, unfinished Soul contracts attachments are blocks that we carry as energy into this life. You must clearly ask for your past life blocks and know how to remove them.


I have noticed that Money and Relationship blocks top this list and just do not let people manifest the right partners and enough money.


8. Your present Life blocks:

A good Akashic Records reading should be able to give you a glimpse into your present life blocks too. What have you created in this reality?


9. Any Energies you are carrying from another life:

Sometimes we carry energies apart from curses and contracts also. It is very important to remove these energy attachments from your etheric and astral body. This comes up as health challenges- terminal diseases, sudden health issues, not finding the right treatment and so on.



10.  Black Magic from past life:

Black magic looks like families and generations going through the same pattern. Early deaths, business blocks, girls not getting married, depression and mental health disorders and so on.


Many of us have participated in black magic in our previous lives and therefore attract black magic in this life too.


Although this may not be always the case, it is a good idea to ask your reader if you have indeed participated in any of these activities in your previous lives so that you are able to atone for them in this life and learn how to remove these energies from your life and your business.


11. Ancestral Curses:

Ancestral curses can also be revealed by the Akashic Records reading- these curses get embedded in the Akashic Records of our entire Soul family and not just us.

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12. Your Chakra Blockages:

You must know if there are any chakra blockages or health concerns that have been unresolved in your previous lives. Perhaps you died because of them. They need to be addressed in this reading.


13. Some specific Lives with specific people:

A good reading will give you specific lives with specific people in your circle, that will resonate and make sense to you. Channeling these specific lives will give you an opportunity to heal those relationships in your present life.


14. How can you participate in clearing these blocks:

Ask your reader about how you can participate in clearing your blogs through changed behavior, a different thought process and any other modalities that are suggested to you.


15. What changes can you expect after the reading:

You must have a clear understanding about the future roadmap. What changes can you expect after this reading?


The purpose of an Akashic Record reading is to increase your awareness about your Soul’s journey, know your life purpose and lessons and also a lot of knowledge about who you are as a Soul. The ultimate purpose of course is to lead an aware and enlightened life so that you can fulfil your life purpose.


I wish you all the best, let Light lead your path!

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