Why Are Your Prayers Unanswered?

You’ve been praying hard. Sometimes for years, yet the Universe seems to be oblivious to your prayers. Does god listen to our prayers? Why is it that some people always get what they pray for and others keep seeking? The answer may surprise you.


The first thing is that we don’t know how to pray to god for help. Can that be true you ask? Yes, it’s true that most people pray in a manner that confuses the Universe.


We operate in a vibration-based Universe that responds to your energy, to your vibration. It does not respond to your words, pleas or intention.


Does praying work?


The language of the Universe is vibration or energy. It also does not understand negative words like don’t, never, won’t, can’t, etc.


When you pray to god or to the universe saying “I don’t want misery in my life” it cuts out the “don’t” and thinks you are asking to be miserable! And lo and behold, it creates circumstances that make you miserable.


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The other vibration people give out unknowingly is that of “lack”. The word “want” in the English dictionary before 1935 meant “lack” or “Don’t have”. 


So when you say  “I want more money”, the Universe reads it as “I lack money ” and hence creates situations where you will lose money.


Then, how to pray to god or to the Universe? 


Well, the energy needs to be positive.


You could say “Every day and in every way, I make more money with ease” or “My relationship with Money is improving every second, “Money comes to me with ease and I attract wealth easily”.


It is very important to become the energy of abundance rather than dwelling on the energy of lack. The second reason (which according to me is key) that people don’t see their prayers being answered is the absence of Faith.


Think of praying as a hand that you put out asking for fruit from someone. By the time the person goes to get the fruit for you, you have withdrawn your hand thinking that the fruit will never come.  


Doubt and fear keep you from holding your hand waiting for the fruit.


Similarly, a lack of Faith in the Universe makes you withdraw your hand, and thus, you miss out on the gift. The Universe may take time, just as a chef does when you order a dish at a restaurant.


It doesn’t really mean that the dish is not being prepared or on its way! So if your prayers are not answered (yet), check if you are making these classical mistakes.


We live in a friendly Universe that is based on the Law of Attraction. It is YOUR Vibration and Faith that will get you to where you want.


Praying was second nature to our ancestors. Over time, we forgot how to pray, we forgot the power of faith, and we forgot the naturality of the Law of Attraction. 


Understand that your only job is to keep vibrating at the level of what you would like to attract.


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Leave the rest to the Universe! 


Want to know how to vibrate higher? Leave your comments below, and I will write to you.




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