Is Knowing Your Life Purpose Enough?

15 questions to discover your life purpose

“Life Purpose” has become a Spiritual buzzword, especially in today’s online community and amongst people going through a Spiritual Awakening. Everyone wants to know their Life Purpose or at least believe that knowing it would be the key to all.


But is knowing your Life Purpose enough? What about your Soul Purpose? How is it different from your Life Purpose? How do your life lessons contribute to your Purpose?



Pause. Breathe. In this blog, we are going to talk about whether knowing your Life Purpose is enough, all of the lessons affecting that Purpose, some ways to know your purpose, and the steps to take toward it.


You see, knowing your Life Purpose is just one step on the road. There’s a lot that comes with it. You need tools, ideas, support, insights, and much more to be able to walk that path. If it is your purpose, it is going to teach you a lot of lessons. It is going to involve past and present Karma. 


4 Spiritual Ways to know your Life Purpose and what to do about it:



1. Automatic Writing 

How to connect with your Soul and extract answers right from it? Automatic Writing is one of the most dependable ways to do that. We call it a life-guiding tool because when you are capable of reaching out to your Soul, your Spirit Guides, your Ancestors, and your Angels, the wandering can take a pause.


You can not only learn your life purpose, but you can also learn which life lessons are attached to that purpose. Thus, you can understand those lessons better to fulfill your purpose with ease and clarity.


We say this with confidence because Automatic Writing has helped many of our clients discover their next steps after a tough time and receive clear-cut guidance for their life problems. Therefore, we believe that it is truly the knowledge and tool chest of our Soul. 


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2. Signs and Synchronicities:

“In every moment the Universe is whispering to you.”

– Denise Linn


Angel Number 599 signifies direction, clarity, and dependability. Number 2 resonates with duty, purpose, and service. Angel Number 2222 intensifies all these attributes of number 2, and these are just some general interpretations.


Synchronicities and repeating numbers always hold guidance and confirmation about your path & purpose in this life.  As we said earlier, your life purpose is not a singular mission.


It is attached to your Life lessons and through synchronicities and repeated signs, your Guides and Angels send you clarity. The only condition is awareness. 


You should also be very acutely aware of what keeps failing despite many, many tries because that is a very clear sign that that door is not for you.


Eliminating all the ‘NOs’ will be very beneficial in narrowing your Life Purpose and lessons along the way. The only advice here is to be very aware of these signs and synchronicities and be willing through them.


3. The Akashic Records:

Before (re)incarnating, our Soul charts a pre-birth plan. This pre-birth plan includes lessons unlearnt from our previous lives, new lessons to be learned, and our mode of contribution to the world, among other things.


Our Akashic Records can thus reveal what kind of work will best suit us and pave the way for healing energetic blockages in our path. 



4. Soul Astrology

Your Soul Calendar holds answers to many, many mysteries or troubling questions. It gives you insights into different energetic timelines your Soul is agreeing to. In easier words, it lays out future possibilities & their possible outcomes as per your Path. 


The main aim of Soul Astrology is to discover your Soul Purpose, your lessons, how those lessons contribute to and affect your Soul Purpose, any ancestral blocks that you may be facing, and any Doshas in your chart.


Needless to say, these discoveries provide you with newfound strength and inspiration. It will also help you eliminate any distractions in your path to Purpose.


A huge part of our contribution to ourselves and the world is the kind of work we do. It not only gives us financial independence but also helps us serve the Collective & our Soul Mission.


The matter of thought is, how can YOU serve the Collective? What will your life purpose and legacy be? What will it take for you to live that purpose every day? 

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