How Can Spiritual Leadership Give You The Edge In The Post – COVID-19 Era?

Spiritual Leadership

COVID-19 gave us a crash course in what uncertainty looks like. Today’s Organisations are facing the wrath of uncertainty, a dynamic business environment, and unchartered terrain that is crippling their growth.


Firms that are experiencing a wider gap in their sales are more pessimistic about future sales prospects amidst uncertainty.



The older models and theories of doing business are no longer working. Organisations are perplexed and are wondering how to deal with it. The answer is Spiritual Leadership. Leading from the Soul.


Instead of resisting uncertainty, it is time to embrace it through the power of our Soul’s Authenticity. Business Leaders are now required to change the way they think and act, and Spiritual Leadership is the way out.


Spiritual Leadership is all about leading from the intelligence of the Soul. It is all about balancing intuition and logic during decision-making. It enables Leaders to lead and inspire people from their heart, and bring forth the best for the Organisation.


According to Deloitte, S&P 400 Organisations that have led from the authenticity of Organisation’s Soul have historically outperformed their peers in terms of talent engagement and retention, superior Customer Experience, and long-term profitability, as well as have achieved more than eight times return when compared to S&P 400 10-year returns.



Spiritual Leadership becomes crucial when Employees are struggling with worries about their jobs, the future of the Firm is at stake, and Shareholders are concerned about their returns.


Hence, leading from the Soul becomes critical. Embracing the qualities of Spiritual leadership benefits us in the following ways:


1. Staying Calm and Composed in turbulent times:

Embracing Spiritual Leadership makes you less reactive and more productive in uncertain times. Using the tools of connection and awareness such as breathwork, gratitude, compassion, and vulnerability, helps you recognise and process strong emotions that erupt as a result of Crisis-like Situations. In other words, Spiritual Leadership assists you in creating a space to help yourself before helping your Organisation and its Stakeholders.



2. Become Purposeful:

Spiritual Leadership helps you to define the Purpose of your Organisation to the World that can help you to brave the storms better in uncertain and challenging times. By defining the Purpose of your Organisation, you become aware of the needs and expectations of your customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, communities, and other stakeholders; and the value that you are required to deliver. Your Purpose becomes the “North Star” in times of chaos and challenges. This helps you to make better choices.


3. Become Courageous:

All of us are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and hence, being Courageous is an unavoidable pillar of this human experience. It takes immense Courage to lead and undertake decisions from the place of intuition and authenticity, given that unpredictability is an unavoidable part of life.


For example, Steve Jobs believed that the Courage to follow their heart and intuition has made Apple successful, whereas Andrew Mason (Former CEO of Groupon) regretted the moments he let the lack of data overrule his intuition on what was best for his customers.


Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity encountered extreme objections from other Physicists and Scientists in the 1920s. Despite all the opposition, he didn’t give up on his intuition and stood by his work courageously.


Today, we all know that the Theory of Relativity is a part of Physics Textbooks. He says, “All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge… At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason”.


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4. Become Compassionate:

Spiritual Leadership helps you to build a stronger and meaningful connection with people with Compassion. Numerous studies have claimed that Business Leaders who exhibit Compassion in their work perform better and create more loyalty and engagement in their teams. Compassion plays a critical role when Organisations encounter Crisis-like-Situations.


When Leaders express their vulnerability and deeper feeling to their teams, they not only strengthen employees’ commitment and gratitude towards the Organisation but also cultivate a culture of trust and authenticity.


As a result, when things go wrong, fail or get harder, Employees and the Teams continue to stay motivated and inspired. They do not hesitate to go the extra mile in their work.


At Soul Miracles, we believe that being Spiritually Sufficient through the values of Courage, Compassion and Allowance will help you to embrace the idea of Spiritual Leadership which is the need of the Hour for the Business World.


Being able to find an answer to complex problems and challenges through the voice of your heart, working towards the solution, and applying it in your business, and most importantly, Life – that is what being Spiritually Sufficient is all about. This has helped us thrive in our turbulent times and it will help you as well.


Firms that choose to lead from their Soul, their inner compass – become an agent of change for the World. They foster innovation and become an engine of growth for the Economy it operates. Therefore, as an Organisation, you have a choice of embracing this leadership style or facing a slow but inevitable extinction.

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