Worshipping Wealth & Lord Kuber: A Spiritual Take

lord kubera mantra

The energy we put into our prayers reflects on what we attract in life! Sitting at the onset of the Diwali season, today, we are going to talk about Lord Kuber, famously known as the Lord and Guardian of Wealth, and the spiritual relevance of his worship.


The Legend of Kuber: The God and Guardian of Wealth



In Hindu Mythology, Kubera or Kuber (half-brother of Ravana) is regarded as the Lord of Wealth.  Kuber is a semi-divine being, an Asura, who went on to attain Godhead.


According to the tale of Mahabharata, it was Brahma who granted Kuber Godhead and made him the lord of Wealth. This exalted status of the Godhead was actually a reward for his severe penance as an Asura.


This very legend goes on to show us that your actions mean everything. His severe penance rewarded Kuber with the status of God of wealth, the one we worship for prosperity in our lives.  One can understand Lord Kuber as the ‘treasurer of the Gods’.


He is a true representation of wealth and abundance. He not only distributes but also maintains and guards the universe’s wealth. Hence, we also call him the ‘guardian of wealth’.


The Spiritual Relevance of Lord Kuber Worship



In Spirituality, when we say ‘Worship’, we mean connecting with a particular energy Source to manifest.


Spiritually speaking, in the olden times, money was not a part of the Spiritual Path. Spirituality and Money did not go hand in hand as money was seen as something that ties us up in the Maya Jaal (Matrix).


However, the times have changed. Today, we need resources to spread Light and live in our Purpose. We don’t approach money as evil but as something to work with, to live efficiently. To put it simply, money is energy and it flows with our personal energy.


The modern relevance of Kuber Worship speaks about the very act of connecting with Lord Kuber’s energy and manifesting abundance in our lives. Modern Spirituality combines Vedic Art and Manifestation Mindset to be a magnet to wealth.


Invite the energy of Kuber into your abode in these

simple ways:  



  • Lord Kuber governs the northeast direction. Hence, anything that could accumulate negative energy should be eliminated from the northeast direction of your home/office. This would mean being mindful of shoe racks, bulky furniture, etc., in the said direction.
  • The Kuber Mudra is a powerful hand gesture practiced to focus on abundance and prosperity: both spiritual and physical. Do read about it and practice it as a ritual to embody the energy of Kubera.
  • Another powerful way to invite the energy of Kuber into your abode is with the Dhanteras Potli.  At Soul Miracles, we have crafted an energetically charged Dhanteras Potli for your family. The ingredients of the Potli along with the rituals associated will act as a powerful Money Manifestation tool for you and your family.


To pre-book your Dhanteras Potli, reach out to us at 9811626045.


Lastly, we would love to know how you personally worship Lord Kuber to connect with his energy. Do let us know in the comments below.




Team Soul Miracles

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