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It’s difficult to live with so much uncertainty. Humans seek future information in the same manner as they crave food and other key rewards. Our brain is hardwired to see ambiguity as a threat and strive to protect us.


By reducing our ability to focus on anything other than producing certainty. In this article, we will talk about uncertainty and how spiritual practices and solutions can help us cope up with it.


According to research, job insecurity has a greater impact on our health than actually losing our work. Participants in a study who were informed they had a 50% chance of meeting with an accident felt considerably more worried and agitated.


Than those who were told they will definitively meet with an accident.



After COVID 19


This uncertainty has escalated more than normal times. Many people have tried to explain how all of the interruptions from COVID-19 felt to them in the aftermath of the epidemic.


People have cancelled everything from weddings to funerals, creating an overpowering sense of injustice. The sacrifices necessary have been significant.


Whether it was risking one’s own health and safety to provide for others, missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, or, increasingly, losing one’s job.


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Sanitization In Process

Witnessing the loss of life and endless grief of losing a loved one or just dealing with illness. in the recent past, has led to one’s mental health go for a toss, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Given the level of ambiguity and uncertainty about how life will unfold tomorrow, next week, or in a month or two, many of us have had to deal with a lot of anxiety.


Apart from the grief of losing our loved ones, there is also the helplessness and frustration of not being able to be with them in their departing times.


This grief has severely affected many families since they had to be away from their dear ones due to Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing. And some unfortunates have been unable to even do the last rites of their family members or visit them in the hospital after they passed away.


Despite the fact


That evolution has wired our brains to reject uncertainty, we can never truly know what the future holds. And we must learn to deal with ambiguity in unlikely scenarios like the epidemic, which has completely altered our routines and shattered our best-laid plans.


So what we need critically is mental strength and resilience for such unprecedented times. However, in this post COVID world full of uncertainties, Spiritual practices are helpful in taking care of ourselves in the most essential and basic of ways.


Practice meditations and positive visualisation


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Positive VIsualisation: A spiritual Practice

Positive vibrations are amplified by practices like meditation and positive visualisation. There is a direct and favourable impact on the immune system when a person feels vibrations at a higher frequency of joy, faith, and optimism.


Look for deeper meanings in what you’re reading.


Looking for deeper meanings and examining patterns in your life will help you realise that you have power over your future. Knowing this can help you live a happier and healthier life.


Maintain a Spirit Schedule


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Daily Exercise Or Jogging Makes Us Spiritually More Aware.

Many of us are stuck in a cycle wherein we are unable to work.


We are, however, stuck in a loop of TV and internet entertainment rather than concentrating on spiritual practice.

Here’s a routine to follow while working from home to have a far better result.


  • Get up. Pray/Meditate.
  • Make a clean bed. It gives off a serene vibe and isn’t overly cluttered.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Tai Chi, Yoga, or another sort of movement exercise can be beneficial.
  • Work, but only on things that inspire you, not on things that you are afraid of.
  • Consume a nutritious lunch or breakfast.
  • Think about it (for at least 20 minutes)
  • Make some phone calls to friends and family or work on a project. Nothing that causes anxiety.
  • Go for a walk/run, dance, or laugh.
  • Consume a nutritious meal.
  • Journal, read or write positive things about yourself.
  • Meditate (10 minutes)
  • Bedtime.


Accept your feelings


Anger, frustration, and loneliness We all experience such strong emotions in uncertain times.


It’s tempting to push them away, along with all the pain they bring. However, we won’t be able to go forward until we’re able to understand and accept how we’re feeling, and any suppression will only cause things to bubble up, with further consequences down the road.

When we accept ourselves and our feelings, we will notice that they pass. When we accept this rather than battling it, we can more easily access our natural goodness.


Understand what can and can’t be controlled


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The Bhagavad Gita might be especially comforting for uncertain times.

Although Arjun’s war was considerably different from what we are experiencing today, he was also overwhelmed by his circumstances, and Krishna encouraged him to let go of the fruits of his actions while doing the right thing.


Our dharma today, for the most part, is to first and foremost obey the instructions set forth by our local, state, and federal governments. In order to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities on small and large dimensions, despite the sacrifices required.


If we are business owners or in other positions of authority. We may be forced to make difficult decisions that affect the people around us.


This can be frightening and perplexing, especially given the dearth of information about the situation’s long-term consequences.


Remembering some of the numerous dharma principles, such as Satya (truth), Ahimsa (non-harming), Karuna (compassion), and aparigraha (non-greed), and making decisions while letting go of results expectations can provide much-needed clarity, peace spiritual connection with our higher self.

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