Why do I Have a Special Needs Child?

“Before it incarnates, each soul enters into a sacred contract with the Universe to accomplish certain things. It enters into this commitment in the fullness of its being.


Whatever the task that your soul has agreed to, all of the experiences of your life serve to awaken within you the memory of that contract, and to prepare you to fulfill it.”


 -Gary Zukav, Spiritual Teacher & Author


Visualize your Soul Self signing a contract where the promise of something binds the parties involved. This ‘promise’ is a Soul Contract with a Higher Purpose where the Souls involved get to help each other in ascension through customized life experiences (often tough challenges).


This help and support manifest as hardships, tough relationships, and more. Those whom we often tend to blame at the human level are Souls who are helping us ascend at the Soul level through these experiences, such as the boss who pushed you to the point of resigning (only for you to start a business later). 


You might not believe the ample support we have on our Soul Journeys.


To help us learn a lesson or fulfill a karmic debt, or simply explore our ability to love, we enter into Souls Contracts. We, too, are fulfilling that part for someone. Is that the answer to why some parents have special needs children


Whether your child is on a spectrum ranging from acute disability to common patterns of  ADHD/ADD and more, being a guardian requires a lot of love, attention, and patience.


Even if your child is not showing these exact signs as defined by the Special Needs Spectrum, just as every thumbprint is unique, so is every child. Their needs can speak about the needs of the Collective at the Soul Level. Hence, it is still very helpful to know what your Soul Contract with your child is.


What is my Soul Contract with my child? 



Every child has a unique Soul Contract with their parents. It is a part of learning the Soul Lesson. Parents are always like teachers to their children, however, behind the scenes, both the guardian and the child are teaching each other invaluable Soul Lessons.


Surely, the lesson work at the human level can be very challenging. It’s very easy to lose patience in the humdrum of life.


The otherwise small or even relaxing activities like playdates, shopping, picking out activities to do, finishing the homework, or traveling, etc can become complex projects that require a lot of caution and patience.


You may even question the course of things when you are trying to make ends meet and work through the deadlines and a million tasks amidst it all. 


You have to be the advocate, the researcher, the mediator, and more, to make sure that your child is treated fairly at all levels. But, this doesn’t mean that you don’t crave a light time out any less, though the opportunities to pursue that may be fairly less.


This, along with other factors, can make a parent lose their life force energy. Therefore, it’s very important that the parents treat themselves with compassion and kindness too. 


Not everyone talks about it enough, but it is also fairly important to discern what exactly your special needs kid or your kid in general needs from you, because it may not always be unconditional love.


Sometimes or in some cases, it may be about helping them learn to be independent and assisting them through the process of surviving in the world.


Perhaps, at times, what they need from you are survival techniques. An interesting one that comes to mind for children on the spectrum of Autism would be to wear noise-canceling headphones when out in heavy traffic. This helps underwhelm the excessive noise.


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Soul Lessons With Special Needs Children 



Coming back to the Higher Purpose behind having a special needs child, what could your Soul Lesson with them be? One understanding is that the Soul (of the child) has incarnated to learn unconditional self-love and acceptance in a society with very narrow definitions of the same.


Their lesson could be coming into their personal power and accepting their bodies as they are. 

The lesson for the parents or guardians could be to create their personal sense of inclusivity. This comes into play when the other parents, not of special needs children, are not exactly on the same page as you about the scope of parenting.


So, the parents (many times the mother) have to give themselves the validation and acceptance that the other parents cannot understand and give. 

Another Soul Lesson could be entering a Soul Contract to incarnate as a family that contributes to raising the Earth’s vibrations to unconditional love.


We have witnessed this happening in instances such as quotas and teachers for special needs students progressing from the times when they were denied education with the rest of the students.


Humankind as a community needs to become more inclusive and let go of its rigid criteria for societal acceptance.  The Akashic Records {the journey of your Soul since its origin} can help you discover your Soul Contract & Soul Lesson with your child. 



Just because someone looks a different way or behaves differently than we are ‘used to’ does not mean that we don’t recognize their unique Soul Language and Soul Signature. 


To the Eye, it is more & more evident that special needs kids are here to help us raise the Soul Consciousness of our planet.


More children being born on the Spectrum are proof that the message of unconditional level needs to seep into all of us. More so, what does it mean for those of us who do not have special needs children?


That the message of ascension through love is not just for those families, but for all of us, as a planet.


Can you hear this message? 

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