Are today’s times teaching us something we have been ignoring?

how to deal with uncertainty at work

How many times have you lost your sleep over being uncertain? Thoughts like not knowing if your loved ones will survive an illness, or how your business will generate revenue in times that are beyond your control are familiar to all of us.


The Third Wave of Covid has hit India, and the panic has returned. We have been under deep uncertainty for the past two years, yet the question of “When will this end?” remains. As the cases are rising, people are engulfed with fear again.



“Will my child be healthy?”, “Will my parents in their old ages make it through”? “Is it safe for me to travel?” are also the questions resurfacing. Dealing with uncertainty head-on is definitely one of the things these times are teaching us.


It is undeniable that, while dealing with Covid and its new variants, we have all discovered a new found sense of oneness. Poor or rich, we’re all together in this uncertainty. At the core, we are individualistic, but not separate.


What causes uncertainties? 


Uncertainty can be experienced in a lot of ways. Not knowing what a situation will bring evokes a lot of low vibrational ( negative ) emotions in us. Besides worry, stress, and anxiety, even desperation may start to arise to control the situation.


I can attest to the fact that leaving my highly progressive corporate job to pursue the life of a spiritual mentor was nothing short of a mountain of unpredictability.


I had to start from scratch in many ways, and deal with a lot of change and new learnings, which often are the main bringers of unpredictability. I’m sure all of us have wondered to ourselves, “my life is changing in this or that way. How will I get through this? I have no idea.”


Firstly, please understand that it is okay to feel this way. But take a moment to reflect on what can be learned from this unpredictability.


Are these times showing us something we have been ignoring? Instead of dwelling on nervous spirals, which may lead to unnecessary fatigue, what is a positive way to embrace this?


Practical Tools To Embrace Unknowingness Acceptance

When I talk about different pillars of spirituality, I mention the value of acceptance as one of them. But why is acceptance a tool? When we are in a state of anxiety and fear around the unknown, our judgment is highly clouded. Instead of making good decisions, we take fear-based decisions.


Acceptance is the first step towards overcoming nervousness around uncertainty. Simply embracing the fact that you are scared of not knowing something, will help you calm down. It may even open doors for help from others.


Assessing your priorities

When we are dealt with situations we can’t control, it becomes important to assess priorities. I urge you to go creative with it! Pick your journal and write down what and who matters to you, now that you’ve seen uncertainty from so close.


This could be applied to each and every area of life- career, relationships, health, eating habits, finances, lifestyle, and much more!


Knowledge is power

Uncertain situations can lead us to spirals of negative thinking. How about we bring some awareness into this state?


If you’re employed in an organisation, and aren’t certain if you’ll be able to keep your job during Covid or not, a good idea would be to get an audit of your skills.


If you lose your job, how can you monetize your skills? How can you develop a better skill set? How can you save more mindfully?


If you’re anxious about what the new variants of Covid will bring, it is better to research through trusted sources like the World Health Organization, rather than engaging in fearful news being passed around on the internet.


Control what you can

When you can’t control the outcome, focus on what you can control. Is there a new goal you’d rather invest your energy in?


You can also try to access what is in your control by mapping out different outcomes of the situation you are in.


For instance, if you are launching a new product in these uncertain times, write down different scenarios of how it will be received in the current market. This may remove the element of surprise for you.



Go inwards

The deepest spiritual lesson in lockdowns, restrictions, and other anxieties that Covid has brought forth, is going inwards. When we have not been able to go outside, we have been blessed with going inside.


We have discovered new talents, new passions for learning, cooking, identifying toxicity of our own selves and those around us. In that spirit, I urge you to write and acknowledge the thought patterns, relationships, and life plans that don’t serve you anymore.


Don’t go through this alone

If you are experiencing any emotion, the first thing to realise is that you’re not alone in this. Experiences may manifest in different ways, but we all go through similar pains and anxieties, just like we go through tides of happiness and excitement.


There are professionals who can help you be more comfortable with anxieties of uncertainty.


Many reactions we experience in our emotional body ( the link between our mental and physical body ) go back to situations that created these limited mindsets.


In my pain to power workshop, one of the many things we work towards healing is the very pain that is caused by uncertain situations. Without addressing and working on our emotions, especially the repressed ones, our spiritual and material journey is impossible to progress.


What can you not overcome if you choose to? Your inner power, and being open to receiving help can help you empower yourself come what may!

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  1. I am always stressed over my career. Even though I know I am good at and love what I am doing, a tiny voice keeps nagging, making me second-guess my decisions. I know it’s unhealthy, but the fear won’t dissipate. The blog has helped me with my anxiety. It’s not entirely gone. It will take time, but I am sure I will overcome my fears.

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