All you need to know about the Dark Night of the Soul

dark night of the soul symptoms

Can we ever think about dark night of soul. Imagine buying a home for yourself.


 Organize each and every corner of the house carefully, matching your tastes and preferences. You have been thoughtful about the color of the curtains, and the texture of the rug. 

Now imagine feeling as if the foundation of that home is falling apart, and you are left with confusion, sadness. Disenchantment where once clarity was. In the easiest words possible, those very feelings are somewhat equivalent of what the dark night of the soul looks like.



It will bring you down to your knees. This dark phase will make death look so much more simple and appealing than what you are dealing with at the moment. You feel like you are going down an empty, dark, cold pit that is endless…


It could happen to you after the death of a loved one, or a divorce, or a traumatic event that leaves you wanting to die instead of facing your current reality. A phase where there seems to be no God.


Sounds familiar?


Behind the scenes: Dark Night



Yes, this painful and confusing period manifests in emotions of loss, confusion, stagnation,  lack of connection with oneself, others, even the divine, and more. It may even occur after you’ve lost someone close to you or hit a wall in your career, family life or other areas. 


However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. As a spiritual coach, I can confirm that this time of our lives is one of deep purging. It is our entry into light, into spiritual awareness, and into connecting deeply with our divinity, and the divinity of the universe.


Why is it happening to me?


This phase is not random, nor is it meaningless.


The chaos and collapse that’s taking place is here to teach us an important lesson. This is usually part of our pre-birth plan and has come to us at just the right time!


One of its key purposes is to liberate us from “what should be”, and lead us to the path of “what is meant to be”.


Like I mentioned, they are always a gateway into a powerful spiritual journey. While helping a client- a 46-year-old woman deal with the grief of losing her parents due to COVID.


We discovered something she couldn’t understand on surface-level— why this pain? We went into her Akashic Records and discovered that her soul chose to have this experience of loss.


This painful experience was key to her understanding the depth of this grief and loss in other people. Her life purpose was to become a spiritual leader in her late 60s. And help people navigate through their loss, pain, and grief, and empower them.



What to know about this phase 


  • First of all, know that this is normal. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is okay for you to be facing this at this time of your life.
  • This confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating period of our lives is here to take us into deeper introspection- The Hermit Mode as they call it in Spirituality.
  • It is good to evaluate your friendships, your relationships, career choices, and all important decisions. What serves you versus what doesn’t should be a good filter. You will become more aware of how your mind functions on a routine basis, and in particular situations. Your eating and sleeping habits may seem to go irregular for a little while.
  • Additionally, you may even reconsider your personal vision of what happiness and success mean to you. In short, you start to ask the right questions. This is the reason why the dark night of the soul is considered to be an initiation into a spiritual awakening.



How to navigate the Dark Night of the Soul?


  • Sometimes, no action is the best action: As a society, we are conditioned into thinking that pushing ourselves all the time is the only way to lead a meaningful life. But, when you are going through the dark night of the soul, nourish yourself. Take breaks. Give your body the rest it needs. And, don’t miss out on having proper sleep.
  • Allow Ease: When our foundations are collapsing, it is easy to fall into patterns of criticizing ourselves, judging our life choices, and dwelling on our mistakes and regrets. Instead of doing that, allow ease into your life. Doing some grounding activities, breathing work, eating properly and healthily, watching/reading comforting things, or talking to a loved one can be very healing.
  • Accept and Surrender: We are prone to resisting thoughts and emotions that surface up during this transition period. We may start looking for escape mechanisms, but that’s the opposite of the purpose of this chaos. Instead, accept these emotions and invite their wisdom. Observe your thoughts. Let the present teach you more about yourself. Like I said, the dark night of the soul is when we ask the most important questions from ourselves. Using these questions as journal prompts can bring much-need clarity.
  • Seek Counsel: The dark night of the soul can be one of the most challenging transition phases in our lives but it is important to remember that you’re not alone. Seek help from a professional in the field who can help you navigate through these tough times. As a spiritual coach , I am here to listen to your battles, make this a less burdening and more empowering experience for you.


The sole purpose of this soul journey is empowerment. The dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and this experience is how we reach light, return to our true essence as light beings – how we are born.


As St John of the Cross informs,

” The endurance of darkness is preparation for great light.”

You are not alone, only on your way to alignment. 


As a spiritual coach, I personally feel that this is the stepping stone to a larger and more brighter version of your own self. Stay with it, let it make a butterfly out of a cocoon. 



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  1. There was a dark period in my life. For six months, I had shut myself off from the world around me and confined myself to my room. It was the most excruciating phase, and I had to endure it. I am glad I did. It gave me the clarity to reevaluate my priorities. Sometimes, the dark night of the soul can be daunting, but there’s a reason why we choose it. If we identify the reason, enduring the pain may not be challenging.

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