10 ways to protect your home from negative energies

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Being a spiritual coach I came across many people who come with problems like energy blockage, feeling negative energies around their workplace and homes. Most of the time I have advised them to be calm, think positive and stay calm in any kind of situation.


And after that, I always advise them to make their home clutter-free and devoid of anything which emanates negativity. The home where we live is the pillar of our lifestyle.



For every one home is not a place made up of four walls of concrete and steel. A home is a place where we spend most of the important time of our lives and it is made up of our emotions, hopes, dedication and hard work.


We leave no stones unturned to make our home a great place to live in, a place we are most comfortable. But sometimes when our sweet little home is invaded by bad energies and vibes we feel uncomfortable.


We don’t feel good at our home and it is just because negative energies are sharing the home with us.


As every lock comes with a key, there is a solution for every problem. We can protect our homes from negative energies and for this, we have to implement few things. We have few simple tips for you to remove negative energy from your home.


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Let your house breathe


When it comes to eliminating negative energy from the first thing which should be taken care of is opening all the doors and windows to let fresh air come inside the house. Fresh air tends to bring a positive vibe to the house.



Lit some incense sticks


Fragrant smokes have remained an integral part of spirituality and meditation. A fragrant air in the house keeps negatives vibes at bay. Try burning some good organic incense at home to ward off all malignant energies.


Repair or remove broken things from home


Broken things are symbolic representations of stagnancy. It can bring negative energy to your house. Repair all the broken things or just remove them from your home.


I have seen most of the people using broken things at their homes like broken jars, bottles etc in growing plants. I advise them not to do so. Broken things are nests of negativity. You should immediately remove such things from home.


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Bring home orange essential oil


Oranges remind us of bright smiles and sunshine. Its fragrance not only removes the negative energy but also helps in uplifting our mood.


You can add few drops of orange essential oil into the water and place it somewhere inside your house. You can also buy an orange essential oil spray for this purpose.


Remain clutter-free


Have you ever felt that good vibes when you cleaned your room, organized your workstation, placed all the things at home in an organized way? We know your answer is yes.


We do feel calm and composed when things are organized around us. This also makes way for positive energies and vibes to visit our good organized homes.


Ring a bell


Sounds have a great impact on our body mind and soul. Ring a bell in every corner of your room and close your eyes. Imagine that these fading sound waves have taken all the bad energies from your house. It will magically make the whole environment calm and serene.


Paint your walls yellow


Colors play a very important role in our lives. According to renowned interior designers of the world, the yellow color neutralizes bad energy. It also makes your rooms bigger and spacious


Place a bowl of salt at every corner of your house


Salt doesn’t only add taste to your food it also absorbs all the bad energies from your home. Place a bowl of salt at every corner of your house for 48 hours and then sweep it or throw it away from your house.


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Grow indoor plants


Plants are one of the best energy boosters at home. They not only purify the air at home but also brings loads of positivity to your house. There will be multiple options of indoor plants at any nursery near your home.


Don’t let bad energies invade your castle


Doors and windows to the outsides act as entrances for energy. It is of utmost importance to keep these areas clean and purified. Clean your doorknobs and windowpanes with a mixture of lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar.


Afterwards, pour sea salt at all your entrances and cover it with a doormat. This will prevent negative energies to enter your house.

I hope you will follow these tips and make your house a place filled with positive energy and vibes.

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  1. Fantastic tips! Easy to follow and practical. I appreciate the simple yet effective ways to create a positive energy environment at home. I keep my home clutter-free and make sure to follow your advise.

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