Spiritual Consultation

Spiritual Consultation with Dr. Mamnit Kumarr is a one-on-one interaction centered on the concern you walk into Soul Miracles with. 

Tools meant for your healing, closure, and guidance will be provided to you.

spiritual consultation

When someone is recommended to get a personal consult, what should they expect?

When someone is recommended to get a personal consult, what should they expect?

spiritual consultation

What not to expect from a spiritual consultation

This is not a future reading, or a space to share guidance, tools, or techniques. Please note that this 

consultation will help you gain clarity on your next steps.

If you are in a situation where the light after the tunnel is impossible to see, reach out to us for a spiritual consultation, and we can throw light on what you can do to solve the problem!


Our Clients Speak for Us

Thank you Universe for this blessing. I met manmeet mam for my personal consultation and i am really blessed the way she guided me and also told me the lessons, issues and soul purpose of my life. ...mam and her team is my family. The way they listen to you and solves your problem is beyond anything.....thank you manmeet and Soniya mam .....Blessed soul i am....Gratitute Universe:-)
Aarti Srivastav
“As the name suggests Soul Miracles, Miracles happens with Manmit ma’am, her aura has positive energy. She came right into the picture when I was seeking answers to my questions. When I was clouded with multiple thoughts and was running around for clarity, she made it simple and easier by reading about my past life and the reasons and logical answers to every question. Highly recommend her for simple answers to your doubts. She is the light ?️ when you are surrounded by clouds of darkness all around; a truly genuine soul ready to satisfy your soul with true-to-life answers, guidance, coaching, and consulting. “
Rajan Singh
“Manmeet Ma’am came to our rescue when we felt like we were drowning. With my dad’s sudden death due to Covid complications, we didn’t get to see him or even have that last goodbye. We lost him in what we perceive to be the cruelest manner. We found out about mediumship and heard rave reviews of Soul Miracles and so planned an hour-long session with mam. Nothing I say here can describe the depth of my gratitude. Mam gave us the chance to convey to Papa our love and last messages and hear his last wishes for us. Every account/little detail of his life that mam shared was extremely personal and very special. There were things she said that no one but him could have told her 🙂 We feel that through this session, we have received the strength to move forward with our lives and to make something of it. And most importantly, it gave us the confidence that though we can’t see him anymore, he hasn’t really left us. The love and his constant blessings are very much still there. Thank you Soul Miracles! May God bless you.”
Vasundhara Jha
Corporate Professional, Bangalore

Personal Consults

Personal Consultation with Dr. Manmit Kumarr

A one-on-one interaction centered on your concerns. Tools meant for your healing, closure, and guidance will be provided to you.

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Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records reading provides insights into all the ‘Whys’ of your life that you wonder about since we uncover your past lives.

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Future Intuitive Reading

If you are looking to be guided about your future choices and their consequences, this future reading session is for you.

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Mediumship Reading

This personal session is aimed at bringing hope, closure, and peace to those looking for a sign or closure from their departed loved ones.

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Home and Office Space Clearing

Clearing the energetic flow in your space not only releases stuck energy but also creates an environment that invites abundance and harmony, fostering a positive and vibrant atmosphere.

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